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    Look up concentric & eccentric calf muscle exercises. When I was struggling with some calf pain and tightness my trainer had me do a lot of these types of body weight exercises. Strengthening that area is tough and takes times but I was able to eventually get through the tightness and resume normal training. He wasn't too concerned with me doing a slightly reduce running volume as long as there wasn't any pain while i was running. I would spend a few minutes doing some stretches then a few extra minutes warming up. After 15-20 minutes it would loosen up enough to do easy effort running. I'd ice after the run and maybe wear some compression socks for a while as well.
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    @TattooedDolphinGirl78 Sounds like my worst nightmare on a run, I get completely derailed by them too. I hope you can ride it out over the next few days.

    Thanks! Me too. Since I met my July goal, I don't and won't have to push myself. I still feel like death, but at least I'm medicated. :joy: I think I'll just do some long walks until I'm done. I've got some 10K and 20K virtual races on the Zombies Run! App that I can do, so I won't be bored. lol
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    @greenolivetree - Thanks for the link!

    @skippygirlsmom - That evaluation sounds great! My PT did something similar last week but not as extensive. That should definitely help with injury prevention.

    @Ohhim - Thank you!

    @kristinegift - Oiselle is my absolute favorite! I love the Flyte tank so much. I have two and they recently added a bunch new colors. I feel you - their prices are high but I've found I love every single thing I've got from there. Distance shorts, Flyte shorts and Flyte tank are my current faves. I routinely check their website for sales.
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    @greenolivetree - I hope you get your lower leg pain figured out. Hopefully just an angry muscle!

    I got in another 2.9 miles total today--2.15 of that running. It was hot, humid, and sunny today. I planned a route with a water fountain in the middle, but ended up having to run straight past it, as there was a group of creepy guys lounging around on the benches and rocks surrounding it. Think a group of like 8-10 guys, one of whom (the closest to the water fountain) was obese, shirtless, and sweaty--no thanks. So, I walked more than planned, but whatever.

    That puts me up to 10.5 miles of running for the month, in total. That will probably be it for this month. We are closing on our new house tomorrow, so I will be spending lots of time packing, moving, building fences, etc.
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    @ceciliaslater I would've passed up that water fountain also :-/

    @5512bf Thanks. I was looking online yesterday at compression socks but I may check out the local running store tomorrow. I just hate going in there (I like to be left alone in stores and not helped/guilted into buying things). Also considered putting my whole lower leg in a bucket of ice water but I did use some ice packs yesterday.

    My leg sure seems to be getting more sore just sitting at my desk all day. Felt better this morning than now.

    @Ohhim You've run a lot of miles with no rest :-o I'd be crawling by this point rather than running!

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    My wife just found NUUN at the local Target store. I have a tube of lemon/lime and tube of strawberry lemonade coming home to me tonight.
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    Date.....Distance..Avg hr/Pace/km
    July 1 - 7.7 km - 148/6:09
    July 2 - 5.8 km - 147/6:56
    July 3 - 11.6km - 151/6:22
    July 4 - rest
    July 5 - 7.0 km - 149/6:34
    July 6 - 6.5 km - 147/6:32
    July 7 - 4.4 km - 139/7:00
    July 8 - 5.7 km - ???/7:00
    July 9 - 6.0 km - 130/8:30
    July 10- 7.0 km - 146/5:54
    July 11- rest
    July 12- 9.0 km - 146/6:30
    July 13- 7.0 km - 157/6:00
    July 14- 7.7 km - 152/6:07
    July 15- 9.0 km - 155/6:20
    July 16- 7.0 km - 140/7:15
    July 17- 13.0km - 150/6:20
    July 18- 8.0 km - 135/7:30

    End of base building - Type/Pace/km

    July 19- 8.8 km - Reps/4:00
    July 20- 7.0 km - Easy/6:14
    July 21- 6.1 km - V.Easy/8:00
    July 22- 13.0km - RACE/4:55
    July 23- 4.5 km - V.Easy/7:40
    July 24- 6.0 km - Easy/6:30
    July 25- 3.4 km - Easy/6:27
    July 26- 9.0 km - Reps/4:00
    July 27- 6.8 km - V.Easy/6:50
    July 28- 7.0 km - V.Easy/7:20


    03/04: Bucharest 10k and Family run 48:28
    16/04: Color Run Bucharest
    17/04: Forest Run 5k 22:05
    04/06: Happy Run 5k 21:57
    22/07: Bucharest After9Cross 9.5k 49:03
    28/08: Fox Trail Half Marathon (10k)
    18/09: Baneasa Trail Run (10k)
    09/10: Bucharest International Marathon (Half Debut)
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    why am i always sick? i felt iffy yesterday and now my nose is a faucet. why? i eat healthy enough. :confused:
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    @skippygirlsmom I loved your description of Skip's early morning cheerful chatting :smile: She sounds like the polar opposite of my kiddo!
    @shanaber The dog beach photos were awesome!
    @Orphia I loved all your photos too :smile: Would love to visit Australia some day...

