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    Barbara - Sending good thoughts your way for Joe. My grandfather told me once, "Always take good care of your eyes." He couldn't see anything but shadows in his last 15 years or so.

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    MACHKA we access Netflix on our TV using an Amazon Firestick we have WiFi so I can watch on phone or tablet as well.

    Kate UK ❤️
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    SuziQ113 wrote: »
    Greetings from SFL.

    Tina – I am so sorry for your mom’s loss. Also hoping the specialist is able to figure out what is wrong and a course of action. I wish I lived closer I would drop off meals. 😊 What car did you buy? I am glad you were able to negotiate most of it from home. When I was still playing with dolls and Barbies I had the dream of the white-picket fence, a husband, and two children. As I grew up I realized I did not want children. I am very happy with my decision.

    Best to all,
    SuziQ – SFL

    I bought a Hyundai Ioniq plug in hybrid. I drove it home, put it in the garage, plugged it in and it's been sitting since. I don't want to drive it just to drive it and right now, I don't want to ruin my nice new seats. I may take it to the grocery store on Wednesday to get my first ding or scratch. I can park in the very back of a huge lot with not a car within a city block and some yahoo will park right next to me and ding it. I have bad car karma.

    What is a little overwhelming is all the "stuff" on the display console! I doubt I will ever use most of it. I just need the radio and the climate controls. I feel like I'm driving a Formula 1 car with all the lights and words on there.

    The best made plans - I thought I would have 2 kids by the time I was in my mid 20s and all would be happy. HAHAHA. Turns out, I just didn't have the desire. When I met my current mister, he told me he didn't want kids and I never pushed it, likely because the clock didn't work. 12 years into the relationship, he changed his mind. By then, I was in my early 40s and it just wasn't to be. He's ok with it now. I don't know if he has convinced himself to be OK, or if he realizes it just isn't the best for us.

    I wish you could drop off meals! I managed to bake cookies the other night for the guys to take on the boat after their dives, but it was a very quick recipe that didn't require much effort.

    Tina in CA
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    Tina: Does your mom’s area have a meals on wheels program? My friend delivered meals on wheels to home bound seniors in our area. I went with her and was impressed with the service she helped to provide. Her health no longer allows her to do this. I wonder whether meals on wheels is available to your mom. I don’t know what it cost the homebound senior.
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    Faetta wrote: »
    Bananas & Oranges I am thankful that the worker's rights activism is in my past. I was the Union Shop Steward for years for our center and when push came to shove, the guys always left me standing alone. I grew tired of filing and pleading their grievances just to have them cower when management retaliated.

    The story of your coffee date guy is the story of my romantic life. Guys never wanted to accept the total package which I admit would be hard to live with, but the idea of being a shadow date or mistress never appealed to me. It is out in the open or nothing. The one that really amazed me was a few years ago, a really nice guy that always left his cell at his house. I suspected he was seeing another woman. He was but it was his 85-year-old mother that had tracking on his phone and she wouldn't approve of me and he avoided being questioned by his mother why he was at a certain restaurant, etc., by just not having his cell with him. Did he not ever think of getting his own cell? Well, that would be hard to do since he shared a bank account with his mother. He thought I was cold for saying no to just coffee and a chat. I suggested he get professional help.

    Faye, thanks for your post.

    For worker's rights stuff, I was basically most definitely the founder of this movement. So it's not so easy to leave just yet. this said, it's on it's two feet now, so that if I did leave it would still go on somewhat for some time in whatever form, which was not the case from it's start in February until, say, October.

    I'm really not that interested in the coffee guy. Quite plainly when cafés were open I would very often go the same café about 5-7 min on foot from home, and he was often there and one day someone got us to talk together. as a teacher, and relegated to only online classes now, (and maybe forever), I need to get out of the house and they are nice at this place and they have a much bigger selection of newspapers than most. We started catching up often. He is very briefly unemployed, post confinement (in September) after many years of work in web management, but is quite hireable I believe. So he invited me to eat with several friends at a restaurant a couple of times. and then at his home with about 5 or 6 people each time, a couple and one or 2 other people. I'm almost certain he is or was seeing one or 2 of the women we've run into. I just don't feel struck by him, BUT IF he seemed limpid I would possibly be interested in checking him out. he seems to have really interesting friends, seems like a decent dad, usually works etc. but he is a bit shady, not in a pervasive way, but in terms of (I'm pretty sure) uselessly hiding that he is seeing someone.
    I find people who lie and hide a bit clowns. The thing is it is so hard to remember one's lies on tiny things.

    Another example was a work-friend about a year or so ago. We had a drink after work, which is not a big deal, nor a declaration of affection in our field and area. It can be just friendship-or work friendship. He got a call and said hello xxx, and said it was his mom. Many months later he spoke about his mom and showed me her picture. I asked her name. A different name. I mentioned the discrepancy, and he stopped and said, no I had said xxx (a different name!) I really don't get the need for secrecy and lying. it is SO unattractive to me.

