Write just 1 tip which triggered your weight loss.



  • Lolinloggen
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    For me the one thing that helped most is; Stop drinking sugar water of any kind. (tea, coffee, any soda or other 'energy' type drink)
  • JaysFan82
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    Swimming laps
  • 1960yoyo
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    Logging calories - it was a game changer!

  • 1960yoyo
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    Went to try on clothes in front of a 3-way mirror in a dept store. Didn't like what I saw.
  • michellesz
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    Drinking more water
  • justgirl81
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    Honestly, it was as simple as removing flour and sugar from my diet. After that everything just started functioning better; my brain, my body, my self control, my energy.
  • I hated my tummy pudge, that swath of land below the belly button that runs from one side to the other. Lol. Mine had gotten out of hand. I just said "Enough". I joined NOOM and Planet Fitness. Then, my doctor put me on Trulicity (I don't have diabetes) for the weight loss. Viola! Three months later, I went from 256 to 212. I log my food and my workouts. Then, I got MyFitnessPal. My journey continues. I want to hit 190, but will be really happy with 200. (There is no way I will hit the BMI target of 156.....BMI is so stupid.) Good luck!
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    The scale said 285 lbs but I could see that 300 lbs was within easy reach.
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    What was the 1 thing which started your weight loss or helped you in losing weight?
    A 3-cup Zojirushi rice cooker: one of the best purchases I have ever made. I used it to make reasonable amounts of soup and that helped me lose about 30 kg. I had trouble finding it. North American culture is largely one of big-bigger-biggest and not one geared towards moderation, but it was worth every minute and cent I spent on attempting to acquire it.
  • CrazyMermaid1
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    High protein breakfast was a game changer.
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    I got rid of cokes and sugary drinks. I've been on here for 20 days and lost 9 pounds so far.