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    M Sorry to hear you are still trying to recover from COVID.

    Working on my mantra Creating healthy by accumulating healthy habits rather than fighting disease.

    Being better about drinking water...Continuing to avoid wheat...Trying to avoid foods with added sugar.
    The nose piece I bought I am still in progress in learning how to use it. When I went to the store yesterday I bought veggies and some pears and the meat we were going to have for dinner. I did find some cook spray that doesn't use propellet. It was organic olive oil. I tried it last night and liked it. DH would use Pam and you could smell it when you walked in the kitchen.

    I too had a higher glucose too 103, higher triglycerides 175, creatine on the high end, and low HDL 40, blood pressure borderline high. 138/85 These numbers to me warned me I need to make changes. I also got news on my leg scan that although I do not have varicose veins some veins are indicating my heart is asking for help. It makes sense with my blood work numbers. So getting my numbers in a healthier range it is important. To do this I need to watch my sugar intake and fruit, lose weight (I have lost 10 pounds so far), and drink plenty of water, and get better sleep (still working on that one).

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Also, I've been told (and this might apply to Tina too), to avoid those pelvic floor squeezes (kegal exercises). I am not supposed to do them! My pelvic floor muscles are too strong and too tight already. They make my prolapsed bladder situation worse, and they make my suspected pudendal neuralgia situation worse. Instead I am supposed do exercises to relax my pelvic floor muscles.

    Machka in Oz

    I can do pelvic floor exercises without pain. What bothers me are lower abdominal exercises. I’m sure I need to do more overall core work, but I don’t like it, so don’t and I think that is contributing to my back issues too. I need to suck it up and do some. Maybe today while the mister is out.

    I’ll look at those pudendal neuralgia links you sent too.

    Tina in CA

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    Terri-Sorry about your losses. :'(

    Joy and Rita- Great health news.

    Linda- The wolf whistles stopped coming my way in my late 40s.

    Kylia-I made a recipe with chayote squash that I found in a magazine when I was waiting at the Chiro office and it was shockingly dessert-y. If interested l, I can send it. I think those are still in season if you can find them. I dabbed a little Greek yogurt on them and they were delicious.

    Tina in CA
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    Joy1580vb wrote: »
    Good morning, ladies. Just reading through all the posts and enjoying my second cup of coffee.

    We are finally going to get some cold winter weather with minus 33C predicted for Thursday. Farmers are starting to get a bit worried about possible drought conditions for this year as we do not have very much snow. Going into spring, ideally a foot of snow is needed to ensure a good start for the growing season. Snowfall is in the forecast but it doesn't appear to be very much.


    :) That's really cold. Where are you located?

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    After work went to the soup kitchen then WalMart. Home and helped Vince take in more of the decorations. Jess came tonight to pick up Shadow, so I ran (drove) to Food Lion to get Vince bananas (they are cheaper there than at WalMart … at least for now) and rigatoni for dinner. Thank goodness I had some ground beef in the freezer and mozzarella cheese

    A guy I work with at BK used to work at the soup kitchen. He came in this afternoon and told me that the grill went down. I feel sorry for the store manager. I would guess that the store was built in the 60’s so things are breaking down. Since I’ve been there, the roof had a leak, they needed a new hot water heater, the fryer went, now the grill, this thing that I use to hold the plates for chopping the veges broke so I have to work around it. There are probably other things, too

    pip – sending health vibes to Kirby

    Lanette – I’ve had my Corelleware since before we were married, and in October we’ll be married 47 years. My pattern has been discontinued for quite some time

    Allie – when I had a sty, it was recommended to put a warm compress on it. But what I did was take an old sock and fill it with rice and microwave that. During the winter I didn’t want to have something on me that was wet. Also, I think the rice stayed warm longer than a wet washrag YOU can’t believe sMiles is 2 already! Love all the pics of his party

    Annie – healing thoughts being sent your way

    mysoulis skinny – (((HUG))) How you are approaching your diagnoses is admirable

    pip – I take it Kirby is back from the ER. What did they have to say?

    Rite – awesome news from the kidney doc! How do you clean the stains off the outside of the Corelleware? I used baking soda on the inside of a dish, but how to get the outside? How do you do it?

    Barbie – yea for Jake

    Michele NC

    kMichele NC I use baking soda on both sides of the plate if needed but is seldom needed with Corellware. I have a Corelle bowl that I brought with me in the RV and it still looks like new!

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    kevrit wrote: »
    Simone my reading goal for last year was 12 books. I read 52!😳 This year my goal is 20 but have already finished 2 that I had started last year (lol!). I read just about anything. I belong to Prime First Reads and get 1 book a month free (sometimes more like this month) and pick books by their name and cover, so I’ve gotten mystery, romance (I don’t particularly like these- all the same really) Sci-Fi, horror (Think Stephen King), thrillers (think Koontz) biographies, almost anything! Do you belong to the Goodread app? They have book giveaways that authors do, both Kindle and Hardcover. Last year I won 3 Kindle and 1 hardcover from them. I believe it is good to read all sorts of stuff to widen my horizons! LOL Friend me on here (kevrit) with and I will tell you how to friend me and we can compete reading!