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    My friend Gwendolen will most likely be in Portsmouth next week. As I don't go inside for meals it will have to be a very nice day for us to eat outside at Fatto's! Not impossible. ;) The alternative is to walk and talk and eat takeaway. We could buy fish and chips from Wolfies near the station, or a ricotta and spinach pie near the seafront from Sugardough. That might be the best idea, (I have four if those in the freezer) as they are delicious and would be manageable while ambulating! :D
    An ice cream from Marroccos would be a suitable dessert.
    I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast.

    DH was planning a country walk with his cricket friend on Thursday, but the forecast is rain, rain and more rain. They have talked on the phone and will try again next week. I'm so happy that he's got a man friend that he makes an effort to see regularly. In general, he's not the best at keeping in touch. Not unusual I guess for a male. His friend is also exceptional.

    Gradually adding to my stash of Santa presents for DH. Just ordered a calendar showing old railway posters of British sea resorts. I've also got him a jigsaw puzzle of the periodic table (for answers to the quizzes he watches) and a bottle of Pedro Ximinez sherry. (Very rich) For his birthday I got him a jigsaw of the flags of the world with capital cities.
    We watch a quiz called Pointless every day at 5.15 , and those things are always coming up, plus he loves University Challenge. <3

    Much love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    9 hours of online teaching in higher ed today. 8h30 to 8pm, with tiny breaks.
    semester winding down already.

    I got a bone marrow aspiration on Tuesday. it was not my all time favorite experience. Due to some computer bug I was notified of my tests being available but online it said that the Dr would let me know the results. When I called, again the medical assistant said "the dr has not authorised giving you results" Not very reassuring! The Dr had said he'd give me results on Friday am I think so I wrote and he, very kindly called me and said that there is nothing to worry about. No cancer he said. WBC are low but for no known cause. HE said it was a bug in communication that I didn't get the results and he would see to it that I did. He DID say that they were doing further exams on one area, and that I would only get the results in January, that usually it takes 3 weeks but with the holidays it'll likely take more.

    and he scheduled another appointment for May. follow up for January and an appointment in may doesn't exactly sound Scott free, but unless I find out or hear otherwise, I'll take what he said, more or less at face value. I'll look into the test results, and if I have any questions, I'll see if I can ask him a question.

    I ate a whole chocolate bar (100g today). : (
    I went for a very short walk in the morning and another very short one at midday.
    I ate quite a bit of very good quality GF bread today too. : (

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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Tina: Does your mom’s area have a meals on wheels program? My friend delivered meals on wheels to home bound seniors in our area. I went with her and was impressed with the service she helped to provide. Her health no longer allows her to do this. I wonder whether meals on wheels is available to your mom. I don’t know what it cost the homebound senior.

    My mom doesn't need food service. She has more energy than I do. I think this is meant for someone else.

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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Tina: Does your mom’s area have a meals on wheels program? My friend delivered meals on wheels to home bound seniors in our area. I went with her and was impressed with the service she helped to provide. Her health no longer allows her to do this. I wonder whether meals on wheels is available to your mom. I don’t know what it cost the homebound senior.

    I think meals on wheels is free to the homebound seniors. I helped my aunt deliver meals a few years ago. It's a great service for those who need it.

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    Packages off today. I remembered to buy stamps to send cards to Sweden so I don't have to go back. Sad not sending to sister-in-law who passed away... Miss her. I will start on my newsletter next.

    I watched the Mr. Rogers with Tom Hanks last night. He is missed too! He was a true ground breaker in modelling ways to handle emotions. Nice movie to watch anytime. In these challenging times worth the watch, I wonder what his episode on the pandemic would have looked like.
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    Stats for the day-

    Zwift bike trainer - 1hr 34min 54sec, 19amph, 797elev, 136amph, 156mhr, 30.01mi= 860c
    Strava app = 689c
    Short walk w/family- 1hr 1min 41sec, 3.34ap, 95ahr, 118mhr, 3.43mi= 305c
    Strava app = 416c

    Total cal 1165
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    We also did strange things like order Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner, or have pizza. Very non traditional. :-)

    We always had home made taco salad for our Christmas Eve dinner at my Mom's. When she married her current husband, he tried to class it up with fresh fried taco shell bowls, fancy cheese, etc. We didn't eat any of his additions, we used plain old fritos and velveeta/rotel cheese dip. We were rebels :smile:

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

    My mom was a Velveeta fan. Always had that big block. :-) Ohh, taco salad with Fritos is AWESOME!
    rebels united... :-)
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    Machka - I think I would get along with Malory (was that her name) on Family Ties best.

    Evelyn - my eldest chose The Munster’s too because they aren’t judg-y.

    Kate in UK - it sure is a frustrating situation we’re all in, hugs to you.

