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    Well I had my mango smoothie and it was quite good.
    3/4 Cup frozen mango chunks
    1/2 banana
    1/2 Cup fresh packed spinach
    3/8 Cup of almond milk unsweetened

    It was 141 calories, until I ate the rest of the banana. My mini blender did well, and rinsed clean. I used a straw, and that might take more cleaning. The smoothie wasn't much volume but it ought to be quite filling in half an hour or so. So lots of vitamins and lots of satisfaction in a fifteen minute meal. Yay!

    It was quite cold, as you might imagine. But my mom likes to keep the house at 75 degrees these days, so it is actually refreshing.

    Let's hope this kills the evening snacking cravings.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Mary ~ I love that cartoon! :D My son's dog completely destroyed a leather sofa at his house. Then, when I kept the two dogs during son's vacation, same dog destroyed my wicker sofa and table on the porch. :s

    Carol in GA
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    Karen--Love the picture your brother did in his new apartment. I also have special feelings for my oldest DGD. I too always wanted a girl and she spent a lot of time with us while she was growing up.
    Deb--Sorry about your fall. Sending healing prayers.
    Karen--Sending HUGS!!
    Cecillie--Welcome. This is a great group for support and friendship. Baby steps and it will get better.
    Up to page 67.
    Went home early last Tuesday as was not feeling good and got hit with a good old fashion head cold and flu. For about 3 days was really out of it. Today first day back at work, still have a cough. But no fever. Tested so know it was not Covid. Now DH has it.
    Sounds like we have a winter storm coming tomorrow. Been lucky so far with good weather.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Hey all. Good conversations!
    Weight loss/healthy choices- Making healthy choices like planning meals, meal times, exercise takes work. I think that is why my weight and habits fluctuate up and down, up and down, over and over. Months ago, Barbie shared how she figured out exactly how much "free" time she had each day/week, by writing down everything she did. I found out that I have 32 hours of free time each week (sleeping time is not free time). I have days and weeks where I can use that time efficiently and get things done or just relax. Some days/weeks that time is eaten away by caring for my DH. Some days/weeks that time is spent caring for myself. I know the weight that I have to lose will come off, as soon as I have the energy and heart to put into it. Some days I am there; some days I am not. I am hoping my upcoming trip will keep me on the better choices path and using my "free" time wisely.
    caregiving- If my DH goes before me, I will not remarry. I might date. I might have a relationship. I might gift myself a toy and some alone time. BUT, I will not remarry. I have never had time to myself. I really think I need that. I have cared for many lifetimes worth of people. I just want time to care for myself. It feels selfish to think and as I read it, it looks selfish to see in print; but I think every one needs some point in their life to think about themselves and put themselves first. I was just going to say, "I'm not Mother Teresa". But even Mother Teresa did what she WANTED and was where she WANTED to be. Her choices. Mine aren't as noble, but if I don't take care of me, who will?

    Regarding free time ...

    We have 168 hours in the week.
    If we sleep 8 hours a night, that's 56 hours.

    168 - 56 = 112

    My time from when I get up in the morning to get ready for work until I get home from work is 10 hour a day 4 or 5 days a week = 40-50 hours. Lunch can be sort of free time, but I'm often running errands or attending appointments. I consider it a good week if I can get 1 or 2 lunches where I don't have something to do.

    112 - 45 = 67

    Then there's walking Rhody and dinner. Walking Rhody is a relaxing time for me but now that he's in the habit, it must be done. That usually takes up 1.5 hours a day, 7 days a week = 10.5 hours.

    67 - 10.5 = 56.5

    Then there's housework, evening Zoom meetings, cycling club stuff, legal stuff, caring stuff, bills and other stuff that comes up and needs to be dealt with. I would guess I spend about 3 hours a day 7 days a week on that stuff = 21 hours a week.

    56.5 - 21 = 35.5 hours

    In those 35.5 hours, I work on my organising and simplifying projects, I work in the garden, I ride my bicycle, walk, run, row, do pilates and/or lift weights, and I colour.

    Like you, I have days and weeks where I can use that time efficiently and get things done or just relax.
    And some weeks are busier than others with caring, legal stuff, cycling club stuff, etc. This past week was a cycling club week, for example.

    Regarding remarrying ... I also have absolutely no intention to remarry. I hope my husband will live on for many years yet, but when the time comes, I imagine myself moving into an independent living apartment (if I'm not there already) and amusing myself by returning to university to take another course ... or travelling. :)

    Machka in Oz

    Lolol, intention on remarrying is one thing, what actually happens in the future is another. Here I am 4 marriages later when I had every intention on making my 1st marriage my only marriage
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    Pg 71

    Too tired tonight

    ☘️ Terri
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    Rebecca: thinking of you and your surgery tomorrow. Get well soon!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Rebecca - Thinking about you... Hope your surgery is quick and successful, and your recovery is swift and painfree. You will be fine, my friend, so glad Lee will be there to make sure of it.

    My best friend landed in the emergency room in Alaska last night, couldn't breathe--ended up having the flu and a sinus infection. She was up visiting her grandkids; their daddy is stationed at Eileson AFB up near the Arctic Circle. She flies back home tomorrow. Worried about her, I can't imagine getting on a plane feeling like that.

    Tried out the new Instant Pot again, this time with pork country-style ribs. Having fun doing something different--and Corey ate them, so would make those again...

    Also got in about an hour's writing today, pleased with that.

    Later y'all,

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    Only had a can of soup and a slice of buttered bread, had to add 700 calories so the system can let me complete the day, I hate that
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    good thoughts to you Rebecca!!!
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    Rebecca I will be praying for you and your surgery tomorrow. I hope that you are able to rest tonight and you recover quickly.

    💕Mary from Arizona/Minnesota