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One Year Later, 100+ loss (pics)



  • steelersfamily6
    steelersfamily6 Posts: 138 Member
    You are such an amazing & beautiful person and I love your story. You took what was killing you and kicked it in the butt! I really needed to read this bc I too struggle with my own things and I can no longer let myself be over ran by them. I have been here since January and have lost 43 lbs but lately have been making up one excuse after another. I had quit smoking back in September & that is how I ended up gaining so much weight. I was so happy as a non smoker and then 3 weeks ago started smoking again so I am on my way back down as far as my health goes. I am working on trying to quit again as I have allowed the smoking to control my life and used it as an excuse as to why I can't do the things I was doing. I can no longer that this have control over me and I can do this! Thank you again for being such a big inspiration to me, your story left me with tears of joy!

    Julie Ann
  • miracle4me
    miracle4me Posts: 522 Member
    Hey everyone so today is my one year anniversary on MFP. It has been a painful/heartbreaking process as well as a beautiful one. My heighest recorded weight was 362.5 pounds I believe I have weighed more however. I've always been an overweight/obese person even in my childhood. I was always the 'fattest' girl in the room. I'm used to people spitting on me and calling me names and being rejected every day from society. I sufferred from really bad self-esteem, depression, type 2 diabetes (injected insulin five times a day) and very high blood pressure. I remember being almost hospitilized for my diabetes and always having a really red face and sweating and just feeling so sick. I had doctors tell me I wouldn't make it to thirty years old.

    I don't have alot of pictures of myself but the ones to follow here are from around 2010.




    I was seeing a bariatric surgeon who promised me from the time I saw him to my surgery day it would be around 3-5 years. In June 2011 I had already been seeing him for 7 years an he told me he would now accept me for surgery after I had recently lost 40 pounds. I had lost 40 pounds by going through a seperation from my husband, stress and trying to not eat every meal at Mcdonalds (which was one of my big weaknesses as well as CHIPS). Well my surgeon let me know that it would be another 3 years until my surgery date. Something inside of me snapped. I just got really mad. Mad at the system, mad at the world, mad at myself and thought "*kitten* THIS, I'll do it myself".
    My friend Heather told me about I signed up.

    It's been a year. I now weigh 244.8 pounds and have another 54 to loose. I have cried and had mental break downs about every ten pounds down. I have gone through having to deal with my emotions for the first time instead of stuffing them down with food. I have had to learn about coping skills, what food really is and how screwed up society really is about one's size. I am continualy shocked about how 'fat' people are treated differently and the judgements that are passed to them. I have a ways to go and I know I will get there. I no longer take insulin for my diabetes, infact I am on zero medication for diabetes, I control it through diet and excercise. I am on one blood pressure medication out of five. I can breathe, I can dance I can laugh.




    I always eat my excercise calories, I own an HRM and love the gym. I have my bad days as a former binger and it still happens but I get right back up an start again. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone success no matter how small or big their goals may be.

    I cried when I saw your recent picture you just posted. I am so sorry anyone would spit on you or disrespect you. A person is more than what a number is on the scale or on a measuring tape. Numbers can go up or down. You encouraged me so much today.
  • crystal82dawn
    crystal82dawn Posts: 9 Member
    you look great, good job. Are you doing weight watch or anything???
  • specialkyc
    specialkyc Posts: 384 Member
    Congratulations on your continued success!! You are such an inspiration and have an amazing story.
  • rpounds1957
    rpounds1957 Posts: 177 Member
    Your story is amazing and truly inspirational. What a wonderful transformation you have achieved!
  • jennnnn2u
    jennnnn2u Posts: 133
    What a tremendous amount of strength you have. I don't even know you but I am so proud of you. You definitely have given yourself the best gift of all - many more happy, healthy years!
  • tlmaier
    tlmaier Posts: 10
    I am so happy for you!!! You are beautiful -- and so much healthier. Fantastic job, keep up the good work!
  • jennatha
    jennatha Posts: 20
    beautiful:) inside and out!
  • skinnyeascolady
    skinnyeascolady Posts: 287 Member
    Your so pretty, Good for you His loss big time. Hugs you look amazing
  • mariea_bo
    mariea_bo Posts: 78 Member
    Amazing transformation! You are beautiful.
  • sarabelle0
    sarabelle0 Posts: 49 Member
    You are so inspiring!! Thank you for writing this journey down and sharing with us!
  • leannems
    leannems Posts: 516 Member
    This story is really touching and reminds me so much of where I need to be on this journey. Something clicked for you, and I am desperate to have it click for me. Your success is awesome, but your story even better. You really are an inspiration and I wish you so much continued success. Thanks for opening up for others - you have no idea what it means.
  • CorinthiaB
    CorinthiaB Posts: 488 Member
    Damn good job! I am so happy for you and your success. You blessed me with your story.
  • naslonaker
    naslonaker Posts: 11 Member
    You look terrific! Great job! Thanks for sharing!
  • Sweetcheeks278
    What a wonderful story! Congrats!!
  • Change4life13
    Change4life13 Posts: 14 Member
    Absolutely incredible!!:smile:
  • freckled_lady
    Your story is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the work!
  • aprilgrl27
    aprilgrl27 Posts: 176 Member
  • katejkelley
    katejkelley Posts: 841 Member
    What an accomplishment! You look like a completely different person! Congratulations!
  • jcamby
    jcamby Posts: 200 Member
    WOW - you look fantastic! WTG! So proud of you! Thanks for sharing your story!
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