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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • smiliekiwismiliekiwi Posts: 131Member Member Posts: 131Member Member
    smiliekiwi wrote: »
    Um. What is a woo? ( I’ve always thought it like woo hoo).
    I think it means that a person’s post is like woo science — as in not actual science or not based in fact but myth. It’s often the case that there are commonly held beliefs but the belief is not based on any kind of objective research and thus it never goes away. Many people continue to believe for example, that fasting can slow down the metabolism and that’s why it’s important to eat regularly but that’s an example of woo science. Well, that’s how I see the woo option anyway.

    Ahh thank you

  • ExistingFishExistingFish Posts: 873Member Member Posts: 873Member Member
    That you will get cold much more easily and quickly. I went from 144 to 119 (though currently 122 and I’m working to get back to 119) and I cannot believe how much more easily I get cold. I know it’s because I lost a lot of my insulation. But still. I didn’t expect this.

    And just how good you’re going to feel the first time you can fit into an extra small. I was so happy when I tried on and fit into a Banana Republic shirt that’s an extra small. I did buy it.

    A lot of the cold comes from eating in a deficit rather than actual body fat (it has an impact, just not as significant). Having a "diet break" and going to maintenance always warms me right up, no matter where I am with my weight.

    I guess what I'm saying is, don't worry, it might not always be this bad!

    I agree with this. When I was losing weight I got cold so easily, I had never been that cold so easily before, I thought it was the new normal. But then I did maintenance all winter until this month, and I wasn't excessively cold anymore. I thought I just adjusted, but this makes more sense, I was no longer in a deficit.

    I'm losing a few more pounds, but I'm going with such a slow deficit it isn't as noticeable now. Like I'm trying to lose about a pound per month, just very very slow loss.
  • lleeann2001lleeann2001 Posts: 448Member Member Posts: 448Member Member
    GoodLardy wrote: »
    Teerai wrote: »
    Umm how.come when you lose weight and you look good some people come to you and the FIRST thing they say is "Are you sick?"

    Probably because it takes about a year for your face to tighten back up and not have the slight sag that does look like you may just been sick.
    It is the common look after the flu or chemo skin sag.

    Also, it happens to be that some people are sick and are offended when they are congratulated on looking better when they are actually dying. A coworker lost a ton Of weight, we all hoorayed for her and with her, and turns out she had major liver disease and was dead in a few months.

    That's horribla
  • lleeann2001lleeann2001 Posts: 448Member Member Posts: 448Member Member
    @TheRedQueen1981 when I glanced at your picture I though of Barbara Streisand.
  • TheRedQueen1981TheRedQueen1981 Posts: 252Member, Premium Member Posts: 252Member, Premium Member
    @TheRedQueen1981 when I glanced at your picture I though of Barbara Streisand.
    Hmm, interesting haha. Not someone I’ve ever been compared to before but I’ll take it as a compliment. I am a singer so there’s that haha. :)
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