Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    For ladies doing 5x5, Mehdi also suggests a fractional weight set so when you're doing OH Press and Chest Presses down the road you can add a pound or fraction of a pound since we don't have the same upper body strength as the guys. I got a set but so far if I fail I just do the same weight the next week and I've generally been able to finish it that week.

    This. I have gotten SO MUCH use out of my fractional plates.

    I was thinking of buying 1.25lb ones, or maybe lower?

    Also bumping in hopes of seeing more inspiring photos!

    Might as well buy a whole set. They're like 30-50 bucks depending.
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    Some serious inspiration here.
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    @bbell1985 thanks babe. You should post an update on here too.
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    ladies add me :) looking for female friends on this app too!!
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    Thanks everyone! I'm starting SL 5x5 ....again .....and this is great inspiration. Did 3 months of it last spring and LOVED it, but life got in the way - looking forward to a fresh starts
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    You are all inspiring <3 I am 8 lbs from goal & just beginning a lifting program.
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    Hi I have seen lots of mention of strong lifts, 5x5 and strong curves. None of Chalean extreme. is there something wrong with her workout? I have to workout at home and have power block dumb bell 3-24kg.Is there something better I could be doing?
    Your transformation photos are all incredible and so motivating.