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    I've cooked a meal for the past 2 days . . . good; but, makes me go over my caloric intake a little - not by much. Trying to increase my water intake and that has been difficult for me lately. Got to get back to it so that next 2 weeks I will have lost a little more and lost the last 1lb that I gained back on vacation. I am going to do it for sure.
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    Happy Friday ! ! !

    Cheri, Grits, Linda, et al – Keep up the great work, and remember to do your measurements, since muscle weighs more than fat. I am confident that you are able to keep doing the right things, and you will see a difference.

    Beth, DJ – the person who threatened me is not “stable” (she came in during a mental break once, and just decided immediately that she didn’t like me, even though I brought her a wheelchair. While attempting to find out who she was, she threatened me, then said to one of my co-workers “you I like, but she better stay out of my way, or you never know what I will do”) . Everyone took the threat seriously, but we have no intentions of filing a complaint or protective order, so I rode to the party with my supervisor. That person was not at the party, so I felt comfortable walking back to my car several hours later. // Congrats (Beth) to your son on his loss.

    Becca – Enjoy your produce abundance. I am envious, I want to walk into my yard and pick fresh produce. Keep Smiling !

    Joyce – My kids are 9 ½ years apart. I needed to take a few years off to upgrade husbands. He's not perfect, but much better than my first try.

    Lisa – Hugs and Congrats. When I met DH, his restaurant was frighteningly close to closing, and I had numerous personnel issues to handle. It was a struggle to do it together, and you are conquering it alone. Good job being human, and finally getting a good night’s sleep. You can do this!

    Lillian – I struggled getting into “community” Wednesday and Thursday morning. Mine seems to be better, but I haven’t tried posting a picture lately.

    Cheri – You go girl ! Enjoy your B&B (I’ve never been either, and am envious), and enjoy exploring. You can do this !

    Sylvia – Glad you enjoyed the suite; it’s a great way to travel.

    Betty – Hugs. Big Hugs ! ! ! Grief is grief, and we all need to mourn in our own ways. This is certainly not a competition, and your struggles are equally as trying as anyone else, just different. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.

    Lori – I’m a fan of dried fruit, too. You can do this ! ! !

    I don't think the fingernails are worth it.

    Since all the foods at the party were healthy and low fat, I did eat last night at the party. Turkey and sun-dried tomato wraps with no dressing (only had 1). Fresh fruits and vegetables with no dip. And I drank water (we were in Fred’s Pub, so the only choices available were all the Miller and Coors beer products, but no one seemed to care that I drank water). My lower body is now sorry, because the walk back to my car was 1 mile down hill (my knees don’t like down), but I still got up and out of the house in time to work-out for 15 minutes before work, so that is good, too.

    DD started texting me finally yesterday. It seems she took a factory job to pay the bills and for the health insurance, and she does NOT like it. It is physically demanding and boring at the same time. She is a "people person", so going 8 hours without talking is tough on her. I told her to take life 1 day at a time, and treasure her awake time when she can. Plus, her body will eventually get used to using those different muscles. Plus, starting on "the line" doesn't mean you are destined to work the line for the rest of your life. This is a National company, so there is plenty of growth available. Now DS, that's a different story. He is making the best of "Summer Vacation" by staying up late, sleeping late, and playing video games as much as possible (until I catch him). He just can't make it make sense that bowling and basketball start soon, so he needs to stay active. Oh well, he's only going to be young once. DH took some time off work earlier this week, so he is working 12 hour shifts through the weekend, so I can make healthy meals for DS and I and expect them to be eaten.

    Hugs for Everyone ! ! !

    Terri in Milwaukee
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    I weighed in this morning and when I put the number into the computer it lowered all my food stats. I will not have to be even more careful with my food intake to keep the number moving down.

    gayle Idaho
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    Mary in MN...all I can say is WOW!! I knew you were lifting, but I didn't realize the results you got, very impressive. I was trying to figure out what my next step will be. I am in sight of my ultimate goal of a healthy BMI (5 lbs. away) and was perplexed as to what to do with the flab I know won't disappear with those 5 lbs. When I get back from vacation I will start strong lift, I just downloaded the app to my phone. Can't seem to find the app for my ipad, do you know if it's available? I want to be just like you!!

    Just printed my boarding pass for my flight to Cancun in the morning. I am sooooo excited!! I managed to lose almost 2 lbs. this week and I am extremely pleased. Like Pip, I will allow for a 5 lb. gain on vacation (it is afterall an all inclusive). I will try to be sensible and not go crazy but I will be enjoying myself. I plan to be very active, get those steps in and take advantage of all physical activity the resort has to offer. Fortunately, 2 of my fitbit buddies are joining me and we are very competitive so I know I won't be lying around for long.

    I may have some pictures when I return, perhaps even 1 of myself.

    Everyone, have a great week ahead.

