What is or was your exercise for the day??



  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,345 Member
    I got me some strength training in :-D and I always do 15000 steps+ each day :-D
  • fitfan11
    fitfan11 Posts: 544 Member
    T25 Lower Focus
    Bicep Strength Trianing
    Snow Shoveling
  • My exercise for today will be a 30 minute brisk walk. This is a day of 'rest' after a run earlier this week, with another run planned later this week. Just keeping on the boil..... :smile:
  • belle_rn
    belle_rn Posts: 23 Member
    Started week 2 of C25K after 20 minutes on the arc trainer.....finding i am actually looking forward to the running instead of dreading it like i thought i would when i first started
  • sonyawhitehead
    sonyawhitehead Posts: 8 Member
    Today...today...well it was shoveling SNOW!!!
  • tamidav
    tamidav Posts: 11 Member
    I did 35 minutes on the at home elliptical. Weather stinks.:smile:
  • rhoshambeau
    rhoshambeau Posts: 8 Member
    2 hours of snow shoveling
  • lindzgayle
    lindzgayle Posts: 131 Member
    25 min running, then 20 min HIIT sprints
  • ZWOW #45. It was short, but absolutely killer.

  • PatheticNoetic
    PatheticNoetic Posts: 905 Member
    It really does feel like this:


    for an hour. And a stroller with another baby.
  • margabale
    margabale Posts: 5 Member
    3 hours of shoveling heavy snow. :explode: NO MORE SNOW!!!
  • tonight will be an hour of fitness bootcamp level 2...... and my glutes are already sore from lifting last night :(
  • lindsaymarcin
    lindsaymarcin Posts: 81 Member
    Considering it just snowed 10 inches here in Ohio I spent 45 minutes shoveling and lifting heavy snow! :) I also did some high intensity wii fit since the roads were too bad to go out :)
  • tyrsnbdr
    tyrsnbdr Posts: 234 Member
    Rest day... And do it need it. I will exercise the mind with a puzzle tonight.
  • kiniece
    kiniece Posts: 96 Member
    4 grueling miles on the dreadmill...:blushing:
  • 3rdwoozie5
    3rdwoozie5 Posts: 46 Member
    P90X3 INCINERATOR, 36 Burpees
  • JuliRamone
    JuliRamone Posts: 365 Member
    30 min of push ups, squats, lunges, tricep dips and planks :)
  • JamesThiel
    JamesThiel Posts: 85 Member
    4.87 miles on the Elliptical Trainer
  • Pulled out an old vhs tape that I hadn't done in a LONG time - Tae Bo Advanced. I've only been working out again for about a month, so that tape was HARD!

    (And yes, still have a few vhs workout tapes - things I still like & use but can't get on dvd. I'm terribly attached to my Jane Fonda step tape! :smile: )

    Still have an hour of yoga to do later tonight.
  • davert123
    davert123 Posts: 1,568 Member
    Easy day for me - 2.75 mile dinnertime run :-)