    Life has been kicking my **kitten** the past couple weeks & I got so far behind I can't possibly comment on everyone's posts. However, I've been hitting the "like," "awesome," & "insightful" buttons so if you have some on your posts one is probably from me :smile: . Congratulations to everyone who has made their goal...and *hugs* to everyone who needs one! As always, I think this is the best & most inspiring/ encouraging group on MFP.
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    mbaker566 wrote: »
    why am i always sick? i felt iffy yesterday and now my nose is a faucet. why? i eat healthy enough. :confused:

    Maybe it's just allergies? I hesitate to say "just" allergies because they can be a pain in the butt.
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    @greenolivetree - Thanks for the link!

    @skippygirlsmom - That evaluation sounds great! My PT did something similar last week but not as extensive. That should definitely help with injury prevention.

    @Ohhim - Thank you!

    @kristinegift - Oiselle is my absolute favorite! I love the Flyte tank so much. I have two and they recently added a bunch new colors. I feel you - their prices are high but I've found I love every single thing I've got from there. Distance shorts, Flyte shorts and Flyte tank are my current faves. I routinely check their website for sales.

    @Somebody_Loved Distance shorts are amazing! I wore the crap out of them all spring. The pockets are A++++. Sadly, it's too humid for me to wear them right now (they just roll up and I chafe like crazy) so I'm in my trusted and loyal stride shorts for this never-ending heatwave New Jersey is in right now. There's a 20% sale-on-sale right now on the website, so I ordered the Flyte 2000 long sleeve that I've wanted for ages and a Wazelle short sleeve. :)
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    2Jul - 8k
    3Jul - 6k
    5Jul - 6k
    7Jul - 7k
    9Jul - 10k
    10Jul - 8k
    12Jul - 5k
    14Jul - 6k
    16Jul - 10k
    17Jul - 8k
    19Jul - 7.7k
    21Jul - 11k
    23Jul -7.3k
    24Jul - 11.7k
    25Jul - 3k treadmill
    28Jul - 10k


    Took it easy on a slow 10k, missed a planned run on Tuesday as I felt sick after 4 hours in the back of a car trying to read emails (might have had a bottle of wine last night and felt a bit iffy today too :neutral: )

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    July running challenge: goal is 60 miles.

    7/5...4 miles
    7/7...3.66 miles (rolling hills program on the treadmill)--11:06 pace.
    7/8...10 miles
    7/10...6 miles
    total of 23.66 miles for the month of Jul

    7/12....4.15 miles (rolling hills on the treadmill)--12:14 pace....exhausted after working all night and only 5 hours sleep. Still happy that I was able to run. Was distracted by getting a free phone in the mail...so too late to run outside.
    Total for July thus far...27.83.

    7/15....5.08 miles(rolling hills program on the treadmill) at 12:00 pace. I wanted to run a little faster, approximately 11:06 pace again, but "fried" after working 2 nights in a row and getting very little sleep. My plan is to run a long run today, probably 10 miles.
    I slept 10 hours last night and feel great and I lost almost a pound over night. I am in maintenance now (for a month) but still closely monitoring the weight gain/loss. One of my mfp friends lost the weight quickly ( he was ona 1200 calorie diet) and gained 40 pounds back the next year.

    Total for the month of July...32.91.

    7/16 ....6 miles(fartleks)....that was a fun run! Cool weather...I started too late to run the 10 miles that I planned..so opted to run 6 today and then try for 10 tomorrow.I did almost get hit by a "smart" car at an intersection. It was funny...I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and sized up whether it would damage me more than I would damage it if we collided. On Monday, I plan to rest. New total is 38.91.

    Thanks to Elise4270, Stowshew71, and AdriaChr92 for answering my questions. I will google Authur Lydiard...always interested in unorthodox training methods.

    @MobyCarp: Very impressed with your race results, esp. being number 1 in your age bracket. If I race long enough, I may break into the top 100 finishers. Such an accomplishment to be number 1. I love the curved glass trophy...super cool.