    Chris in MA
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    Gayle - Isn't that frightening? The less you weigh, the more efficient your body becomes, so you require fewer calories and burn fewer calories. You can do this!
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    lhannon - don't you feel better after a cuss fest? i know i do. i also cry when i am REALLY upset, i even have a cigarette (former smoker, haven't done that in about 20-25years). i don't have an addictive personality so after i have the cigarette, i don't go back and start smoking again.

    csofled - changing it up is definately good for your body, it can get used to doing the same thing all the time, it's like you have to "shock it". have fund at the bed & breakfast. they are fun.

    whipped - did you know that skim milk has no real nutritional value? once i read this article i IMMEDIATELY changed to 1% milk. maybe you should have gone to bed commando hehehe.

    bkrimpet - i stopped biting my fingernails when i started painting them (clear or very neutral color) haven't bitten them for about 37 years now. the grieving process is different for everyone. i was a basket case for 5 years, 5 SOLID years. it took a REALLY long time for me to stop crying at the thought of him or even the mention of his name. i couldn't say, "he died" i had to say, "he passed away" the word "died" was so awful to me. take your time, there is no rule or timeclock for this.

    tuliplor - YEAYYYYY FOR 2 MORE LB'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLAAAAAA!!!

    well, 100mg of tramadol didn't do anything. I kinda take that back. took a pill at 5:30, nuthin... took another at 7:30pm, nuthin.... had to get up at 10:45pm cuz Floyd wanted to go out and pee. got up, 90% of the pain was gone, I was like, ok, I'll take that. when I got upstairs and laid down, few minutes later, pain went up again. rest of the night, my eyes were closed, but I really wasn't asleep. looked at the clock it was 3:45, got up at 4am, left the house to ride to the gym at 4:40. the spin instructor (I don't take that class) wasn't there, 4 people were there to do the class so I ended up teaching it (I've subbed b4). found out later that the instr. was at the other location up the street about 3 blocks but forgot to remind the class.

    the gym is going to put new lockers and redo the showers so the water is going to be turned off so they are moving the classes to the other location. today was the last day of the water working (except for the bathrooms) so if you took a shower before leaving the gym you better work out at the other location.

    gonna call the doc to tell him I need something stronger, these are worthless. too bad he gave me a prescription for 50 pills. Kirby says they are cheap, they cost pennies.

    type to ya later
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    I took the day off work today and have a wonderful day planned. Daughter#1 and I are getting massages then going for a manicure. This afternoon we are all driving to Dubuque and will see my BIL and family tonight. Excited for the day. Oh and the scale dropped those two pounds from earlier this week so I am back to where I started the month!

    Betty/WNY - you just go right ahead and dump all your feelings here in this forum. But just remember that once you get them off your mind, you need to toss that into the corner and focus on moving forward. We are here for you!

    Linda /IA
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    Hello ladies! Great news! We are finally closing on both of our houses today the first one at 10:30 and then 2 o'clock. I still don't believe it. I will let you know at three!

    Joyce-thank you Dallas cheerleader maybe not but fit and healthy yes! It sounds like you're really going to town on your yard and house. Now that we are closing today hopefully we will be able to as well.

    Allison - you will love strong lift 5X5. However, some of the ladies on the different threads have stated that their personal trainers always try to leave them away from strength training and toward smaller weights. If that happens be prepared with the StrongLifts 5X5 app from strong lift.com and show it to them. I started out with a 12.5 pound bar. If you need any info message me and we can talk through messaging. I am so happy that you are working on your relationship.

    Lisa - you took on a big job! I hope everything goes well for you.

    Colleen- thank you! The picture of the horse jumping was thrilling to me. Two years ago on labor day weekend my daughter got kicked in the face by her horse! After five or six surgeries and one still to go I am amazed that she would even think of riding in the first place. So her trying something new and jumping makes me very proud mama!

    Heather- I am so glad that you heard from your DS! Hopefully you will get your legacy soon.

    Cheri- have a fun vacation!

    Sylvia- it sounds like you are having a fun time!

    MNMargaret- thank you! I will let you know about my schedule for coming down to the cities. It sounds like it might not be until September though.

    Betty - you sound very determined to be successful! That is the key to success. I found that strength training really changed my bodies composition. Check out stronglift.com

    Lori - congratulations on the 2 pound loss!

    Grits -you go girl! You can do it!

    Have a great day everyone! I am off to our closing! Hopefully!!!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Pip - That is one stylin' dog!

    Nancy - Hope you get to reclaim your clothes soon! That is just ridiculous that it's taken so long to get something done about it. Can you run a rinse cycle every day while the door is locked?

    Mary in MN - Dang, woman, you look amazing!

    DJ - We'll be on the Blanco River in Texas. My dad's place is just outside Wimberley.

