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    Ginny--I love the tattoo. Looks like it was well done.
    Sleet and rain today. Glad I work inside.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Afternoon ladies
    Watched the little guy today and then will have the next 4 days off from babysitting.. supposed to go to lunch with my friend that is up from N.C. tomorrow..
    Miles has a urology appointment tomorrow.
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    exermom wrote: »
    Did Denise Austin’s Quick Burn Cardio DVD, then went to BK just to peel and slice the onions, then to WalMart. Home and made sweet potato muffins for Sat., yogurt for the IP, a pork tenderloin for us for later in the week and the freezer, tried making the custard for a banana cream pie (it came out pretty good if I do say so myself. I’ll make the meringue Sat. shortly before they come)

    Ginny – what a nice tattoo

    I tend to use a card for most purchases mainly because it’s easier. I have one card that I can just grab and not even take my wallet out of my pocketbook.

    Kylia – everything you said about being grateful for all the ladies here. Learning so much, getting such great ideas, getting a different perspective of things, and so much more. I am truly grateful

    Lately I’m getting to be more and more of the minimalist and Vince seems to be more and more of a “keep it just in case” person. I’m getting more of “if we don’t use it, sell it or give it away” I still haven’t gotten my stimulus money (remember Vince used it to pay down cc debt?. I was promised that I’d get it back. Last time I asked for it I was told how “inflation has really hit us”. I’m still a bit upset about this. He got his stimulus, he wanted a larger TV. I see a TV (that I don’t think we really needed) sitting downstairs, but I don’t have my money to spend on what I want. Well, I’ve decided that the next time we get a cc bill <I know of one who sends a bill>, I’m going to suggest we sell the coins that we have <I have no idea why Vince is holding onto them> and pay the debt down and maybe give me my money.

    KJ – have a great time in Texas. Looking forward to pics

    M – you’re healing so well.

    Lisa – be sure to post a pic of the cake. I wish I was a better cake decorator.

    Beth – I’m with you. No tattoos here and most likely won’t ever get one. That’s interesting that it costs the church more with online pay.

    Carla – Applebees was the one place where my cc was compromised and I have no desire to go to one again.

    This year we sent Denise and Pete gift cards. I’m thinking that in the future we’ll give them to them instead. We put them in the card, and they never checked their mail for the card. I have no idea if they ever got them or not. This way, if we give them to them, at least we know that they received them. If they checked their mail and got them, they haven’t said anything to us yet. So who knows if they ever got them?

    Don’t mind me, I’m feeling a little “blue” (pity party) right now and you gals are the recipients of it (aren’t you glad?) This is another great thing about this group. You can be “down” and no one judges you.

    Michele NC
    who thinks she’ll go for a walk now. I need it

    Michele—I like walking, too. Enjoy your walk.
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    And this ?deo9222c4ydb.jpg
    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    :) We use credit cards for every purchase over ten dollars, and checks to mail to grandchildren for their birthdays. We pay the credit card bills in full every month
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    2023 GOALS
    Word of the year: Appreciate :Definition—Recognize the full worth of.