    Just finished running 10 miles today...it was harder than last time, maybe because I ran 6 miles yesterday and 5 the previous day. I tried to stay at 85-87% max heart rate...after 5 miles, I could really feel the soreness kick in. I was expecting rubbery legs, not soreness. It was really hot today with occasional cool headwind. I wanted to quit but kept repeating, "stronger, fitter, faster" as a kind of mantra. I slowed significantly the last 3 miles, probably 14 minute and 15 min miles. Afterward, soaked with sweat. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    Total for the month is 37.83.

    7/19....6 miles....last 3 tempo miles at 95% heart rate. Another hot day, 89 degrees with a heat index of 100. 1st 1/2 mile I felt like I had cement blocks on my shoes, but then felt better. By mile 4, I was in the "zone", then fatigued in the middle of mile 5. Just pushed on after that. Not really worried about how fast I am getting it done (except when I start late...don't want to be in the park after dark.) Lately I have been running in the afternoon...very few runners for obvious reasons, but I also want to "get a little tougher". Dripping with sweat afterwards...have to peel my clothes off and then "warm up".

    Many of my friends tell me that I am crazy for running...because I am going to "wreck" my joints. I never have joint pain or problems but sometimes my legs ache (mostly muscle) when I am trying to sleep. I have no problems when I walk. Anything that can help that? I know to stay away from Nsaids. I will take Tylenol just to help with sleep.

    Rest day today...my husband and I are going to a concert (Frampton and Allman). Long run tomorrow.

    Total for the month...43.83 miles.

    Unable to do the long run. One of my trees in my backyard fell into a neighbor's yard. My husband asked me to help him with gathering limbs and stacking them. It was a really large tree and may take a couple of days with a chain saw to get it out of her yard.

    The muscles (lateral) around my knees feel tight. Also some soreness in hamstrings. Do any of you worry about overtraining?

    I may do a short run tomorrow...noted that I was 17 miles from completing my monthly goal.

    I ran for 3 miles this a.m. ....it was all of the time I had this a.m. but last 2 days were "rest" days and I knew that I can't run again until Sunday. Total for the month is 46.83.

    It was cooler this a.m. 82 degrees with heat index of 95 but the dew point was 76....ugh! I run near an organic garden and was envying the plants that were getting watered.

    I work the next 2 nights...will keep checking in...You are all so inspirational...I love this group!

    Unable to run yesterday due to extreme heat....heat index of 104. Plus didn't want to deal with "Brickyard" traffic.

    Able to run this a.m. though. 4 miles...much cooler this a.m. 76 degrees with 96% humidity. Waiting for a break in the weather.

    Total for the month...50.48 miles.

    7/27.....6 miles.....It was 88 degrees, heat index of 104 and only 55% humidity. I felt good and was able to run at an even pace....11:44 minute miles until mile 6 and it was a little over 12 minutes.
    I have started reading "Meb for Mortals" and have been focused on where my arms are when I run. When I keep the wrists close the waist , my posture improves significantly...I never realized that I was leaning forward so much.
    I have to get ready for work. Will try to catch up with all of the copious posts.

    Total for the month. 56.48 miles. Only 4 more miles...to complete July.
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    @Amandajs232 taking it easy is a good thing. Nice running!
    @ereck44 nice running. You've got July in the bag!
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    Changed my mind on taking a rest day today, I really mentally needed to go for a run and thought it was a touch cooler out. Ha. Anyway, managed 3.43 miles, which puts me at 15.7 so far this week.

    And 97.5 for the month of July:


    So, now tomorrow is for sure rest day, followed by long run on Saturday.
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    @katharmonic nice running! That mentally needing a run is a hard thing to ignore! Enjoy your rest day tomorrow
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    @kristinegift great job making your goal with time to spare!
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    July Running Totals (miles)
    7/1 – rest day
    7/2 – 13.14 paced run
    7/3 – 10.06 easy with fast finish
    7/4 – rest day
    7/5 – 6.74 easy with hills and a fast finish
    7/6 – 7.26 group run
    7/7 – 6.85 warmup, group run speed work
    7/8 – rest day
    7/9 – 12.33 paced run
    7/10 – time for run squeezed out by Life Happens
    7/11 – rest day 7.41 easy + 4 strides
    7/12 – 8.07 warmup + fartlek
    7/13 – unplanned rest day – time crunch
    7/14 – 7.63 easy
    7/15 – rest day
    7/16 – 14.86 warmup + Shoreline Half Marathon
    7/17 – 5.71 easy 45 minutes
    7/18 – rest day 4.16 almost easy
    7/19 – 6.34 warmup + speed work
    7/20 – 6.90 group run
    7/21 – 8.08 warmup + speed work
    7/22 – rest day
    7/23 – 17.01 paced run
    7/24 – rest day
    7/25 – 5.16 mental toughness run
    7/26 – 6.05 warmup + speed work
    7/27 – Life Happens day
    7/28 – 12.06 long speed intervals

    July total to date – 165.82

    Nominal Challenge Goal – 150 miles
    Real Goals: Become comfortable running 5 days a week. Finish Shoreline in good shape, managing the expected heat and humidity better than last year. Build base toward Rochester Marathon.

