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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    ceiswyn wrote: »
    ...the amount of money you will spend on new clothes.

    I calculate I bought about six whole new wardrobes during the course of my weight loss. Even with charity shops, that got expensive.

    But what I didn't anticipate is how much I'm still spending on clothes now I'm at my final size.

    First there was the 'this is my final size, I can buy good clothes that will last' splurge. Then there was the 'hey, I don't have to hide my tummy anymore, I can buy styles I never even looked at before' splurge. Then there was the 'holy *kitten* what is this "cold" malarkey, now I understand why people have a separate winter wardrobe' splurge. Then there was the 'wait, I can wear designer clothes now' splurge.

    Help, help, I think I've become a fashion victim... :s
    Same!!! lol I need a bigger closet :blush: for some of your least favorite new items to make space in your closet.
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