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Weird things you do with food



  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 7,232Member Member Posts: 7,232Member Member
    I..... Peel and Eat.... Whole Eggs :)
  • RamboKitty87RamboKitty87 Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    A long time ago I used to spread mustard or marmite on potato waffles and melt cheese on top, I sometimes used to eat coco pop and banana sandwiches erm... mash potato sandwiches with left over mash from sunday dinner.... these days I just add cottage cheese and quark to lunchtime and dinnertime meals which my partner and my mum find really weird...
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  • livingleanlivingcleanlivingleanlivingclean Posts: 11,767Member Member Posts: 11,767Member Member
    crazyravr wrote: »
    I..... Peel and Eat.... Whole Eggs :)

    Since when is that weird?

    If I have a cupcake or muffin, I usually eat the paper it's baked in.

    I add salt to coffee.

    (Sweet + salty anything is pretty much the best combo ever, and in no way weird.
    Croissants and waffles or pancakes dipped in coffee is delicious)
  • magster4isumagster4isu Posts: 588Member Member Posts: 588Member Member
    I dip my carrots in spicy mustard.
    I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
  • kmshoverkmshover Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    I dip my carrots in spicy mustard.
    I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

    I too love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
  • Therealobi1Therealobi1 Posts: 3,277Member Member Posts: 3,277Member Member
    work_on_it wrote: »
    I feel like i could write a novel on this...

    Doritos on my sandwiches
    Cheese puffs on my sandwiches
    Banana and mayo on white bread
    peanut butter banana bacon burger
    Cold left over fried rice for breakfast
    there's prob more

    God i love food

    i love peanut butter and banana sandwiches but never added bacon. i am going to try it
  • stella7x7stella7x7 Posts: 1,264Member Member Posts: 1,264Member Member
    Misskcm wrote: »
    The only way I'll eat ketchup is if I put a ton of pepper in it. And I mean flip the "pour" tab not the "sprinkle" tab. At restaurants I'll take the entire lid off the shaker. My boyfriend thought it was weird until he tried it. Now he does it too.

    At Chinese buffets, you know those doughnut type rolls with sugar on them? I take those and drench them in soy sauce. Oh my gosh it is so good.

    I also like to get fries from McDonald's or Sonic or something and cut them up and mix them in with my ice-cream.

    I have a few more but I'll spare you.

    I love the whole French fry dipped into the milkshake thing. It's soo yummy. Havent done it in a while tho.
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