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    Heather- Doesn't it always seem to work out?
    I never take anything for granted ,and am so thankful for my 2 children...and grandchildren
    I wasn't expecting 2 open heart surgeries, but the good lord got me through those too
    I take everything a day at a time..I read a quote somewhere that people who passed away in there sleep had plans the next day.
    You just never know..Life is never easy.. but be grateful for the one you have because it's the only one you got!!p5960zfouxp0.jpg
    Miles is figuring out how to work the cars...
    And had his car ride this afternoon. And now at the park running around....
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    edited January 30
    January is nearly done. My calendar says I have one more day of January, and then February 1st will be here. I’m looking forward to shopping with our daughter on February 1st, on Wednesday. I have trouble every time the month changes. 😳Tomorrow will be 1/31. Keeping fingers crossed for a smooth transition to February 2023.

    I’m making a shopping list today & looking forward to the planned shopping trip with my daughter tomorrow. I will likely add a few things on the list when we get to the store. 😊
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    Tracey-while for a very sad occasion I am glad you are spending a bit of time with your family. That "mortgage" has illegal all over it-hope you can do something,

    Lanette-thanks for the song!

    Barbara AHMOD-good job with the BMI and weight!

    Heather-glad you are processing.

    Lisa-well, I guess I can't really say "happy prepping" (don't know much happy about it-especially given your physical issues. But-you have made it through tougher times than this!

    Rori-good to hear from you.

    Terri-love your statement on taking care of yourself.

    Discussion regarding relationships is interesting. I agree we shouldn't be a door mat. We all make the best decision we can at the time and while we may each make different decisions in similar situations we can support each other. There is so much strength here.

    Tired tonight. Stayed up a bit late with football game last night and woke at 4 and started working on union stuff. Came home ingot a couple of things done. Going to head do bed early-working from home tomorrow so I can just be a bit casual. Oral surgeon in afternoon to address tooth that crown came off (can't repair). Will most likely get tooth removed and implant put in.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Auntiebk, congratulations!!!!

    Jeannie in NM
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    “RVRita from NM (I live in an RV and manage a campground with my DH)“

    We need to talk! I am a Sister on the Fly and we are always looking for an RV campground to have events at.

    I have a 2021 Retro 166 that I pull with my 2008 Tacoma. Unless I get sick like I did this winter, I go camping regularly year round.

    Jeannie in Edgewood NM
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    Good evening ladies!

    I did 30 mins of yoga and 30 mins of aerobic walking Yay! I forgot my brace but it seemed to be fine without it. Maybe my knee is finally getting stronger.

    Congrats Barbara!

    And Heather glad you are working through things.

    Karen good luck with the meeting.

    Tracey so sad that the scammers prey on the elderly. Hope the lawyer can work something out.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Welcome @cravensunshine71 ! Most of us don’t do the “friend” thing but support each other here on this thread.
    Lisa sure hope the weather doesn’t impede your traveling to the test.
    Kylia, Ah, thanks for the explanation. That makes sense.
    Debbie maltitol and other non-sugar sweeteners do the same thing to me :sick:
    Ginny hope the DDS is gentle.

    Falling asleep, so
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    2023: Be of good cheer.
    January: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.
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    Worked then bowling. When we got home I took a walk around the block. To me, it’s so good just to walk. I feel so much better. I think it’s good for my mind. I can’t wait until I can go after dinner, right now it’s too dark. The walk always seemed to settle the food

    Got the new hot water heater. After work went to Lowe’s Hardware since I needed a new light bulb for my sewing machine and they had one. Only $5. Anyway, when I got home they were installing the new hot water heater. The lady told Vince the other day that they’d be here all day so I called the lady in charge of the bowling to let her know Vince wouldn’t be there. Well...the guys came around 8:30 and left around 11:30 so Vince went bowling. Can’t wait to take a nice HOT shower!

    The plan for tomorrow is to do a body pump DVD

    Jerry did mention to me about how long he had to wait (for someone to take him home). I should have told him that I would IF he joined AA and was serious about it. Which isn’t going to happen. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance another day.

