What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Thanks for the advice. I still have a way to go before I need to worry about maintaining but will keep this in mind once my goals are met. I, too, need goals to keep on keepin' on and this sounds like a great idea.
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    That motivation will come and go but by building better habits it's easier to push through the hard days because you are basically on autopilot and driving to the gym before you even have time to argue with yourself

    I found this out, so much so that one day I decided I should take a rest day...somehow I still ended up driving to the gym. Total auto pilot to drive to the gym after work.

    That is both awesome and funny :)
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    Everyone talks about the physical aspect of losing weight, but no one tells you about the emotional/mental health changes that go along with it, like:

    -Learning to have a healthy relationship with food and not letting it rule your life.

    -Overcoming eating disorders and building self esteem

    -Learning to love yourself again.

    ❤️ yep