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    Betsy in NW WA
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    Good morning ladies!

    Well my diet is shot. I have chocolate candy and soon chocolate cake in the house, and more coming on Sunday. But starting on New Year's I will be good!

    Annie in Delaware
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    :) 🎄. ⭐️
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    Pip— Is Yogi Santa? What a wonderful photo! 😘
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    I can’t tell who posted the Christmas movie bingo card on my phone, but it is missing Die Hard. Lol

    Oh, 101 Dalmatians.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Jeannie in NM
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    1 What is something that makes you laugh? My two dogs, Wicket and Brownie every day the do something to make me laugh.
    2 Something about the current season you’re grateful for. The Christmas spirit making people nicer at this time of year.
    3 What about your body do you love/are you grateful for? My hair. It is white, pretty full with lots of body. Hairdressers always comment on how they like to work with my hair. Growing it out this winter. We will see how long I leave once the heat comes back!
    4 Who is someone in your life that you’re grateful for? My children and grandchildren.
    5 What is a book that changed your life? The Blooming of a Lotus by Thich Nhat Hann
    6 Think about something you’re good at. Customer service.
    7 What is a lesson you’re grateful you learned? To forgive myself.
    8 A basic need that has been met. My housing at the campground. Free for hosting
    9 What are you most grateful for in the city/town where you live? The blue skies and 300 days of sun!
    10 What rejection in your life are you most grateful for? Losing my job at the print shop. It allowed me to take early retirement, buy this camper after selling my house and travel!
    11 Something you use every day. My phone. I know I know, but like others, everything is on it!
    12 Something you don’t need anymore. A big house
    13 Refuge – space you love in your home: My bedroom
    14 Item of clothing—The coat I bought last January in TN
    December 15 Taste—sweets!
    December 16 Touch—The loving touches from my fur babies!
    December 17 Smell ——Baking bread
    December 18 Sound—birds singing
    December 19Sight —-Snow on the mountains (but not where I am! Lol)
    December 20 Texture—-The soft skin of a baby
    December 21 Color—Sky blue
    22 A song that makes you happy.
    23 Type of weather you love.
    24 Professional who helps you.
    25 Something you take for granted.
    26 A TV show that you look forward to watching.
    27 A movie you watch over and over.
    28 An opportunity you’re grateful you had.
    29 A place you love to visit.
    30 A tool you find incredibly useful.
    31 A daily habit you’re happy you’ve cultivated.

    Kindness Calendar:
    December 1. “Spread kindness and share the December calendar with others”: Sharing on here and hope it helps someone.
    December 2.:Contact someone you can’t be with to see how they are: to be determined. I ended up talking to my uncle and a friend, both who live 2,000 miles away!
    Decembrist 3. Offer to help someone who is having
    difficulty at the moment. - I helped a mom fix her son’s bicycle.
    December 4. Support a charity, cause, or campaign you really care about. - I use Amazon Smile to
    5contribute to St. Jude’s Children Hospital
    every time I buy something, including gifts
    December 5. Leave a positive message for someone
    else to find. Left a note for DH with a
    chocolate kiss!
    December 6.Give a gift to someone who is homeless or feeling lonely. I made a person smile who was having a very bad day trying to get a campsite. I gave them one.
    December 7. Give kind comments to as many people as possible today. Done! Campers and DH
    December 8. Do something helpful for a friend or family
    member- I made an appointment for DH to get new glasses.
    December 9. Notice when you’re hard on yourself or others and be kind instead.
    December 10. Listen wholeheartedly to others without judging them.
    December 11. Buy an extra item and donate it to a local food bank.
    December 12. Be generous. Feed someone with food, love, or kindness today!
    December 13. See how many different people you can smile at today.
    December 14. Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with a loved one
    December 15. Contact an elderly neighbor and brighten up their day.
    December 16. Look for something positive to say to everyone you speak to.
    December 17. Give thanks. List the kind things others have done for you!
    December 18. Ask for help and let someone else discover the joy of giving.
    December 19. Contact someone who may be alone or feeling isolated. - Going to cal my Uncle
    December 20. Help others by giving away something that you don’t need
    December 21. Appreciate kindness and thank people who do things for you!

    RVRita in NM
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    Kevrit - I recommend We Can Do Hard Things podcast, episode 'How to Let Go of Perfection this Holiday'.
    What if you are the gift. <3 Just as you are. <3
    (Tomorrow they have a follow up with listeners' contributions. :D )

    It made me cry.

    You are a beautiful person who doesn't have to pretend to be anybody. Be yourself and allow others the space to be themselves. (But remove yourself from harm)

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Afternoon ladies
    I have internet ,Tracys is out..
    Poor Miles is miserable, isn't that always the way especially over the holidays one of the kids gets sick.. he has more teeth coming in but these are molars i think and he is having a rough go..
    ,im invited up to Trudys for fondue tonight,and always a few laughs...
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 14sec, 22elev, 2.97ap, 95ahr, 134mhr, 6.29mi= 619c
    Strava app = 771c
    Walk w/kirby- go donate blood, to store and back- 20.14min, 1.09mi= 137c
    Strava app = 133c

    Total cal 756

    **Lucy walked her first 3-1/4mi**
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    Sue in WA - It's sunny, chilly, and 32F here at my house. No snow - a surprise since the weatherman was saying inches forecast for here a couple days ago. They seem pretty confident about freezing rain tomorrow night and into Friday morning.

    Kim and Barbara - How did you fare with the earthquakes? Feel anything? News guys reminded us again this morning that our area is way past due. :#

    Tracey - I see Edmonton had -30 F last night with a high of -15F predicted for today. :o That 32F at my house seems balmy! How are you faring?

    Barbie - your walk in the snow was a fine workout!

    Not a lot going on, nose stuck in books these days.

    All is good here. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Nothing special, just work. I was a nice guy and volunteered to come in tomorrow and they said I should.

    Did I ever get a pleasant surprise. The guy who we talked to about the drain actually showed up to do it. A few days ago he texted me wondering if he can do the excavation at the same time as the drain. I just said that since this isn’t the time to plant grass, I’m afraid of erosion. Finally, I said “why don’t we just do both in April” But he showed up today to do the drain!

    The guy from the roofing company is supposed to be here today to pick up the insurance check.

    My sinuses are really acting up. Took a Sudafed in the night, now another one. I’m also feeling a bit congested, not sure if it’s because of the sinuses or not. I can’t say that this is the reason, but yesterday Jerry sneezed three times in my car. I know that he doesn’t take particularly good care of his health. That’s probably because he doesn’t have insurance to go to the doctor or hospital. He had a cold and although it’s better, I still have doubts that it’s all gone. Actually, I took a can of disinfectant and sprayed the car this a.m. and again after I took him home. I really don’t want to get sick for christmas

    For me, this has been the least stressful Christmas ever. Probably because we finally didn’t buy a lot of presents. Vince is the one who always thought we should get a lot for people. Also, I’m not hosting christmas so all I have to do is make the desserts (in the freezer), the pierogi (in the freezer) and the mac and cheese (I’ll do that tomorrow). All the presents are wrapped.

    Have yogurt in the IP, I’ll drain it tonight. Newcomer bowling tonight

    Vicki – have fun at the concert!

    Rebecca – poor Athena

    Sue WA – you sound like me. I DID NOT move to NC to be this cold. Actually, I’m feeling colder than normal. I do think I’m fighting off something, just not sure what it is. Feels like sinuses

    Off to bowling

    Michele NC