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    Fitting into winter clothes from a few years back for which my arms used to be too fat.

    That's awesome!
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    Transitioning my exercise routine from gym to home is necessitating a wardrobe shift. It’s getting cold and tank top and capris are not cutting it. I was having a hard time finding reasonably priced women’s activewear that I could layer AND that would be bright enough to help visibility outdoors just after dawn or at night.

    And then I realized...I have in desperation worn a few of my 9 and 11 yo sons’ shirts this fall when caught without a warm top, so I can buy boys’ activewear tops! Cheap, layerable, and bright colored. XL is if enough to wear over other tops, L is for a tighter fit. And when that stuff goes on sale is super cheap—I got a $9 rain jacket yesterday! Perhaps not the cutest, but since I’m not at a gym no one really sees what I’m wearing anyway.

    Old Navy has low prices and decent selection. Low prices means that their sizing is a bit inconsistent and sometimes there are other signs of sloppy construction (off-center pattern etc), but if you are looking for something inexpensive to keep you clothed and warm at a weight you hope to leave soon, it's a good option. Generally lasts only 1-2 season's wear though.

    So, maybe this winter you're a XXL and expect to be down to XL or L next winter, it's not so financially painful to buy clothes you're only going to fit this year and (hopefully) never again.

    From your pic that might not be the issue for you--the photo makes it look like you are on the body building rather than weight-loss arm of the site. In any case, old navy is cheap enough to be 'disposable' if that is what you need in your current wardrobe.

    PS: if you are willing to spend a little more for something that will last longer, do a web search on 'reflective tights'. Athleta has some very nice ones for $108 right now (don't put in the dryer though it degrades the reflectivity), but other manufacturers have options at a lower price point. I suggest looking at the Athleta website and search 'reflective tights' to see examples of the category and then looking elsewhere for less expensive variations on the theme.

    Remember that Under Armor is the company that owns and underwrites MFP, so all else being equal toss them a bone by buying from them if they have offerings in this category.
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    @gradchica27 --

    Bikes are great! I need to start using mine as my main transportation again. This time of year I take the truck anyway - wet leaves, especially if there's frost in the morning, spell a trip to the doctor.
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    I can comfortably wear my wedding ring again. My hands and fingers are now slim :smile:
    Well done! Be careful not to lose it: mine started to slip off my finger, but luckily I found it very time it did that. In the end, I had to buy a smaller sleeper ring to keep it on. (We got married when I was well on my way to my highest weight. OUr rings are angraved so I don't really want to have it made smaller.)

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    310 lb squat!

    Pretty awesome! But maybe some details. Are you still training at approx. 180? Did you use a tight squat suit, leg wraps or sleeves, etc., etc.

    Congratulations though! With a history of lumbar vertebrae disk bulges, I've eased up on my squatting, not going over 275 much recently, but pushing my leg press up to the 800 lb. x 10 rep mark.