What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    How I use to stand to the side of my coworkers' cubicles to hide my body... I found myself still doing that behavior even after I had lost over 200 pounds... I echo a lot of what was said above. The other interesting thing was getting negative reactions from people who felt bad about themselves after my dramatic weight loss...
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    Saving your armpits is much more difficult, because there's more gap and the razor doesn't fit properly so you can't shave as closely.

    THIS absolutely... I had to completely re-learn how to shave my armpits...ridiculous!!

    *lifts arms, feels armpit... takes note. ;)

    OMG!!! So true!! LOL
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    How much more work it is to burn the same amount of calories at a lower weight :(

    Don't I know that. always getting used to eating less and less.
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    Great thread!
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    I used to hate people who said they just had 10 pounds to lose. well, I have hit the point where I am just under 10 pounds to a normal BMI. Putting foot in mouth now

    Yes! I'm just about in the same place (12 pounds to go). When you have 80 to lose, as I did when I started, 10 seems like NOTHING. Now it seems like Mt. Everest!

    The thing is though, you started at a very high weight, you weren't only 10 lbs overweight. If that was all you had to lose then yes, I'll kick you in the *kitten* for complaining about it but that's not the case. You have a right to gripe about that last little hill you want to overcome. Cannot wait until the day I'm standing next to you and b:tching about my last 10!
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    that your shorts will actually ride up more, because there is less thigh chub rub to hold them in place.
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    That sounds like a circulatory issue, Might want to mention it to your DR.