besides water... what do you drink?????!?



  • JennBona
    JennBona Posts: 254 Member
    Love my green tea and 0 calories :)
  • cmel6334
    cmel6334 Posts: 41 Member
    Coffee, beer, and whiskey!! YUM YUM.
  • tomwashere
    tomwashere Posts: 11 Member
    Lots of coffee. Sparkling water. Milk with Muscle Milk after I lift. And a good Scotch every now and then.
  • water with a tsb of splenda or truvia and a slice or 2 of lime lemon orange an apple strawberry and so on which ever you like or i love mio and fit and active also has their water enhancers now i love them makes drinking water easy
  • jgarrisond
    jgarrisond Posts: 44 Member
    I drink unsweetened ice tea and water during the week and on the weekends I will drink 1 Diet Pepsi a day and ice tea or water
  • i flavor the water with an additive that contains electrolytes
  • SassyJuliana
    SassyJuliana Posts: 96 Member
    All sorts of herbal tea sweetened with stevia. Yummmmmm
  • just water and decaf green tea. Can't handle caffiene at all so I have never been a pop drinker.
    Used to drink lots of milk but that was a fast way to cut cals so I cut it out. I do have a cup of hot herbal tea from time to time with some honey but that is about it unless I'm totally feeling naughty and then I go for a mug of homemade(with nonfat milk) hot cocoa and a giant shot of Bailey's...that's only happened twice though!
    Haven't had more than one drink in over 7 months.....and really I've only had a total of 4 adult beverages:smile: since July 2011
  • trdy77
    trdy77 Posts: 82
    coffee with sugar free creamers, and /or truvia, black tea with the same, unsweetened almond milk, if I want fizzy I put some mio in seltzer water and I LOVE the MONSTER Rehabs (rojo & green tea are my favorites and only about 10 calories a serving)
  • teagin2002
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    I like the lipton flavored green teas, the ones you brew at home.

  • laurenk182004
    laurenk182004 Posts: 1,882 Member
    I like hot decaf tea with lemon and tru-via, iced water with fresh lemon wedges (love me some lemon lol) Sometimes I mix up Chrystal light half strength because regular is too sweet for me. Let's see.... Mostly lemon water lol!
  • Poweraid Zero is great, also Crystal light!:)
  • RisyaLifsheTova
    RisyaLifsheTova Posts: 305 Member
    Skim Milk
    Water with squeezed lemon
    Vodka and Tonics with a squeeze of lime :) Teehee LOVE THEM!
  • Sixleafclover
    Sixleafclover Posts: 24 Member
    Coffee :D And coconut water.
  • Besides water I have been drinking slim fast and apple juice. I am going to cut back on the apple juice though. lol Too much sugar!
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    Various Tea choices
    Almond milk
  • Sparkz1920
    Sparkz1920 Posts: 33 Member
    I had a diet soda....which is not really that bad. Maybe because im eating a little better. Onlyr eason I had it was because i was at the movies and had already gulped down 8 cups of water and considered that a treat. Other than that, just water and ill have 100% Cranberry no sugar added by Ocean Spray and thats my treat on weekends. Only water for the most part and occassionally, Green Tea.
  • kylesmommy89
    kylesmommy89 Posts: 356 Member
    Coffee, tea, beer, wine, whiskey :)
  • Pebble321
    Pebble321 Posts: 6,554 Member
    Lemon and ginger herbal tea
    Green tea
    Black coffee
    Sparkling mineral water or unflvoured soda water - with a squeeze of lime, ice and a straw if I want to feel like I'm having a fancy drink!
    Iced coffee or a skim milk latte on running days. (I usually make my own iced coffee or mocha - instant cofee (and for a mocha I add unsweetened cocoa powder) mixed with a little bit of hot water then add skim milk and ice. 1 tsp of sugar if I'm feeling decadent)

    Plus wine, cider and beer, but I don't think that's what you had in mind!
  • Sparkz1920
    Sparkz1920 Posts: 33 Member
    Coffee first thing every morning, water all day long. On a very rare occasion, I will treat myself to a soda or an iced tea (no sugar, ever). I don't drink diet sodas ever. And about 2 or 3 times a week, I'll add a V8 to my lunch meal.

    This is the way I began to look at drinking ANYTHING other than water: since I am only allowed to 1500 calories a day, I would rather EAT my calories than DRINK my calories. Except for maybe juiced vegetables.

    That is EXACTLY why im striclty water for the most part. Its easy now. I start my day with a bottle which is 2 cups in itself and then just refill my 24 oz sippie cup throughout the day and right before work when i hit the gym. Id rather eat calories than drink them too