November 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Awesome race @katharmonic! Congratulations on your PR!
  • shanaber
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    @RunsOnEspresso - thanks! I will check that leash out!
    @marisap2010 - I hope the stress eases up a bit. Is there anyway you can just take a day off from adulting and escape to do something relaxing just for you?
    @rheddmobile - that is so neat that the kids still like trains (locomotives) so much! Great improvement in your speed work!
    @TheMrWobbly - congrats on your PBs, especially getting 2 in the same run!
    @Scott6255 - great pace on that long run! I love that you get to see bobcats frolicking! You need to have your phone ready so you can snap us a picture next time!
    @katharmonic - so glad you decided to race after all and not stay in bed! WhooHoo!! Congratulations on the PRs and a very well run race!
    @martaindale - those years go by so fast! In a blink really so enjoy every bit of it that you can now!
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    edited November 2020
    Happy Anniversary @martaindale!

    Great job on the PB's @TheMrWobbly!

    Fantastic race @katharmonic!

    Great long run @Scott6255!

  • brittanystebbins95
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    I use a padded hands free leash. Look into trekking belts. They're better for canicross or simply running with a dog, in my opinion. A lot of them also have leg loops to keep the belt from riding up onto your lower back. They can get kinda pricey, but definitely worth it.

    This is the one I've been eye balling from Hurtta. I have a very leash reactive dog that does not like other dogs, so I personally don't like the emergency release. What I usually do is take a strong leash coupler and replace that piece in front with that, so I don't have to worry about my boy breaking free and hurting someone or himself. Then I take a double ended bungee lead and attach one end to the ring in the center of the coupler, and the other end to his harness.



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    @polskagirl01 That looks like a great place for a run.
  • rheddmobile
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    @katharmonic Congrats on your PR! It sounds like you ran a great race and really left it all out there, way to go.
  • skippygirlsmom
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    11/1 – 5 miles
    11/2 – 10K Monday
    11/3 – 3 miles with Champ
    11/4 – rest day
    11/5 – 10K
    11/6 – 1.6 miles
    11/7 – 9.25 Cathedral Caverns 15K trail race
    11/8 – 4 miles – with Champ light recovery
    11/9 – 3 miles – more recovery quads are screaming
    11/10 – 5 miles
    11/11 – 7 miles
    11/12 – 3 miles with Champ
    11/13 – 7 miles
    11/14 – 2 miles
    11/15 – 6 miles
    11/16 – 10K Monday

    73 (76.42) of 120 miles

    @brittanystebbins95 that harness for the leash is pretty intense looking.
    @polskagirl01 love me picture of the trail

    80.5 of 250 miles Yuletide Madness
    Mother’s Day Virtual 5K – done
    Retro Run Virtual 5K – done
    Rona on the Run - Virtual for St. Jude benefit - done
    Keep Moving Huntsville - at least one mile a day 1 - 31 May - done
    The Big Run - June 3 - done
    NEGU virtual run - June - Team NEGU helping support kids with cancer - done
    Big Foot Wild Thangs Trail Race 5K/10K – June 20 on the trails…all together like a real race - done
    Run 4 on the 4th – Virtual 4 miles on 4th of July - done
    ISS Virtual 5K in July – done
    Jackalope Trail Run 4 miler – done
    Flora-Bama 600K - Virtual race from Huntsville AL to the Florida Alabama state line in Orange Beach – done
    Scooby Doo Virtual 10K - done
    Skunk Ape 5 miler August 1 trail race in person – done
    Pirate Challenge – 10 weeks mile challenge June – August – done
    Chupacabra 10K/HM – August 22 - done
    Running of the Bulls Virtual 5K – 9/14 – 30/2020 - done
    The Pinhoti Trail Challenge 335 miles virtual – 1 Sept to 31 Dec – done
    PinkPumpkin 10K – completed 10/30
    2020 Liberty Road Challenge WWII soldiers journey from St. Mere Eglisde to Bastogne, Belgium – charity virtual run for the WII museum in New Orleans 716 miles team event 4 July – September – our team has finished
    Space Race 400K Challenge 12 weeks running 248.5 miles to the ISS – August to November – done
    Bridge Street HM Virtual – 10/24 – 11/7/2020 – virtual done
    Halloween 5K virtual with Fleet Feet – 10/31/2020 - done
    Yuletide Madness Oct 31 – Dec 31 2020
    Oak Barrel Half Marathon – October – running virtual - done
    Cathedral Caverns 15K trail race – in person - done
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    11/3 – 5.03 miles
    11/4 – 4.08 miles
    11/5 – 4.06 miles
    11/7 – 6.25 miles
    11/8 – 4.60 miles
    11/9 – 5.07 miles
    11/11 – 6.22 miles
    11/12 – 5.08 miles
    11/14 – 12.05 miles
    11/16 – 5.32 miles

    57.75 of 120 miles

    Need to kick it up a notch if I’m going to meet my monthly goal. Not a lot of chat time but I’ve done a lot of reading, liking and hugging!

    Congratulations @katharmonic!!!! You did amazing! Well done!

  • quilteryoyo
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    @Camaramandy648 You are amazing with all you do. I'm sorry you lost part of your support for the 100 mile run in December, but sounds like your brother is stepping up. Yeah for family! Have fun with the virtual race this weekend.
  • brittanystebbins95
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    @brittanystebbins95 that harness for the leash is pretty intense looking.

    It looks complicated but they're so nice. It evenly distributes load pretty easily, which is awesome if your dog pulls while you run with them. And I've managed my reactive dog for almost 8 years now without him ever escaping from me.
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    @Camaramandy648 Ain't nothing but a thing...
  • Camaramandy648
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    @quilteryoyo thank you!

    Funny you say that about family. Because. I have five siblings and haven't seen my oldest brother or my twin brother since our mother died in 2016. my friend that ran with me saturday was so surprised! He said, "Oh wow! I thought you must see them all the time!" Pfft. No, not at all. Like if I didn't go up there next month, I don't know when I would see my oldest brother again. If ever.

    My three sisters, I haven't seen in as much time for one of them less a year, and the other two I haven't seen in a year.

    @hamsterwheel6 Dangit about that foot! I hope you feel better soon! Also with the "stuff," yeah I get it. 2020 does need to end.

    @Tramboman yep! Aint nothin but a thang. I'm gonna do it anyway. It'll just be different and harder than I anticipated, but that's the way of this life, isn't it?

    @Avidkeo Gorgeous photos and YAY for RUNNING with NO PAIN!