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    I totally agree with what you're saying and will recount something I encountered just this week.
    A discussion thread was posted by a person who felt they were a sugar addict. I made a comment with just a few sentences about perhaps starting out easy by removing common complex carbs, eating more above ground than low ground veggies and for fruit perhaps berries or rockmelon. Not once did I mention that I myself follow a LCHF way of eating. My view is that people will either take something from the comments or not.. it is their choice.
    Well.... ping goes my inbox.
    A member PM'd me about my comment and saying 'clueless about loosing weight, huh', my response was that perhaps their opinion should be posted on the thread rather than being sent as a PM. That resulted in name calling.
    Couple of things about this,
    a) If I were just starting out this type of behaviour would likely have been enough to scare me off... however I've lost 83lbs with only 7lb to go... think I know after nearly 3 years what works for me
    b) what gives anyone the right to go on a personal attack because they hold a contrary view?
    We're mostly all here for the same reason... to lose weight, get healthy, share ideas and opinions and look for support.

    Personal attacks and name calling are wrong, and should be reported and dealt with.

    Open forthright debate between adults is perfectly fine and a healthy endeavour.

    How do you report PMs?
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    Long winter?
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    I don't consider myself "super well muscled" but I am a (relatively) young man.

    Its all a matter of CICO.....................


    Can't argue with dem bulges. I always enjoy your posts!! *love in*
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    Lol, OP won't respond on this anymore, as she mentioned " I'm done with reading these forums."

    Heh, good point. Guess I wasted my time!
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    It is different for everybody. I have tried CICO alone esting what I want and at some point I feel I also need to control or avoid certain food groups, along with CICO. And the inflammation thingy becomes a problem for many people after 40 but not all. It is a pain in the butt and gets muxh better when avoiding or limiting certain foods. Some ways of eating promotes CICO too at least for me. I know if I eat a lot of starchy carbs specifically breads I get hungrier and want to keep eating whereas if I eat proteins I don't tent to overeat. So, yes. CICO matters, food choices matters, everything matters. But it is different to everybody so
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