Write just 1 tip which triggered your weight loss.



  • ctubd1
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    Every day 10K steps minimum
  • SunnyDays930
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    Knowing I've got a sorority reunion coming up in October. I want to look my best when I see my sisters after 35 years.
  • ridiculous59
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    acs137 wrote: »
    Focusing on enjoying exercise instead of the calories burned.
    I’ve seen a lot more progress with yoga every day and running 3x a week than when I tried to force myself to do HIIT 5x a week

    I was just reading comments on another forum about people's exercise "regime" and my first thought was that none of it sounded like fun. I do something every day (what I do depends on the season or the weather). I sweat. My heart rate gets up. But I enjoy the process. I spent years going to the gym but it always felt like a "necessary evil". I never looked forward to going......I just went (I enjoyed the results though, so there is that). I don't even consider what I do "exercise" but I hadn't noticed that change in my approach till you mentioned it. Thanks! 🙂
  • bwilliams0310
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    I started watching my carb intake and honestly tracking everything I eat. That’s what help me .
  • n95girl
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    healthy keto with heaps of green vegies. I have lost 44kg from eating a healthy ketogenic diet. I have kept it all off over the last 2 years. I still do keto and my new goal is ketosis 365days of the year this year. I need to get down one more dress size. (size 8)
  • It was a combination of finally being treated for anxiety after a decade and my surgeon telling me I'd be happier with my proportions if I lost a little weight before my breast reduction surgery.
  • Jleinwand1
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    Eating only a few bites if anything, after 5 PM.
  • ExistingFish
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    I quit drinking sugar soda and buying large bags of gummy bears - that was what started my weight loss.