    Anyone else interested in free books and a book challenge? Just PM me and we can all connect!

    RVRita in Roswell, NM

    I was on Goodreads all of last year and made my goal of 24 books in their challenge, but saw nothing of free giveaways or anything like that.

    Machka in Oz

    Goodreads sends emails with the link to the giveaways. They always have choices of books to choose in many different catagories. If you don’t like the book they offer, just don’t register. You need to follow the link they send you in the email then “read” their terms and choose an address to send the book too (unless of course it is a digital book). I will look see where they have me email to send these offers and post here.

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    It seems I used my email as my user name and have it linked to my Amazon account. This must be why they send me the giveaways.

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    barbiecat wrote: »
    Joy1580vb wrote: »
    Good morning, ladies. Just reading through all the posts and enjoying my second cup of coffee.

    We are finally going to get some cold winter weather with minus 33C predicted for Thursday. Farmers are starting to get a bit worried about possible drought conditions for this year as we do not have very much snow. Going into spring, ideally a foot of snow is needed to ensure a good start for the growing season. Snowfall is in the forecast but it doesn't appear to be very much.


    :) That's really cold. Where are you located?

    Northeast of Edmonton, Alberta.....rural area.
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    After work came right home. Boy, is it cold and rainy outside! I’ll probably do a Leslie Sansone DVD in a few. I really like walking outside, but I’m not completely crazy. I probably would if it was just misting, but it’s not. Lector at the church tonight

    mom_is_getting_fit (please give us a name to call you) – one time I had to track my sugar. Do you know that one Cara Cara orange has more sugar in it than a piece of fudge? So glad you’re fine after you slip

    kylia – the one thing I don’t like about audio books is that you can’t go back and relisten to a fact.. You think the crazies come out on your road? You should see it around here. And the worst part is that they usually don’t know how to drive in the snow. Stay safe

    Looks like it might have stopped raining so I’ll get to walk outside – YEA But I will take an umbrella with me.

    Terri – so sorry to hear about your friend and your cousin

    Finished putting away my Christmas sweatshirts/shirts. Until next year

    Ginny – I make a key lime pie by mixing sweetened condensed milk with lime juice (in my case I use the True Lime). Add a container of Cool Whip (I think that’s 8oz) fold and put in a graham cracker pie crust. I did find that if you use the light version of Cool Whip you should serve it frozen as it doesn’t have a firm consistency. But it also makes for a cool summer snack

    margaret – which cooking spray did you find that doesn’t use a propellant?

    Joy – hope you stay cancer free for many many years to come

    Off to my walk

    Michele NC
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    Back again.

    Once I got this Chrome browser up and running, I googled the user profile problem and it might be a somewhat easy fix. I downloaded links to several fixit websites and emailed them to myself so I can research on the tablet or even my husband's ancient computer. I dug around and finally found his password. It's still running windows 7. :o

    If the fix involves the registry or some heavy duty fiddling, not sure if I can slog through it but will continue backups so I'll be up to date if I have to leave it for the experts. Sure could use my husband right now, he did this for a living before he retired. :(

    Annie - thanks for the reminder about chicken coop ventilation. The coop has little vent windows and I intend to leave the coop door open a crack. I need to put a tarp or plastic over the run right beside it though to keep the wind from blasting through and snow sifting in the door. Glad to hear your preps for the restaurant are coming along and you are feeling better. Cute story about the strangers coming in the house and later realizing they were in the wrong house. :p

    Ginny - enjoy your peaceful walk in the snow.

    Rita - glad you are getting the docs all lined up. I'm with you - get our health under control with eating right and get rid of pills. My A1C went from 5.2 to 5.5 in one year....I sure would like to get it back down to 5.2. My morning fasting glucose is always over 100. I've read that's normal in some people - our livers shoot out stored glucose to get us going when we first get up? Morning phenomenon? Anyway my docs pay more attention to the A1C. Hope that by cutting added sugar and ultra processed foods way back, I can get a handle on it.

    Joy - hope you get some snow this winter. If we get too much I'll send some up your way.

    Just got back from early shopping, got pretty loaded up with just about everything for a week or more. I think I'll make another run to the grocery on Weds to grab a few more things. Fridge is stuffed. Don't plan on going anywhere once the cold stuff hits on Thursday.

    Showers on and off today, I am working on my "before the cold hits" list. Seems I cross off one thing then think of 2 more, glad I started early.

    Make it a super day! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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