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    Insomnia worked in my favor early this morning.
    Trying to get to sleep about 2:30AM, glance over at the window that is always open because it is the entrance to the catio. That is NOT one of the cats. A racoon had tore a big whole in the side of the catio and was in there to get their food. He was peaking his nose into the bedroom, less than 4 feet away from me. I jumped up, closed the window then run outside. Three of the cats are out in the catio. I had to get the coon out and get the cats in then close the window. Thankfully all the cats ran in the house and did not escape from the big whole. After the food was brought in and the window closed, I watched that coon come back in at least three more times.
    No catio time for the cats until we get it repaired.
    Finally got to sleep a little after 4. Tea now but sure I will be switching to coffee soon.

    Napa Valley Ca

    Would the raccoon hurt the cats?
    they might, especially if they are cornered or if the cats stand up to them and they want the food. These things are not afraid of people. I may need to call and have him relocated. I can't legally do it myself but can call animal control

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    Suebedo: (((hugs))) for your sister.

    Karen Va: 🥰 The embroidery Journal.

    Mid January Review: What have I noticed?
    📍Many of my ‘new‘ habits are now automatic.
    📍Too much sugary food makes me feel sluggish.
    📍My weight hasn’t gone back up as much as I expected after Covid.

    So pleased that the mornings are beginning to noticeably lengthen again. Not a fan of the short days in December and January.

    Intentions for today:
    ♦️put laundry away
    ♦️write piece for Creative Writing for tomorrow
    ♦️look out fabric for embroidery journal
    ♦️declutter desk
    ♦️visit DED daughter
    ♦️solid habits

    MFP - Making Friends:
    🔹Go to <More> scroll down and select <Friends>
    🔹Click on + at top right, select <invite using email/MFP username>
    🔹Type MFP username in address bar
    🔹Write who you are and how you know the person (NB: many people are not looking for random friends, and/or do not accept friend requests)

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

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    1 Sit in silence for three minutes... it's harder than you think. Does silently working in the garden count? Done! I sat silently for 7 minutes and prayed.

    2 List 5 things using each of your senses. Right now? I can see my Christmas decorations, I can hear Christmas songs, I can taste my coffee, I can smell my coffee, and I can feel a comfortable temperature in the room.

    3 Let go of at least 5 items in your house. I'm not in a downsizing or reducing mode so I've taken some lunch things to work, I will take an item to be mailed and another to be given to the people at work.

    4 What was your favorite Christmas gift? (this year or ever). I can't tell you what my favourite Christmas gift this year is yet. It's a secret.

    5 Move for at least 30 minutes today. Absolutely. It's a very rare day that I don't.

    6 Share a goal you achieved last year. We completed the longest bicycle ride since my husband's accident and the fastest.

    7 Slow down and savor one meal today. Mmmm ... pizza!

    8 Who was your favorite teacher. My father. :):) But I've had quite a few good teachers, in addition to him, over the years.

    9 Create something today. I finished creating my first work-related project plan today.

    10 What is your favorite lyric from a song. Difficult one given that I like so much music. But let's go with: "A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices"

    11 Send a card/note to someone today. Do emails count?

    12 What are you looking forward to in 2023? Can't tell you that! It's a secret ... same secret as my favourite Christmas gift. :)

    13 Tell a random person they look "good" today. It's a bit late in the day to read this and didn't meet too many random people today ... or people in general. But I smiled at some horses and told Rhody he's gorgeous.

    14 Tell us three amazing things that happened recently (you decide what "recently" means...lol)
    One is a secret ... I should be able to tell you by the end of the month.
    My skin cancer surgery went better than expected and all my margins are clear.
    I've been able to hold my granddaughter.

    15 Call or text someone you haven't talked to in at least a week. Well, I did email a couple people yesterday. :)
    16 What made you smile today
    17 Take a photo of something you're grateful for
    18 What material comforts are you most thankful for? You can make your list as long as you like...
    19 Write a positive review for a company for goods or services you've received recently
    20 Write down five things you like about yourself
    21 Pay it forward in some way
    22 What do you most desire in your life right now?
    23 Go an entire day without complaining
    24 What about you makes you special?
    25 Spend time with a loved one
    26 When was the last time you felt pure joy?
    27 Hold the door for a stranger... or a friend
    28 What fear have you overcome?
    29 Engage in a random act of kindness of your own choice
    30 When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed?
    31 Now try to "meditate" (sit in silence) for ten minutes...

    I think my dry stream is looking good. :) I still need to do the bottom end, where the dry pool will be.

    I'm hoping to be able to work on it a couple evenings this week.

    Exercise is coming along ...



    Machka in Oz

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    😊 7:30 am in Illinois— I am looking forward to a good day. Coffee is my first wish this morning.
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    Friend Requests ... I don't accept them anymore simply because I don't go through the news feed on MFP anymore. I don't make a very good "friend" through that medium.

    Day 15: Text/Call someone ... done.

    Pulled a crown off with a piece of toffee yesterday afternoon. Sigh. Will have to call the dentist in the morning and baby the site/post until then. The Bills play today and I am certain my dentist doesn't want to go to the office today ... it's not far from the stadium.

    Beth near Buffalo

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    Oh my goodness Heather, just looking at that makes me slightly queasy. I crochet, and have used those stitches many times, but the way the squares are set up, the colors, the patterns, all of it, make it far too noisy for me. I can smell my great grandma's mothballs from here, too. Isn't it funny, how humans find absolutely different things wonderful?

    This is the same stitch used to begin many of those squares, but continued on:

    That, I would have in my house. :smiley:

    Love as always...
    Lisa in AR
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    Heather's picture at first reminded me of the tatting my Aunt did with the squares. Using that thread made the design look lighter. I lean more toward the style Lisa posted (or perhaps it is the colors). Goes to show that different people have their preferred styles and thank goodness we can do or display any of them!

    Ginny in Ohio