    Today's notes – I have a lot of First World Problems lately. I noticed that I've messed up reporting my monthly total miles here a couple of times; I think I failed to delete some planning miles from the spreadsheet before copying the month to date miles total. I *think* I have it right today, but the mind is the first thing to go . . .

    Yesterday I had a time crunch that squeezed out an easy run. I felt a bit banged up in the morning, it was 91º F (33º C), I needed groceries, and the administrivia of household management and preparing for retirement was piling up. Instead of running after work, I got some groceries, paid some bills, and did some spreadsheet work to plan cash flow in retirement. This was more from a need for mental relief from the chores piling up than a need for physical relief and rest from running. And it was in the back of my mind that the Thursday workout was ambitious.

    The assignment today was 2 miles easy, 2 x (4 miles MP, 1 mile T), 1 mile easy. It wasn't all that hot, 82º F (28º C) when I started; but the humidity was deceptive. I might have been okay running easy for 15 miles, but what actually happened was: 2 miles easy (8:01, 8:03); 4 miles MP (7:12, 7:12, 7:08, 7:09); 1 mile T (6:30), 2 miles MP (7:22, 7:12); and that was as far as I could make myself run. Slowed to a walk for an untimed full recovery, well aware that on my out and back I was more than 4 miles from base. On that walking interval, I saw my coach walking the other direction! He asked how I was doing, and I said I had underestimated the effects of the humidity. Remembering my walking intervals at Boston, I also took a gel in the hopes of being able to run some more.

    Mentally, I didn't really want to run any more. But it was a long way back, so when I thought I could I set out to run easy. Did 3 miles (7:54, 7:51, 7:52) then slowed to a walk a half mile out from base. Just didn't have the mental toughness to run the rest of the way.

    Got back to base, and saw that Coach had put a marathon workout on the white board of 10 miles, alternating paces: 1 mile easy, 1 mile MP, 1 mile T, 1 mile easy, etc. Guess I should have checked in before I started running; that probably would have been better for me in the humidity. But I had wanted to get an early jump on a long workout, so I just started the planned workout when I went out for the traditional 2 mile warmup.

    It's all a learning experience. I'm not in terrible shape, but I'm not in as good a shape as I would be if I'd been healthy enough to start the marathon training plan at the beginning of the training cycle. Today reinforces the thought that my best plan is to be very unaggressive at Rochester, running slower than what I ran for MP today. I don't need a 3:15 marathon; anywhere between 3:25 and 3:30 should be good enough, and if I do the first part slow enough I should finish in pretty good shape.

    2016 races:
    January 1, 2016 Resolution Run 7.5 mile (Mendon, NY) finished in 53:58
    January 9, 2016 Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Gates, NY) finished in 1:30:59
    March 12, 2016 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green 5 mile (Rochester, NY) finished in 32:32
    March 26, 2016 Spring Forward Distance Run 15K (Mendon, NY) finished in 1:05:24
    April 18, 2016 Boston Marathon (Hopkinton, MA) finished in 3:23:01
    April 24, 2016 Flower City Challenge Half Marathon (Rochester, NY) finished in 1:36:50, targeting MP
    May 15, 2016 Highland Hospital Lilac Run 10K (Rochester, NY) DNS - injury
    June 19, 2016 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (Rochester, NY) DNS - recovering from face plant
    July 16, 2016 Shoreline Half Marathon (Hamlin, NY) finished in 1:31:11
    August 13, 2016 Bergen Road Race 5K (Bergen, NY)
    September 18, 2016 Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
    November 24, 2016 Race with Grace 10K (Hilton, NY)
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    I fell tonight, tripped going into the gym, over the footing on a workout bench someone left pulled out in the aisle. I didn't even see it and was mostly just so embarrassed. At the time I was not really sore anywhere except for a bruised a finger. Had a great workout, went to puppy Rally class, no issue... But by they time I got home my left knee was stiff and throbbing. I am icing my knee and my finger (which is now swollen and purple but the least of my worries) and following my daughter's care instructions. No running tomorrow, maybe a short shake out on Saturday and hopefully a great HM on Sunday. Taking extra turmeric and fish oil as well for the inflammation. I am going to play it by how it feels on Sunday and will walk the HM if necessary. I am so bummed after all the training but am hoping it will be fine but knowing it is what it is!