What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • jennypapage
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    I thought my breasts would shrink when I lost weight. I've gone from a 40 band to a 34 and I'm not done, but the volume hasn't changed hardly at all. 40F became a 38F became a 36G became a 34H. This is....not what I thought was going to happen.

    my boobs really deflated during the last 6-7 kgs of my weighloss.It was one of the last things to go. Used to be an 80E ,now i'm a 60D (EU size)
  • speyerj
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    @jennypapage - I had the same experience (and I need to update my profile pic to reflect this). For those unhappy with their current cup size, my advice is to keep losing if you can manage it and it's still healthy for you to keep losing.