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    Praying for Destiny too.. gosh when you think you have it bad.. sheesh.
    Well i didn't sleep well at all last night and im really tired now but if i take a nap now then I won't sleep tonight..
    Have to do my pills and fill my Cpap anyway.. and feed the crazy mutt.
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/kids- 2hrs 1min 9sec, 33elev, 2.98ap, 92ahr, 118mhr, 6.22mi= 596c
    Strava app = 752c
    Zwift home spin bike-strava stats- 1hr 3min 46sec, 1132elev, 143aw, 123ahr, 140mhr, 18.9amph, 20.10mi= 462c
    Strava app = 520c
    Zwift stats- 1hr 3min 48sec, 1135elev, 142aw, 54arpm, 18.90amph, 20.1mi= 520c

    Total cal 1058

    *Lucy walked 4mi. She could have walked more but I noticed her nail was going to start to bleed.
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    Evening ladies
    Im tucked in with Alfie
    I didnt do a blessed thing today except get dressed for a few hrs and feed the dog and get him outside
    I go see the endocrinologist on Wednesday afternoon,tomorrow, back taking care of Miles and Homer and have to run to the UPS store to drop off a coat that didn't woek for the little guy.
    Will check in ,God willing in the a.m.
    Did find Touched by an Angel on TV this morning.. I do miss those shows.
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    jebogan73 wrote: »
    Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

    I’m new and wanted to introduce myself. I am starting this journey to a better me. I have started to use MFP again and I started at the gym today. It’s going to be a long journey but I’m not in a rush. If I can just do one day at a time, I’ll reach my goal at some point. I can definitely use all the encouragement you can throw my way and I’m happy to send some back your way as well.

    It’s time for a fresh start, new habits, and a commitment to change. We can do this journey one step at a time!

    Wilmington, Ohio

    :)Welcome Jane, You have come to the right place. I read this thread in the morning while I eat my breakfast and it sets me on a healthy course for my day. I have learned so much from these women. I hope you will keep coming back.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Monday— January 2023

    DH is in the hospital and is doing ok. With luck, our daughter will take me to see him in the near future.

    Rebecca— Your food choices seem just right for you. Cottage cheese is a favorite of mine, especially when there is fruit with it. Blueberries are my favorites. 😊. I also like turkey.

    RV Rita —Thanks for your kind words. DH is still in the hospital and is doing better. With luck I may be able to visit him. ❤️

    Sue B Dew — It is wonderful to see you posting again. 😘

    Rita— Your smart goals are excellent. Congratulations & good news that your DH is on board with you on reducing/stopping drinking. 💖

    Kpolenchek—Welcome! “Choices and thankful are excellent words that are meaningful. I hope you will come back again.⭐️

    dlfk 20,2000 — Sorry that Destiny broke her leg. I hope she w ill eventually be able to walk again. 🌸

    Anne Frewin—Welcome!

    Vicki- DH is still in the hospital and is improving. I look forward to being together. ❤️

    Pip— Lucy is a lucky dog because she is now yours. She will be able to heal in your
    care. Sorry about your brother & sister. ((HUGS)). ❤️

    I plan to visit DH in the hospital today. Fingers crossed for good luck. 🤞🏻

    My brother and sister are fine, it’s more like, sorry about your mom
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    Just work today, but none tomorrow so I will go to the gym to do a body pump DVD

    Kim – that’s the reason I volunteer at the soup kitchen. I’m very grateful that I can afford to buy/eat lunch. There are too many people who can’t afford lunch. How nice of you to help those neighbors!

    Kpolencheck – welcome!

    Rebecca – gonna look at HL for that picture. I think it’s so cute. I don’t see it on their website, unfortunately. Then again, I didn’t look real hard. Gotta get to bowling in a few.

    Terri – a picture of smiling Miles, isn’t that a great way to start the day???

    Annefreewin – welcome. I like that “breaking free”. So very appropriate

    Lanette – Vince took 5 years of French. He got to the point where he’d dream in French. I took lessons in Polish a while ago and the problem I had was that there wasn’t anyone to talk to in Polish. My father had passed away.

    Debbie – prayers for Destiny. So young to be going thru so much. Like you said, the good thing is that they’ll remove the tumor.

    Rebecca – your meals sound so delish. If you were to have breakfast, what foods would you have?

    Jane – welcome!

    Allie – I always liked Touched by an Angel

    pip – HUG

    Michele NC
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) I guess I'm one of those rare people who is not negatively affected by the darkness. I didn't like it so much when I had to drive to and from work in the dark, but now I enjoy walking while it's dark. I do stuff in the house during the day and hardly notice whether it's light or dark.

    :) Something that is misunderstood about minimalism is that it is not just about decluttering and getting rid of things. An important component is "intentional living". That means being intentional about buying things so you don't accumulate still more "stuff" that you'll want to get rid of later and being intentional about what you choose to do and doing only what is important and essential.

    :) A good suggestion about all the books about decluttering is get them on audio and listen to them while cleaning, decluttering, or exercising so they don't require extra time that could be spend getting something accomplished.

    <3 Barbie

    When the time of year comes where it is dark on the way to work and dark on the way home, I often feel like crying. I feel so down.

    I can't see my garden and exercising outside is next to impossible.

    I often try to take some time off around then so I can be out during the daylight. That makes it a bit easier.

    M in Oz