    Lisa - You know the Mythbusters found that people really do perceive less pain when they cuss Bet you felt a lot better after letting off some steam! I also cry when I get frustrated... wish I didn't, but that's the way it goes. As a strong woman once said, "I can talk and cry at the same time."

    Cheri - Wishing you the best of luck with the interviews. My husband was unemployed for a total of two years out of the previous three, and I know how hard it is on a lot of levels. He's set up in a new career now and much happier, which makes me happy, but he earns less than half of what he used to make. It's an adjustment for sure!

    Lori - 13 pounds! That's great! You are definitely doing something right!

    Got a call from my doc yesterday with the lab results from my physical. Everything was normal except borderline cholesterol and slightly low vitamin D. Those are both prety easy fixes. Now I just need to quit putting off making an appointment for my overdue smushing a.k.a. mammogram.

    Must get moving now and start getting us ready for the river. We don't have cell signal or internet there, so I'll probably miss a couple of days of logging in but we'll be having fun in the sun.

    -Yvonne in TX
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    bkrimpet wrote: »
    Thanks to Janet OKC and DJ for the kind words! I looked up the calorie count of fingernails and this is the result. Low-cal, but I cannot grow them fast enough to count on them as a food source.

    Just feeling low for a variety of reasons. Had a nice few days' off, then came back to all the same old problems: not enjoying my job, house a mess due to workmen and no place calm and quiet to just be, not being able to structure my time to de-stress enough, not knowing how to handle the fact that I have not seen DD2 for close to 2 years and see no end in sight, at loose ends with my life in general. Don't know where to plan to live or what to do with the rest of my life. And I do not want to run way and join the circus and watch the animals being mistreated! But running away in general sounds awfully tempting.

    Just one of those periods when I have a hard time figuring out how to salvage a future out of the wreckage of the past. My MFP shows that I have 7 pounds to go, but that is because I set mini-goals instead of one big one. To get to the upper range of the non-overweight state I need to lose 21 pounds more. I will be at wedding anniversary No. 40 in January and would like to get as close as possible to my wedding weight, which would be an additional 10 pounds, but honestly I would be thrilled with the 21. Not sure is that is realistic for January, but as long as that scale can trend down rather than up it is a victory, as this is the only thing that keeps me going lately some days.

    I know I might sound whiny to the people who are dealing with severe health issues and loss of loved ones. But emotionally I feel like I have been grieving for a couple of years for a loved one and have been casting about desperately for a way to focus on other things. Some days work better than others, and I have a feeling you all know what I mean about that. There are so many struggles amongst us, and I am amazed at you all. We all need a group hug!

    Betty in WNY
    I weighed in this morning and when I put the number into the computer it lowered all my food stats. I will not have to be even more careful with my food intake to keep the number moving down.

    gayle Idaho

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    Thrilled to report that I shed 1.8 lbs. I'm NO longer in the obese category! :-)
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    GE Repair is finally supposed to be tomorrow morning. I've been thinking about what I want to say to the Technician. If they send the same damn lazy guy, I'm really going to have to control my temper and words. My whole life, I've held everything in and suffered in silence. Had to learn to speak up.

    Now I'm extremely ANGRY and UPSET. Feel like I want to tell him off. But also don't want to act inappropriate and have him leave without fixing my washer. Luckily, it will be a 2 man crew.

    So, here's what I plan to say: "Are you finally going to unlock the door like you were supposed to do last Monday?! My good office clothes have been wet and stuck in there for almost 2 weeks now. I've been extremely upset and angry about this. It's totally unacceptable."

    What I really want to say is: "You damn, lazy idiot. I have suffered all week because my good office clothes are wet and have been stuck inside the broken, locked washer for almost 2 weeks because of your lazy dumb *kitten* refusal to do a simple emergency door unlock. I'm extremely upset and angry at your failure!"

    Please Help! What other ideas do you all have? - Nancy in FW, TX
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    Charm4u - Yeah! ! ! ! What a wonderful feeling that is! CONGRATULATIONS! :drinker:

    Heather UK
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    Hello Vit F
    So nice to be able to pop in once a while! Thanks for the warm and lovely welcome!
    How i missed all of you, the support and the tried n tested advice.
    Best wishes to all of you
    Anamika from Mumbai <3
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    TGIF~~left message with dr yesterday about the sciatica pain.Got a message to go in today,hope to get some relief.
    hugs jane
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Mary/MN - You are just beautiful in those pictures. I'm going to look at the strong lift 5x5 site. Maybe that willl be incorporated into my September goals after I finish this Pilates goal for August.


    Thank you! I was shocked at how many inches I lost in such a short time. I did gain weight but kept loosing inches. I stopped weighing myself and only keep track of my measurements and take pictures every 3 weeks. The site is very informative. There are weight lifting threads on MFP where women post pics and give very helpful advice. I will post the names of the sites tomorrow.