    cut back drinking and limit to 2 days a week.
    Average 7,000 steps a week.
    Update budget every 2 weeks
    Contact close family every week (4x)
    Contact Donat and sibs once a month (8x)
    Weigh less last day of month compared to first until I reach 140.
    Develop a journaling practice by aiming to journal at least 5 days a week.
    Read 12 books at least this year.
    Pay off credit card debt by January 2024
    Continue building emergency fund at SLFCU (min$25 a month)
    1 What is something that makes you laugh? My two dogs, Wicket and Brownie every day the do something to make me laugh.
    2 Something about the current season you’re grateful for. The Christmas spirit making people nicer at this time of year.
    3 What about your body do you love/are you grateful for? My hair. It is white, pretty full with lots of body. Hairdressers always comment on how they like to work with my hair. Growing it out this winter. We will see how long I leave once the heat comes back!
    4 Who is someone in your life that you’re grateful for? My children and grandchildren.
    5 What is a book that changed your life? The Blooming of a Lotus by Thich Nhat Hann
    6 Think about something you’re good at. Customer service.
    7 What is a lesson you’re grateful you learned? To forgive myself.
    8 A basic need that has been met. My housing at the campground. Free for hosting
    9 What are you most grateful for in the city/town where you live? The blue skies and 300 days of sun!
    10 What rejection in your life are you most grateful for? Losing my job at the print shop. It allowed me to take early retirement, buy this camper after selling my house and travel!
    11 Something you use every day. My phone. I know I know, but like others, everything is on it!
    12 Something you don’t need anymore. A big house
    13 Refuge – space you love in your home: My bedroom
    14 Item of clothing—The coat I bought last January in TN
    December 15 Taste—sweets!
    December 16 Touch—The loving touches from my fur babies!
    December 17 Smell ——Baking bread
    December 18 Sound—birds singing
    December 19Sight —-Snow on the mountains (but not where I am! Lol)
    December 20 Texture—-The soft skin of a baby
    December 21 Color—Sky blue
    December 22 A song that makes you happy.—-Rock Around the Christmas Tree
    December 23 Type of weather you love. Sunshine and about 75 degrees
    December 24 —Professional who helps you. My therapist
    December 25 . Something you take for granted. The love of my family
    December 26 A TV show that you look forward to watching. The Simpson
    December 27 A movie you watch over and over.—Harry Potter
    December 28 An opportunity you’re grateful you had. To travel in June 2021 to visit families in TN and in New England.
    December 29 A place you love to visit.—The East Coast Ocean. I love to just walk the beaches.
    30 A tool you find incredibly useful.
    31 A daily habit you’re happy you’ve cultivated.
    Kindness Calendar:
    December 1. “Spread kindness and share the December calendar with others”: Sharing on here and hope it helps someone.
    December 2.:Contact someone you can’t be with to see how they are: to be determined. I ended up talking to my uncle and a friend, both who live 2,000 miles away!
    Decembrist 3. Offer to help someone who is having
    difficulty at the moment. - I helped a mom fix her son’s bicycle.
    December 4. Support a charity, cause, or campaign you really care about. - I use Amazon Smile to
    5contribute to St. Jude’s Children Hospital
    every time I buy something, including gifts
    December 5. Leave a positive message for someone
    else to find. Left a note for DH with a
    chocolate kiss!
    December 6.Give a gift to someone who is homeless or feeling lonely. I made a person smile who was having a very bad day trying to get a campsite. I gave them one.
    December 7. Give kind comments to as many people as possible today. Done! Campers and DH
    December 8. Do something helpful for a friend or family
    member- I made an appointment for DH to get new glasses.
    December 9. Notice when you’re hard on yourself or others and be kind instead.
    December 10. Listen wholeheartedly to others without judging them.
    December 11. Buy an extra item and donate it to a local food bank.
    December 12. Be generous. Feed someone with food, love, or kindness today!
    December 13. See how many different people you can smile at today.
    December 14. Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with a loved one
    December 15. Contact an elderly neighbor and brighten up their day.
    December 16. Look for something positive to say to everyone you speak to.
    December 17. Give thanks. List the kind things others have done for you!
    December 18. Ask for help and let someone else discover the joy of giving.
    December 19. Contact someone who may be alone or feeling isolated. - Going to cal my Uncle
    December 20. Help others by giving away something that you don’t need
    December 21. Appreciate kindness and thank people who do things for you!
    December 22. Congratulate someone for an achievement that may go unnoticed.
    December 23. Choose to give or receive the gift of forgiveness.
    December 24.Bring joy to others. Share something which made you laugh.
    December 25. Treat everyone with kindness today, including yourself!
    December 26. Get outside. Pick up litter or do something kind for nature. We give breadcrumbs to the Southern
    Meadowlarks that come around our RV every winter. And we pick up litter every day!
    December 27. Call a relative who is far away to say hello and have a chat. (Did this yesterday. Called my uncle and talked to him for over 1.5 hrs)
    December 28. Be kind to the planet. Eat less meat and use less energy.
    December 29.[/]Turn off digital devices and really listen to people.

    RVRita in NM
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    Back from Wally World, absolutely exhausted. But while I was there for gifts and such, picked up a cauliflower. If I can get my energy levels back up, I'll make a cauliflower gratin for dinner. One of the few vegetables I will actually eat willingly. The protein will be crunchy oven chicken tenders, one of Corey's favorites. If I don't get a dish together, he'll have the leftover mashed potatoes from the other night--thank goodness he's the leftover king, since neither one of us have figured out the knack of cooking for just two.

