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  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Member Posts: 6,861 Member Member Posts: 6,861 Member
    My friend recommended this to me so I thought I'd share it with this thread in case anyone wants to watch it. I haven't seen it yet, but he said it is very interesting.

  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 9,201 Member Member Posts: 9,201 Member
    Dr. Oz (I know people think he's a quack) was talking about those monoclonal antibodies the other day and he said everyone should try to get them if they have Covid, especially if they meet the qualifications.

    Even a broken quack -- er, clock -- is right twice a day. Although it would more correct to say that those who fall into the disease stage for which it is recommended should try to get the antibodies.
  • jenilla1jenilla1 Member Posts: 11,142 Member Member Posts: 11,142 Member

    That is awesome! And this among the highest risk group of people is especially promising! Even if you still get it after vaccination, it's nice to know it will most likely be manageable, like a cold, instead of deadly. But I guess it shows us why we still have to mask and take precautions even after vaccination, so that if we do still end up getting a mild version, we don't spread it to people who aren't vaxxed yet and who can still get a serious or even deadly case.
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