    Mary from Minnesota

    Gaining weight can be good, means you are losing 'fat' which weighs more than 'fat'. Especially, if you are losing inches. I think I have lost a little more of 20lbs and more than 7 of those were 'fat' turning into 'muscle'. My pants are noticeable loose, like hanging from my hips loose. I had to start wearing a different set of shorts to be weighed in because I was afraid I would lose the other ones, down around my ankles. Doing this might be part of the reason I gained weight on vacation, even though I was walking every day.
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    Thrilled to report that I shed 1.8 lbs. I'm NO longer in the obese category! :-)

    Yeah!! Happy Dance!

    Chris in MA
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    Hi, I want to join this group. I lost 60 and gained back about 35. So mad at myself. I did the same thing about 7 years ago. I want to be in good mood and looking better this Christmas and want to look nice at my son's college graduation next June. I am a dog walker so I get that mild exercise almost everyday but must do more to lose weight. I usually lift weights 3 times a week. Not this week, had ear infection and felt sub-par.

    I'd like to see what others my age are thinking and doing
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    @PIP - when I am Rx'd a 'new' medication I ask the pharmacist to only give me 7 - 10 pills; learned the hard way not to have entire Rx filled because I am allergic to so many medicines. So usually it takes that many days to start showing signs of being allergic - such as swelling tongue, itching, etc. Found out I am allergic to Penicillin after about 5 days. Good thing it doesn't come on like anaphylactic shock . . . I'd be 'in trouble' if it did - live out in the country and it takes a few minutes before an ambulance can get here. I'd just need to try to crawl to the door and unlock it; sure don't want them to bust down the door. Last time I had called my BF to come over to let them in. The last time I had a seizure, 2 of the 3 ambulances got stuck in the mud trying to use their GPS for shortest route. When the 3rd one came (after daughter-in-law had called to cancel it as my husband and son got tired of waiting); he told her they can't do so just by a phone call, they have to make every effort to get to me once a call comes in. Legalities. She told them that 'if' it is raining or has been the 3rd route they took was the best way to get to 'anybody' living on this stretch of the road. There are 8 of us on about 1.5 miles of this road; and only 1 more across the bridge. They said they'd make a note of it, for use later. I told her that she needed to tell them that if we needed an ambulance in the future. Which I hope never comes. It's been one year since I have had a seizure and now my medications seem to be working for me.

    @lhanna - managing a restaurant can be the MOST stressful job to have. I know, I managed a deli while in art school (swing shift). Unless you have good help and they come to work. The 3 women who were in charge of making the sandwiches were all kin to one another, either cousins or aunts. Florence was the most dependable; and she was the oldest.

    Might try to go over and get back in the pool before it starts raining (or thundering). I think if I hold both arms up just a little I can do it without getting my bandage wet.
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    Terri - i'm glad you were able to eat so healthy at the party last night! You are right working for a national company does give you chances at advancement! Tell your DD to hang in there.

    Chris - thank you! I believe that the app is supposed to be available for an iPad. When you go on to the strong lift website it gives you different options for different types of technology. Have fun on your vacation! I love Cancun!

    Gayle MN or Idaho I am not sure I saw your correspondence with Terri and here is my response.- even though after you lose weight you don't need to eat as much because you are smaller, if you gain muscle mass which actually shrinks your body your body needs more calories because muscle burns more calories than fat. I have had to eat a lot more food because of the muscle I am building. I think that is a perk to weightlifting. So I am now a lean mean calorie burning machine because of all the muscle that I am building even though I am losing inches. So start lifting those weights! Like I did I started out with a 12.5 pound barbell.

    Pip - I am sorry to hear that your medication did not work for you. Let us know how it goes.

    Yvonne- thank you! I'm glad to hear the results of your doctors visit. Have fun on the river!

    Betty - just take one day at a time! You can do it, we are here for you!

    Charm4u - yay! You're doing awesome. I'm glad that you're rehearsing what to say to those repairman! I think I would go with the latter the lazy dumb...

    Grits- you're so right about gaining weight as muscle is not a bad thing. That's why I haven't looked at the scale for around two months. I know I'm getting tighter and my pants are still getting looser. You're doing so well! Isn't it great when your pants get loose you know what you're doing is working.

    Here are a few of my favorite threads on MFP.
    Women Recomp Stories
    Women lifting heavy - with pics
    Halp Lifting Heavy Made Me Supah Bulky ( this one is being sarcastic because all the people on here have gotten extremely slim trim and lean. )
    I found most of these on success stories or motivation site. They are on probably two or three pages in some of them. Or you can try entering the title of the site.

    We were successful in closing on our house that we are selling! Yay we are both doing cartwheels down the street! Now for the house that we are going to purchase will be at 2 o'clock.

    Have a great afternoon!

    Mary from Minnesota