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April 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • sweetdaisy13sweetdaisy13 Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    rb3551 wrote: »
    Is anyone else slightly offended when MFP exercise shows running as 'jogging' - I'm not fast, but 7:10/km shouldn't be classified as jogging. Jogging is what my mom did in the 80's. Vent over LOL
    Keep truckin' all!

    Yes @rb3551, I thought it was strange when my 9.5 mile run last Friday showed in my diary as 'jogging' when I ran an average pace of 9:03 min per mile. But I tend to ignore the detail of the running data in MFP. I have MFP linked to Garmin Connect and my pace doesn't show correctly in MFP (it was showing 10 min per mile!) whereas my Garmin stats are correct.
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  • skippygirlsmomskippygirlsmom Member Posts: 4,238 Member Member Posts: 4,238 Member
    @rheddmobile I love the new gear!!! You look great.
  • martaindalemartaindale Member Posts: 671 Member Member Posts: 671 Member

    @shanaber Glad the PT is helping your hamstring. Hahaha about glutes of steel! I need those exercises. :lol:

    You and me both!

    Welcome @juanwilly1 and @rb3551 !

  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 3,226 Member Member Posts: 3,226 Member
    @polskagirl01 12 is a rough age. Maybe track will help keep her focused and help her make friends, if that is an issue with a new school. So sad to hear about the runner. I agree, it is scary and sad when someone who appears to be in good shape, and is seemingly doing everything "right," passes away so suddenly. Hugs to everyone involved.
  • Teresa502Teresa502 Member Posts: 944 Member Member Posts: 944 Member
    April 1 – 5.11 miles
    April 2 – 8.07 miles
    April 3 – Hiking (9.52 miles – 4135 elevation gain)
    April 4 – Walk (1.37 miles)
    April 5 – Strength Training; Exercise Bike (10 miles); Hiking (2.38 miles – 434 elevation gain)
    April 6 – 5.15 miles
    April 7 – Strength Training; Exercise Bike (8 miles); Hiking (7.7 miles – 1390 elevation gain)
    April 8 – 5.15 miles

    I’ve been enjoying our Spring weather the past few days (sorry for the snow @Polskagirl01). Went hiking after work yesterday. Made a late evening getting home followed by a 4:00 am alarm for this morning’s run but my legs weren’t as tired as I thought they would be on the run.

    @martaindale – the story of that man collapsing while running just gives me cold chills. It’s uncanny how fast we are here one minute and gone the next.
  • quilteryoyoquilteryoyo Member Posts: 3,226 Member Member Posts: 3,226 Member
    @Tramboman Glad you get to go fishing again today. Haha about the trout jumping into your arms. I would have liked to have seen that!

    @Teresa502 Glad you were able to go hiking and that your run was a good one. I don't know how you get up so early for a run. Where do you do the majority of your morning runs? I would have to run on the treadmill because there are no lights around here and my driveway would be dangerous in the dark.

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