    So warm (in the 60’s). Wish I didn’t have the throw on. I took it off while walking.

    Tracey – how nice of you to get your mother that landline

    Lanette – thank you for the video. I truly enjoyed it

    katla – hope the Imodium works soon

    Barbara – woo hoo for that low BMI. I haven’t checked mine in quite a while. I probably should do that
    Remember I was saying about how I didn’t get my Covid money? Well, I’ve been saying that I would like to sell to Replacements Vince’s mother’s china since I never really use it, Denise won’t be interested, and Jess wouldn’t use it. He’s asked me over and over not to sell it. Well, I intend to when we get back from FL and I’ll tell him (which is part truth) that I can use it as a down payment on my pandemic money

    cravensunshine – welcome

    Allie – you put a smile on my face each time you post a pic of Mr. Miles. Thank you

    AHHH---you have no idea how good a hot shower and washing my hair feels! It’s the little things

    Anne DE – I’m sure your knee is getting stronger. You always bounce back. How wonderful!

    Off to bed.

    Michele NC
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    Had a good class. A lot of new songs in the 6weeks+ that I was out. I did as much as I could to follow along. Hit just over 20,000 steps by the time I left tonight- Now time for a little dinner.
    In March we will go back to our old building and back to two nights a week. Looking forward to that.
    I only have a snack before class because other wise I get terrible heartburn plus just hard to move so much on a full stomach- Heating up a piece of fried chicken and some steamed broccoli

    Long hot shower after I am done then head for bed.

    Dh is in a mood again/still- now because they need him to work 5 days this week. He had just wrote the schedule for the department and one lady said she is out until 2/20/23 after it was done, he is rewriting it now, on his own time- Just like he used to when he managed the department.
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    Re: Immodium— I don’t have any at home now. I plan to buy a new supply tomorrow.
    I will be replenishing several other items, too, including Vitamin D3. I think of D3 as the sunshine vitamin. 🌞 It is a mood lifter for me.
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    Jenni4w wrote: »
    I’m looking forward to making fitness a habit once again, or as many times as I need to reconnect. It feels heavy to set my goal to go to the gym every day or to add it to my mornings. Has anyone had a struggle like this?

    Mornings don't work for me for exercise. I have to be up at 7:30 am in order to be at work at about 8:50 am. Long commute by bus. And I am not fond of being up so early (7:30 am). So there is no way I will be getting up earlier to go to the gym.

    Instead I incorporate exercise throughout the day. I walk as part of my commute. I climb stairs a few times a day. I try to go for a walk at lunch as often as possible. Sometimes I exercise in the evenings. And I usually do quite a bit of exercise on weekends.

    But morning exercise would work for some here.

    You get to decide what works for you!

    Machka in Oz
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    Jenni4w wrote: »
    I’m looking forward to making fitness a habit once again, or as many times as I need to reconnect. It feels heavy to set my goal to go to the gym every day or to add it to my mornings. Has anyone had a struggle like this?

    start smaller- like gym two or three times a week, not every day. Work up to that. For me, I started walking four days a week(while I wait for my daycare girl to get out of school.The wetlands trail starts right at her school). I started with 30 min walk and as I went on, I kept increasing the length. I was up to 2hrs each time plus walking with a friend a few nights a week and 2 zumba classes a week. Had a few medical issues that paused all of it but am cleared to do all of it now. I walked 1hr and 15 min then did an hour of zumba tonight- Hit my 20,000 for the day(my goal is 10,00).
    When I started walking, it was hard to push myself to do 30 min but then I started timing each section so I knew how long it would take/how much time I had before picking Ezie up. Now I find myself going a little earlier each time so I can check out a little more of the wetlands. I still haven't gone the whole thing- one trail I have done just over half I think but not all the way to the drawbridge. Need to do that on a day I don't have her beings I don't know how long it will take me to get there and back

    Napa Valley, Ca