Ladies, would you date someone shorter than you?



  • nwhitley
    nwhitley Posts: 619
    I'm only 5'0, so if a guy were shorter than me, I probably wouldn't date him. That being said, I don't really care about height if the guy is 5'0 or taller hah :)
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 289
    I feel massive next to a dude shorter than me. Then again, Grandad and Dad are 6'4". Dude I've dated for the past 6 years is 6'5". Biased? Yep. At 5'9" I'm the tallest in the family after dad.
  • snoopytwins
    snoopytwins Posts: 1,759 Member I tryna smash him? J/K. I haved dated near my height and taller but being shorter than me wouldn't be a deterrent.
  • I always thought I wanted to end up with someone taller than me (5'10.5") but then I met my husband and he's only 5'7". Honestly it doesn't bug me, instead of holding hands when we're out somewhere walking, I put my arm through his so neither of us is bent all funny lol. As an added bonus I didn't feel the need to wear heels for our wedding which was good...I hate heels.
  • Speazzy
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    I am 5' 11", so most of the times I didn't have a choice...I think it should be about how the other person makes you feel. I do recall in high school being asked to dance by a much shorter guy...he seemed to enjoy the dance!! =)
  • I don't think it matters if you like someone.
    My boyfriend is barely taller then me and I could care less. He is a great guy and is very confident.
  • Sassy922
    Sassy922 Posts: 399 Member
    It would be pretty hard to find a grown male shorter than me (I'm 5'1"). I have a coworker that is 5'3" and I like standing next to him when I wear heels because I am taller than him.
    As far as dating someone shorter than me, I'm gonna go with a no.
  • giggitygoo
    giggitygoo Posts: 1,981 Member
    It would be pretty rare to find a guy shorter than me =) I'm quite small.

    That said, I've dated short guys. My ex is only 5'5" and he is gorgeous. Most of the guys I've dated were either very tall (over 6'2") or semi short (under 5'8") Strange.
  • rhonnie66
    rhonnie66 Posts: 47 Member
    Yup, I even married him!!!
  • MNguerita
    MNguerita Posts: 198 Member
    Ok, well first off you are a very attractive person (at least on the outside, can't vouch for the rest since I don't know you) so I don't see that there is any valid reason that you would limit yourself in that way. As for the height thing, I don't think it really matters as long as they are not head level with my chest.
  • bulbadoof
    bulbadoof Posts: 1,062 Member
    I wouldn't know, at 5'3" I haven't met many guys shorter than me. Probably if the chemistry was good, I don't see why not.
  • KittieLea
    KittieLea Posts: 1,156 Member
    Absolutely not. I'm only 5'2" so there's no way in hell I'd date someone shorter than me!
  • turningstar
    turningstar Posts: 393 Member
    Yup. Married him too. He is about 5'4.5 and im 5'6".
  • annahiven
    annahiven Posts: 185
    I'm always taller than most guys thanks to always wearing high heels :-) So yes!
  • TaintedVampyre
    TaintedVampyre Posts: 1,428 Member
    I try to aim for somebody about the same height or taller. But not SUPER tall! but a head or so taller than me so I can still wear my heels and not have to look down at him.
    I'm okay with 6'1" :heart:
  • beckylawrence70
    beckylawrence70 Posts: 752 Member
    No I would not, just my own preference, I'm just under 5'6" and my husband is only 5'8, it just looks funny to me to be with a short man.........
  • Yes I would.
    Size isn´t everything. If a man is shorter than I´m but still has a fantastic personality, then personality wins.
    Short or tall, doesn´t matter, the brain, the personality .........matters more than anything.
  • RilantheFirebug
    RilantheFirebug Posts: 207 Member
    Married someone shorter than me. He's 5'7 and I'm 5'9.
  • Miss_Chievous_wechange
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  • madelonism
    madelonism Posts: 292 Member
    i absolutly hate feeling bigger than men because of my weight, so very tall men make me more comfortable. im 5,4. though recently i went on a date with a boy that looked about 5'6 and i wasn't bothered because of his sweetness and smokin hot bod lol