    Heather - It's a moody filter, very angsty, edging over into Sturm und Drang. From what you've said of your early poetry, probably very apt for your cover. The line under the eyes makes me uneasy, although I don't know why.

    Later, y'all,

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    Checks Very seldom use them. But in traveling and camping, if you don’t make a reservation online, most campgrounds want cash or a check. But we have been sitting still for a while so not necessary to use either. For gifts, I give gift cards to Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, restaurants, and simple Visa/Mastercard depending on the adult/child and their likes.

    Pets and trips I have never left my dogs with anyone for trips. DH doesn’t like to travel so he stays home with the dogs. When we had our RV roof repaired, we stayed at a hotel that allowed dogs for the 2 days it took for the roof.

    Finances I have a budget to track where my money goes, but it almost never stays in the black. My parents never discussed finances with us. We learned by hearing the fights they had about it. So, we have too much debt. I have consolidated all my debts, except the car and am working on getting back to debt free. Should take us 3 years. In our house, I do all the finances. I’ve tried showing DH the budget but he wants nothing to do with it. I need to learn to say no to home concerning money to help get us debt free. Worked on that this past year and am getting better. Will continue to work on that in the coming year.

    RVRita in NM
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    :) My father's advice, "The way to save money is to not spend it".
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    Evening ladies
    Yes I am in debt,and i will work to get myself out of it also..
    Alfie and I just watching TV tonight.
    Will have to think of a word for 2023
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    Lanette-regarding sugar-oh my yes. If that isn't the cause of the inflammation I fear I have some autoimmune disorder.

    Lisa-thanks for pointing out the design element. I knew it was appealing to me but had no idea how to classify. Glad you get to see family again briefly.

    Heather-I think the card looks nice-especially for a first attempt. I have seen many cards sold in stores that aren't as appealing.

    Beth-so glad to hear you can make it to your mom. Tattoos are definitely an individual decision. It's nice we are all able to make personal choices.

    Rebecca-it occurred to me when reflecting upon your kidney issue (or lack thereof), we also pick up a wealth of information on health issues here. I learn something nearly every time I read.

    While I do write checks for a couple of things (trash service has no on-line pay, church has automatic withdrawal for a set amount but I have always preferred to contribute weekly so I can adjust amount (usually upward) if needed. I do use one credit card to pay for groceries etc., and pay it off twice a month (when I get paid).

    Got haircut today and went for nice walk. Researched living possibilities some more. Took a nap. Tomorrow morning I am signed up for a webinar on how the retirement payments, etc. works. Turns out there are a few things to check on and get lined up. I can see why they recommend a 2 month to 6 month notice,

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    edited December 2022
    Heather I like the cover idea. I am with Lisa though, the line under the eyes for some reason disturbs me. Maybe angled across the face like from eye to jawline. That way it would still separate the yes from the mouth like what we see isn't always what is said.
    Rebecca My ex has been fine with one kidney for almost 15 years now. Glad your doctors had some answers.
    Jeannie and Michele Last night is the first time I have had to take an allergy med in several years. Once again have a migraine going on day 3 and a little facial discomfort, figured allergy med couldn't hurt.

    Progression Small changes in attitudes and habits to make me and my life better. This week I have been packing lunches after dinner so they are ready in the morning. If I wait until morning, I usually end up eating chocolate or cookies most of day. I have also started asking someone to cover the counter for me for 15 mins so that I can actually eat. Small things, but that seems to be working for me. Like emptying the dishwasher before pouring coffee in the morning or taking my meds when I plug or unplug my phone (pm/am).

    This is the first time I have sat down since we got home. The weather is warm and was still dry when we got home, so we took down our blow up Christmas items to pack away before they got soaked in the rain. Also took down some of the Christmas lights. I have gathered Christmas items from other rooms of the house and they are now concentrated in the living/dining room. I have really enjoyed the lights this year and will miss them, but like to start the new year with things put away. After Christmas it is only 8 weeks of "darkness" aka winter. Most of the put away will happen Saturday as we are off work that day and they are calling for rain. Once all put in totes we will put back in garage until quits raining, then take to the barn loft.

