Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    Has this week been hot hecking garbage so far for anyone else? Must be the full moon or something, IDK. The vibes are just all wrong this week. I'm hoping this Wednesday, hump day, moon at its fullest will represent a turning point, the nadir of the bad vibes, and we'll see an uptick going into the weekend - I want good news at hubs' consult on Friday, good news on the scale Saturday morning, good vibes all around. Or else, damn it.

    Saturday is the LoseIt challenge "ultrawalkathon," where the goal is to rack up as many steps as possible within 24 hours; anything under 25k is "just for fun" that day. 25k steps, with my stride length and typical pace, comes out to about 10 miles/3 and a half hours of walking. The top-tier goal is 100k, which I absolutely don't think I could do in a single day if I tried, not right now. I'm gonna do my best, in any case. I don't think I could do more than 25k, but maybe I'll surprise myself. I'm trying to figure out what I can do and where I can go; I don't need to chain myself to the stove this weekend, so being out and about walking all day Saturday is probably fine. I don't want to, like, march in place in my house or set up camp on a treadmill at the gym all day long, that's about the most boring Saturday I can imagine. I might just go do laps around the mall or somewhere indoors like that, so as to be inside and out of the sun during the heat of the day. I love walking outdoors, but I feel like I would have a very bad time if I just planned to wander around natural areas all day long. Maybe I'll figure out a place to walk to for breakfast, then just call my husband when I get there and have him meet me there, LMAO. I plotaroute'd the path from home to where Hubs is playing another gig Saturday night, since the place is decently close to home. It should take a bit under an hour and a half to walk there, if I wanted to do that; there's a sidewalk and it's decently well-lit the whole way, so I could end my day with that little ~4-5 miler, have some dinner and catch the last set (which is apparently when they play all my favorite songs on their set list, to hear him tell it), and hitch a ride home with him after.
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    lmgoff232 wrote: »
    Age: 43
    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 290.6 (4/19/2021)
    SW: 287.4 (7/16/2021)
    CW: 256 (10/1/2021)

    10/9: 251.6
    10/16: 253.4
    GW for October: 250
    GW for 2021: 240
    UGW: 180

    Well, scale is messing with me today, lol. But I know I kept under on my calories. Plus I had a very late meal yesterday & did some strenth training that I can definitely feel today so pretty sure it is food in transit and water retention. Should hopefully see a drop in the next day or two. Of course TOM is in about a week so that could also be it.

    I had a long, stressful week with work but managed to stay away from the evening wine which would normally be my go to when I am feeling overwhelmed, so small NSV there. But my big NSV was actually meeting my fiber goal for 4 days this week!!! Prior to this week, I had only met it 2 times since I started MFP in mid-July! Big thanks to @wanderinglight for the psyllium recommendation- it helped immensely in meeting that goal. I tried taking it with water and it almost came back up, lol, but found if I mix it in a smoothie I barely even notice it :-)

    Saw my oldest daughter and ex MIL this weekend for the first time since July. Both commented on how much weight I have lost, which was really nice to hear. May not be sizing down in clothes yet, but it is nice to know my hard work is being noticed :-) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, and has a great week ahead!

    I'm so glad the psyllium is working for you too! Yes, they do say that if you have a predisposition to hurl to make sure you only try a little bit at first since throwing up the gel would be very bad indeed. I didn't have any problem with it - I add about a quarter cup of green juice or smoothie to it and don't let it sit before I drink it. It's amazing stuff!

    Congrats on people noticing your hard work! I can't wait until that first person notices mine. I've only lost 12lbs so I'm not there yet :)
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    @wanderinglight Unfortunately, our height (5'10/5'11) works against our favor when it comes to noticeable weight loss. Lol. And people who see you on a day-to-day basis won't notice a gradual changed. I'm guessing once you hit 15-20 pounds, if you run into someone who hasn't seen you for 3 or 4 months, they'll definitely notice.
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    @Deanner03 Oh no! That's a LOT of dog to be managing, especially around a loose dog. I have a 40ish pound foxhound and she is a LOT for me to handle when she gets excited and wants to investigate something (usually another dog or some food on the ground). I can't imagine doing it with 180 pounds of dog!!

