2021....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 267 Member
    45 y/o 5'8" Female
    Starting weight: 216 on 1/1/21
    Goal weight: 164 (52 lb loss)
    Current weight: 211 on 2/19
    Weight lost this week: +3
    Total weight lost: 5
    This week's successes: Walked 1 day this week.
    This week's challenges: constant overeating and not enough water intake

    216 Start. on 1/1
    211 Week 1 on 1/8
    206 Week 2 on 1/15
    209 Week 3 on 1/22
    206 Week 4 on 1/29
    206 Week 5 on 2/5
    208 Week 6 on 2/12
    211 Week 7 on 2/19
  • Theo166
    Theo166 Posts: 2,564 Member
    Starting weight: 304 (1/1)
    Last week: 298
    Current weight: 296
    Weekly loss: 2 lbs
    Total weight lost: 8 lbs

    This week's successes:
    Yea, my losing restarted, after a flat week on the scale.

    Next week's challenges:
    Need to hit my step goals every day.

  • psychoborg
    psychoborg Posts: 37 Member
    I'm 163cm, 23 yo female.
    SW 68 kg
    GW 53 kg

    Jan. 3: 67.8
    Jan. 10: 66.2
    Jan. 17: 65.4
    Jan. 24: 64.6
    Jan. 31: 62.8
    -5 kg!

    Feb. 7: 62.4
    Feb. 14: 60.9
    Feb. 21: 61.1
    Had a really tough week mentally. I'm disappointed in myself because I was not sticking to my plans and gave up for a better half of the week. I hope I can do better next week.
  • LynsP79
    LynsP79 Posts: 76 Member
    Hello, hope it’s not too late to join!

    I’m 168cm and started the year 1lb below my heaviest ever weight 😔.

    Starting weight: 195lbs 31/12/20. BMI 31.3 - obese.
    Goal weight: 150lb. 45lb loss BMI 24 - healthy. 🤞🤞🤞
    Current weight: 179.4. -1.2lbs
    Total weight lost: 15.6lbs
    This week's successes: exercised 5 days
    This week's challenges: stop scoffing chocolate and sweets
  • crunchymunchy123
    Starting weight: 186.2
    Goal weight: 135.0
    Current weight: 186.2
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: reached turning point
    This week's challenges: binging rollercoaster
  • dlhollin1
    dlhollin1 Posts: 659 Member
    Hello all. I participated in the 2020 challenge and lost 12 lbs., hope to continue on and find success this year.

    Starting weight: 260.1
    Goal weight: 208
    Current weight:260.1

    1/6/21: 259.9
    1/9/21: 259.4
    1/12/21: 258.8
    1/16/21: 258.7
    2/22/21: 257.8
    2/26/21: 258.1

    Total weight lost: -2.0
    This week's successes: Getting in to the low carb groove
    This week's challenges: Log all food, workout 3x intense, moderate workouts on the other days, continue to eat
    clean low carb
  • BittersweetVita
    BittersweetVita Posts: 745 Member
    I am starting this at 185 pounds so my goal weight for this challenge is 135 pounds. I will post weekly my current weight and my weekly goal rate to keep myself on track and motivated.

    SW00: 185.0
    WK01: 182.1 (184)
    WK02: 183.0 (183)
    WK03: 181.9 (182)
    WK04: 183.0 (181)
    WK05: 181.9 (180)
    WK06: 180.8 (179)
    WK07: 183.4 (178)
    WK08: 179.9 (177)

    Last Week's Successes: Finally getting myself back under the 180s.

    Last Week's Challenges: I am really struggling with body image.

    This Week's Plan: Hit EVERY meal under/at my calorie goal and carb goals so I can figure out if the MFP calculator calories for losing 1 pound a week is working. While I have been good, I haven't been consistent.
  • goal06082021
    goal06082021 Posts: 2,130 Member
    Starting weight: 247.4 lbs (1/1/2021)
    Goal weight for 2021: 196
    Current weight: 239.8 lbs (2/26/2021)
    Total weight lost: 7.6 lbs

    This week's successes: Maintenance, I guess? I went over pretty much every day - no excuse, I just didn't do a good job at staying under budget. I did log everything honestly, though, so that's something.

    This week's challenges: I couldn't even tell you why I snacked so much this week. My breakfast and lunch both had decent protein and fiber, or so I thought. My husband and I have been getting up early - he started his clinical practicum this week and needs to be at his site by 7 AM, which means our household now wakes up at 6 AM. It's been nice for me, having all this time in the morning, but maybe just being awake longer has contributed to the snacking, I don't know.