    I have dishwasher running, laundry going, plants have been watered, sheets changed, and bed was sprayed with Lysol this morning. I try to do that when I change the sheets (once a week) or more often if either of us is sniffling. I don't wash our big comforter but 2 times a year.

    Stay Safe!
    Make the best choices you can!
    Know that you are all loved by many!

    Kylia in Ohio where this time last week it was minus 5 and tonight is 55 degrees.

    PS- One thing I miss are thank you notes! Even a text would be nice, but apparently that is too hard to do for some especially grands and children. I was expected to write a thank you whenever I received a gift.
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    I've ordered the robins painting as a Christmas card from a different printing company to make a comparison. I hope it comes out more true. :D I did the first tree one as an experiment.
    This company also do proper high quality art printing if I paint something worth reproducing.
    You never know until you try!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    I go places around Tasmania and see that people are selling prints of their photographs of Tasmanian scenery and I keep thinking that one day I should try. Some of mine are as good as some of theirs.

    I haven't quite got up the ... I don't know ... time/energy/courage to try. But as you say, you never know until you try.

    I think the images on your card look all right, if it were me, I would change the text font and size as they sort of overwhelm the images.

    Gift Cards - I use virtual Amazon gift cards for my overseas family in Canada and the US. I can tell if they were received/used if I wanted. :) I wouldn't send a person an actual gift card in the mail.

    Tatoos - I don't have any and probably won't get any, but if I did, it would be a small bicycle on my ankle.

    Pets - Rhody travels with us, but we have had a pet sitter for him on one weekend.

    Online Transaction Cost - I think it depends on the bank and accounts used.

    Finances - my father is very good with finances (and anything math in general), and took the time to teach me how to balance a chequebook, when that was a thing, and budget, etc. I am very thankful for that. My first husband had no idea about any of that and money went out faster than it came in. When he and I separated, it took me about 2 years to get into the black, and for the most part, I've been there since. Fortunately, my now husband is passionate about saving money. :)

    Allergies - I take an allergy pill just about every day. Things bloom year round here! But when I bring out the Christmas decorations, I have to take an extra one for a few days because of the dust and this year the pollen count is high and I'm taking an extra one about every other day.

    Machka in Oz
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    Kylia -I usually make my breakfast the night before. Can’t be bothered to think first thing in the morning...lol I, too, was always expected to somehow acknowledge a gift, no matter how small. I still do. I always taught my children to but I guess it didn’t stick. Denise used to. I don’t know what happened (I do suspect but I don’t have any proof)

    It’s been staying lighter longer...yea. 5:30 and it was still light out...yes!!!

    Michele NC
    who is off to take a shower and then to bed.
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    dh and I have always had joint accounts. When we first got married, I paid all the bills out of those accounts(checking/savings), over time, he took over doing it(don't remember why the change).
    He does have an account that was from when he had a small amount from direct deposit for saving bonds but when they stopped doing that, the money just went into the account, and now, he just puts money into it on his own. That is attached to his ATM card- He uses that when we are out shopping or will use cash. I am on all the accounts.
    I also have my own accounts that I have started but never use any of them- just keep saving. He knows about all of them except one. That one I use my mom's address. I started it as a "just in case" account.
    His check goes between our main account at the credit union and his ATM account and all the bills are paid from those two. My check goes into the main account. I do get a little each week from Ezie's mom(the county pays for her daycare but don't pay my full fee so she pays the difference)- that money is mine to use any way I want- I just keep saving. One of these days I will figure out what I want to use it for.
    We are pretty much debt free- just normal bills- property tax/ insurance and monthly bills.
    He is a shopper- constantly buying some new toy or gadget. He is working extra hours since they lifted the restrictions for retirees so I never say anything about what he buys.

    My hope is that when his mom dies and we are not tied to her that I will use some of that saved money and do a nice cruise- just him and I- we need to do something to get back on track.
    Until she is gone, we can't even get away for a day, the way it is.
    Not sure how he will feel about it. He has said he would be ok but, he always invites a friend when we do vacations(we also always have our son and now his girlfriend with us on all trips)