    Hopefully you can rest up and recover a bit today.
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    I'm betting it was more your Aussie than the St. Bernard. My son has an Aussie Border Collie mix and she's a bit crazy and high strung about somethings, but we love her. Very intelligent. I used to call her a ADHD dog. She would go bonkers over reflections of light outside or a laser pointer like a cat. Luckily she could care less about other dogs. Now if they come at her, she can put them on their back. But walking along if they bark at her she just looks at them. She gives a look like, "What are you barking at?" And she just keeps walking on by.

    Hope you recover soon!
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    48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277

    10/1 191.6 (body fat 44.1%) Oct goal 188.6: loss of 3 lbs
    10/8 190
    10/15 188.2 -- and I met goal!! Woo hoo!!
    10/22 187.4 -- and I kept losing after goal!! Woo hoo!!

    My non-scale goals:

    🎃 walk 2 miles every single day
    🎃 concentrate on food as nutrition or as medicine
    🎃 be patient and remember that increments are where it is at - every little bit really does count
    🎃 remember where I came from and how far I have come. I have never been closer to goal weight, and never tried this successfully for this long
    🎃lost total of 89.6 lbs and only 57.4 lbs to go till goal weight 130 lbs!

    @Deanner03 I had two huge monster dogs when I started in 2013 that were 180 lbs between the two of them. Phew! That is work! I hope you feel better soon. (((hugs)))

    Welcome @MeowScout! I remember hating it in the beginning too. It is a habit now, a tool that I have successfully used to be accountable and lose weight. I don't think I could do this without it. I now think of it as all math all the time, and a little mini game of nutrition sudoku! Making a game out of it can help with the sting of the new habit. Sometimes, I think of it as I am burning calories that are on backlog - like filing. Or like decluttering, I am cleaning this thing out, and while I am doing it it's difficult, but I am so grateful I am doing it!

    Well done all!! Love the NSV's and goals all!! Keep it up ladies, we are almost at the October goal line of zombies and labyrinths!! We can do this one choice at a time!! I believe in you!!

    Keep making good choices every time!! (((((hugs)))))

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    Also, NSV my wedding dress from Jan 6, 1995 fits! Also, I thought I was a size 14 not so. I was a size 18 so yeah - I am definitely size 16-18 right now I think. I bought xl underwear that I am glad I got only one pack because they are a little big. So I guess I won't be wearing them for long? Not sure, at first I lost what felt like a lot of weight quite fast in comparison to when I hit onederland, and now it feels a little slower. If I didn't care about nutrition I could lose faster - but that is not the decision I am making.

    I want nutrition and support of my body during this weight loss, and I want to eat like a healthy person instead of an ignorant teenager. I ate like one of those for way too long!! Another NSV losing weight seems to have soothed the majority of my hives! I can't eat cheese (boo!) - I am pretty sure whey gives me instant hives just because cheese was my favorite food! I tried to eat cottage cheese for breakfast on Monday and broke out for 3 days. But even so, the hives were not as severe as they used to be. So even that is progress.

    I have heard that some ladies when they lost all the weight had some measure of relief from the fibroids as well! Yet another reason to do this. I could use some relief in that area - my womb is trying to kill me ya'll!

    The Dr. gave me a different thyroid medicine, and it has helped the mind fog significantly! Not enough to say I am out of the woods entirely, but I am doing better. Before all this I had a mercury filling break and I swallowed it (of course) and then when I got to the dentist he had to take out some other ones to stabilize it and so I took out all of them. So I am thinking maybe if I detox the mercury I can maybe get my thyroid stabilized and my mind will possibly work better. Maybe, could be, who knows. But at least I am not walking around the house wondering what I am supposed to be doing all day long - that was rough!! I was really thinking I would be dead in a year or less with that kind of brain impairment!

    Here is wishing all of you and your families good health!