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    DH caught a mouse! We are hoping it's the only one, but time will tell. It got into the wicker wastepaper basket, which I had emptied at lunchtime, and DH was able to hold it down in there and take it outside. It wriggled a lot and bit him, so he had to let it go earlier than he would have liked! It didn't draw blood and he has washed his hand thoroughly.
    Don't know how he could bear to do that!
    Crossing fingers it was a stray.
    We are putting poison in the shed as we think there are some up there. Last year they gnawed through a plastic seed bin!

    Love Heather, just setting off to fetch the girls.
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    Good morning ladies!

    Thank you Barbie for the new thread!

    I had three new books to read while the rain (hurricane remnants) washes over us. But I am through two of them with three rainy days to go!
    I found a new author Lisa Regan who writes about a female cop, Josie Quinn. Very good stories.

    Meanwhile my two library books are languishing. They both happen to have lead characters with brain injuries. Interesting, but it cuts down on the escapism possibilities. And I think one is going to be an unreliable narrator story, which just annoys me. Yes it supports clever plot twists, but it feels deceitful.

    My list of errands is largely medical phone calls that have to wait until Monday anyway. I should probably clean a corner of my room. Maybe later.

    Annie in Delaware

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    Happy Birthday Heather!
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    KJ (Kelly) ...

    I am not overly fair and I tan easily. But I have never been keen on sunscreen.

    That said, 2 of the spots have rarely seen the light of day. I understand the nose spot, and it is the worst one.

    But the other 2 are not in areas I would have uncovered. Except when I used to use tanning beds way back when or when I tanned nude in my first summer in Australia. But even so they wouldn't have had as much UV exposure as other parts.

    So that leaves genetics. :neutral:

    Also only one spot looks even remotely like a mole.

    For the longest time, I mistook the one on my right hip for a small scrape I thought I got working in the garden or something. Only it never seemed to heal properly.

    And the one on my nose has been exactly like a recurring pimple. It flares up, it seems to heal, then it flares up again etc.

    M in Oz
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    Kelly - as I review my life, I don't have a lot of regrets in my marriage but one that stands out is not allowing my DH to have space and "alone time" without me immediately thinking I'd done something wrong and then bending over backwards to make up for whatever imagined thing I'd done for him to go into silent mode. And beating myself up about it.

    And making it worse. Letting my fourth grade self who didn't get picked for dodge-ball at recess mope around with hurt feelings. :( Getting all mad and p*ssy.

    My fragile self-esteem loved to wallow in it.

    It wasn't until the last decade of our marriage that I finally realized when he said "you didn't do anything, I just need some quiet" he really meant it. And if I felt that I still needed to say something, giving him a quick compliment like "You sure did a great job when we had the landscaping put in here. I love how you placed those Alaska cedars" lightened everything up immediately.

    He got a pat on the back whether he needed it or not and I got to say something, lol. No boundaries breached, no hours or days of pain.

    And I totally agree - this group forms a very vital function in our lives. The casual but often deep and thoughtful interaction between us goes a long way in keeping us lifted up. Maybe that's why some of us don't have to go "outside" to get the benefits of support and friendship that keep us enriched. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Afternoon ladies
    Well got my shots.. and the flu shot hurt worse than the covid one go figure.. but its done..
    Laundry is dry,folded and put away
    And I am watching PBS cooking shows..
    I totally agree about ya'll being great friends to me..
    Like you said in different phases of life,things change.. and right now after Covid things slowed way down and didn't go out as much,so it was a life shift..
    The Divorce didn't help but I got through that ok...
    I made new friends here.. I have my kids and now grandkids and watching the little guy during the week is a bit hard bit I know I am helping out and the way he looks at me with all the love a 9 month old can just melts me..
    So I am blessed to have all of you lovely lovely friends to bouy me up.and you know I love you all!!
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    Shots in arm went well. Both arms a bit sore, tired and runny nose but otherwise pretty good.

    After shots and Wally World, went to Taco Bell and tried the Mexican pizza. I was not impressed. Picture looked so much better than what I got.

    Ate poorly yesterday so triggered colitis attack last night. Was up until 4 in the morning. Probably why I’m tired today more than the shots.

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    Rebecca - Karen has the force of actual medical knowledge behind her, but that gets my vote too - don't eat unless you're ready. Your body knows...