    I miss smiles. I miss it when you hold a door for someone, I miss it on children and I especially miss when,before they were all in isolation, the residents being able to see the smiles of those caring for them. I haven’t seen a resident for two weeks now.

    Kate -it’s nice your family was able to help and make the decorating easier.

    Carol - In my family we received gifts that were needs and wants. In my husbands family it was wants. Since our girls have grown, we buy them things they wouldn’t think to buy themselves but they would appreciate.
    This year we have been buying a collection from the Bradford Exchange for your eldest, it is a frivolous gift but something she will treasure forever.
    For our youngest this year we are buying her and her husband heated throws. They are doing winter fires in their backyard so I’ll buy them and extension cord, hot chocolate, mugs and s’mores makings as a couple gift and then blankets as individual gifts. We are also buying them each an album to use with the record player we got her last year.
    I love gift giving.

    Annie - when my Mom was starting to go down hill fast with Alzheimer’s, we were concerned about her driving and trying to come up with a solution. She called me one night as she was upset that her car wasn’t working and my brother, the mechanic, was too busy to look at it. I called my brother, Mom had ran out of gas and he just used not looking at it as an excuse to keep her home and safe. We then didn’t take her to get her licence renewed.
    I don’t know how you do it with your Father enabling her. I’m sorry you’re in the midst of this.

    Rita - I think too many of us don’t tell those we love how we feel. It causes us all sorts of health issues.

    We, as a couple, don’t go out very often. I have a couple friends that I do things with as I’m an extrovert and need that. We have been very fortunate since May to be able to see our daughters and grandchildren. We are not on lockdown but aren’t to have visitors in our homes. Bars, restaurants and Casinos are open though.🤨. Even if we weren’t restricted, I would have cancelled any plans until after this weeks Covid test as that puts me past 14 days of being in close contact with one of the positives at work.

    Normally, I won’t tell people what I want for Christmas as I like the surprise, but this year I have given ideas and I will be disappointed if I don’t get them. Truthfully though, I love when people put thought into a gift for me.

    Beth - I have never purchased a Pay per View anything but am considering buying the Kiss 2020 Goodbye - KISS concert on New Years Eve as a gift for my husband. I think it’s something he would really enjoy and I would tolerate.

    Fae - do you think hypnosis would work to stop snoring? I have been through two sleep studies and do not have sleep apnea, but have about 700 snoring occurrences both times. It makes it difficult for my husband.

    Rebecca - My daughter at age 5 learned “Please Daddy Don’t get Drunk this Christmas” and sang it everywhere. I don’t even know where she learned the song! Funnily enough Rodger doesn’t drink very often and she has never even seen him drunk. That song was replaced with Conway Twitty’s, “Ding a Ling the Christmas Bell”.

    Our Christmas Eve dinner is always finger foods, meats and cheeses and eaten while we watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It is the only Christmas movie my husband watches.

    Does anyone remember when Hallmark used to have the Hallmark Christmas Special with a nice story, long special Hallmark Commercials throughout? One of my favourites was called Santa and Pete. It told thee story of Christmas traditions around the world, James Earl Jones was in it. I wish they would bring these back, all of the Hallmark movies now are the same and this year there is a lot of product placement in them.

    Well I have been reading and making notes all weekend and just now caught up.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    Tracey, I grew up singing "Tiny Bubbles Innn the Wine".. My grandma worked at a Woolworths diners area, so my Mom would bring me down to the store, set me on the counter, and I either belted out that tune, or "Jesus Loves Me". <3
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    Rebecca - did you see there is a Christmas Movie called USS Christmas, it looks like it takes place on a ship.

    I saw that. I need to watch it! Sadly I tend to watch for military dress phoopahs, and mistakes with military movies... I will try to look past all that.. :-)
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    So having a mug of turkey broth every afternoon is a good thing. I put a couple of the broth cubes I made, then a cube of the pan drippings. I makes the broth have the perfect amount of flavor. I do have to use my small strainer as I pour it into a mug though.

    Since I put my battery operated Christmas lights on the window, the tree, and the door wreath, it takes a wee bit to turn on and turn off. I thoroughly enjoy walking around turning on this and that. I watched my neighbors across the street turn on their many lawn decorations. Their two kids happily running around turning on their display. Cute.
    Yesterday I watched both "Bridgette Jones Diary" movies. Funny! I also watched "The Holiday" with Jude Law. He's so dreamy and though I have seen movie about 10 times, I cry each and every time!

    Today is Spaghetti night. An easy meal.
    Enjoy your day ladies!
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    Thank you all for your support with my mother. Your wisdom is precious to me!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Katla49 wrote: »

    Flea: It is nice to hear about your nearby subdivision’s food drive. It is a generous thing that they’re doing. :star: I’m sorry about the loss of your puppy. Your kitty is a cutie. Does she like to bat at the ornaments that are in her reach? :smiley:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Yes! She has successfully gotten four of them off already. How dare we put anything on her tree!!

    Willamette Valley, OR