January 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    I’m in. Starting out slow as this is my first time and just getting back into the workout routine. I’ll shoot for 40 miles if that’s okay.

    Welcome! Like @quilteryoyo said, we are here to cheer you on no matter what your goal is. Glad to have you.

    And welcome to the RTW challenge @durhammfp !!

    Thank you @martaindale ! TBH I have been trying to cut down on my social media time so I really love watching the challenge and seeing what folks are doing. :-)

    @thisvickyruns and @Cricketmad88 ...have y'all seen the challenge? You can access it here: https://www.challengehound.com/challenge/87084200-0550-11eb-9a36-31595d1e7f7e
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    @skippygirlsmom awesome update, glad you are doing well (overall) and have support!
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    @skippygirlsmom You're off to a great start for your recovery.
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    Hi all. Just a quick stop in. The surgery went well. They gave me a nerve block from the knee down. It started to wear off around 10 this morning. For some reason I’m having a hard time shaking the anesthesia, I’m just dizzy. I’m actually really not in pain. The anesthesiologist said when I feel the tingling of the block wearing off take a pain pill so I did. That was about 6 hours ago and though I’m uncomfortable at times I’m not in pain. I read somewhere to put an ice pack under behind my knee since you can’t put it on the ankle itself and that seems to help. Skip is taking good care of me. I was so out of it leaving the surgery center she called my friend who is a doctor and she came over to help get me in the house and into bed. She stayed for a while since I got sick so Skip felt better having her here. One of my besties is a doctor the other is a nurse, the nurse is heading over tonight with some soup.

    Thank you for the prayers and well wishes.

    glad to hear you have a great support system...
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    @skippygirlsmom Glad the surgery went well and that you have Skip and such good friends taking care of you.

    @kgirlhart Nice shoes!
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    1-1 5k treadmill + resistance bands
    1-2 5k treadmill + yoga
    1-3 6k easy
    1-4 7k slow + resistance bands
    1-5 5k treadmill + yoga
    1-6 7k slow + resistance bands
    1-7 6k slow + yoga
    1-8 5k treadmill + resistance bands
    1-9 6k slow + yoga
    1-10 6k slow
    1-11 6k slower
    1-12 5k treadmill + yoga
    1-13 7k slow
    1-14 6k slow + yoga
    1-15 6k slow

    January Total: 88k
    January Goal: 140k

    Upper 30s F with a gusty southeast wind today. For some reason my brain wanted to count strides today. So that's what I did (inconsistently). Kilometer 4 took 1,224 strides and kilometer 6 took 1,188 strides. Kilometer 6 was faster than kilometer 4.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2021 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs (second attempt)
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    @katharmonic That's a great idea to share photos of our locations when we get there in RTW! Great running. I know it's hard to "stop" something, so totally understand being glad you did it right away and don't have to worry about that being held over your head.

    @skippygirlsmom Glad your surgery went well and that you have Skip there, and your friends, to help. Praying you continue to be relatively pain free and the recovery goes well. Yes, I would call the doctor and ask about the dizziness. It can't hurt and I'm sure he would rather address it sooner rather than later. I hope it isn't anything that can't be "fixed" easily. I have noticed that I have gotten visual migraines every day since my surgery. I hadn't had one of those in a really long time. Since it really doesn't hurt anything right now, just annoying, I am going to wait and talk to the doctor when I have my follow-up next week. It's probably must my body recovering from the trauma.

    @polskagirl01 Beautiful picture. I know you are going to find some really great places to run near your new home. Good luck with packing. Moving is hard on so many levels - at least I think it is. Nice pictures and glad you got a Winter picture for your collage. I think printing it and putting it up in your new home is a great idea.

    Love the shoe porn @kgirlhart ! Excellent run too.

    @kirstymn Glad you got your confidence back to run that route again, and that there were no creepy people around.

    @brittanystebbins95 It's great that you are getting back into running. Your new puppy is so cute! I love Australian Shepherds. They are so smart.

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    Kinda late in the month. But long time, no see!
    Not gonna lie, I've been making excuses. At first it was, "I don't have time, blah blah blah" after having my son. Then it became, "Well, I hate running in the winter because treadmills suck and I don't want to slip on ice."
    But I've kicked myself in the butt and admitted that all they are are lame excuses. So, I joined a RunBet. Because I hate wasting money.
    If I have time to sit on my phone and watch TikTok's, I have time to take a 30 minute run. Especially since my son is now almost old enough to come with me in the running stroller (although I don't want to subject him to the Wisconsin winter's cold quite yet.) I don't have a mileage goal, just to actually take it seriously again.

    Also, bit of a tiny update, because I know you all like puppies! This little girl will be my new running partner in a couple of years. She comes home in 5 weeks! ♥ Her name is Millie and she is a standard Australian Shepherd. She will replace my Australian Cattle dog mix as my running partner (only as my running partner, he's not going anywhere!) He's 8 years old and starting to get arthritis, so I want to retire him soon. My mini Aussie will still be running with us, but she's small, and I feel safer having a) two dogs with me and b) one of them being of decent size.


    Only thing better than shoe porn and cake porn and injury porn is puppy porn.