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    Katla and Lanette - I think Cracker's only fear is that when either of us walks out the door and she is left behind, we won't come back. She comes to whichever one is still inside and whines and talks, like she is saying, "I want to go out and be with Daddy/Mama because I am 'afraid' they are having 'fun without me'."

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    This is my DD's sweet boy, Beans. He and our Maggie are getting along great and he is such a sweet boy.

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    Hello BarbieCat

    Thank you for starting this motivation and support topic!

    Since May is my first full month after a relapse/respite, I am starting off slowly. My focus is overall well-being.
    My goals:

    My eating plan.
    My exercise plan:

    Water Exercise: Started with 30 minutes for the first 2 weeks, and am now up to 40 minutes. I have also added a 30 day, squat-lunge-push-up plan that I do in the pool at about 3 feet deep for 1 lap across the pool; every day or so I add an extra repetition and after each week I add an extra set; then I do my 40 minute Water Exercise which I may break up into 20 minute sets each of water walking, water calisthenics, and aerobics once I get up to 60 minutes total.

    My vitamin regimen: For overall health, lower extremity issues, for detox of liver, kidneys, for circulation.

    Skin improvement: Lactic Acid based lotion to open my pores in my skin for chicken like patches on arms, scar on my calf and ankle from injuries. Continue daily facials in AM and PM.

    Staying positive and keeping in good spirits.

    I added a few recipes to the recipe base here as well.

    Everyone have a good week!!!

    SE Washington State

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    Good evening!

    DJ Thanks on the window and the color of the paint. It's a nice neutral color on the warm side. And Dolly, she's an expert!!
    I'm going to Cheyenne next week, I just hope it's nice up there. It's been 80f here in Arkansas.
    Beans is a cool name for a dog. He looks sweet!

    Katla I never seen a horse chiropractor before! Overweight animals suffer the same as people. I like to see horses in good condition; nice coat, no ribs showing and bright eyes! Maybe the horse is bored and just eats. The owners should exercise more and cut back the feed. I should take my own advice!!

    Good night all. I was up at 5am today and sleepy!

    <3 Dana in Arkansas
    It rained almost all day - looking out the front door:
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    Barbie: I had a lovely day in the sunshine today but I envy your ferry rides anyway. It has been far too long since I had one myself. :ohwell:

    DJ: Beans is a cutie! :smiley:

    Today was gorgeous. I went out to the stable and watched a horse chiropractor do her work. I was very much impressed with her and with how much she was able to accomplish to ease the pain of the poor horse. After I got home I took the dog for a walk in the sunshine and a swim off of the boat dock at the end of the road. The dog swam & I watched. He really enjoyed the swim & I enjoyed watching.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "Normally I'm quite normal . . ." The Gods Must be Crazy

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    Hi I have been sort of missing in action for part of May. I was working a lot and just ignored logging in or keeping a food diary. I noticed that it definitely made a difference in the negative sense that there was not any weight loss, and I felt more stress and fatigue from not exercising! So, back on track starting today, and best wishes to everyone on their journeys. Thank you for your inspiring posts.
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    Nice and warm here today.
    Hugs everyone
    Paula Y
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    Quick "Hi" and "Bye"

    Toni in Tennessee
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    My husband and I went for a short walk up and down the path next to one of the local beaches. It was a nice evening for it ... not too cool, not too windy, and HUGE waves! Some of the biggest I've seen on that beach. They were great!

    That was was 1.8 km + walking to grocery shop would have amounted to about 2 km. That's usually an amount I can walk with no difficulty whatsoever ... but this time it was about all I could manage. Still, that's better than nothing. :) And it was nice to get out into the fresh air.

    I'll be sitting doing homework for the rest of the evening.

    M in Oz
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    Leigh - So glad you had a great holiday! I bet you haven't put much on, if any. If you are good for the next couple of days any holiday bloating will drop off. :D All that activity burns loads of calories. Congrats on the NSV! I love your blouse. That's the kind of thing I like to wear on vacation. No burning from the sun, no need to smother yourself in sunscreen and insect repellent! I have just bought one very like it.

    Having Pimientos de Padron for a starter for lunch. They are mild peppers with the old hot one as a surprise. Plus cold Turkey Burger that I cooked yesterday. Love leftovers! I mix my turkey mince with well squeezed out thawed frozen spinach, plus scallions, chilli, garlic and Worcestershire sauce, + seasoning. 100 calories per burger and heavenly! I make six from a pound of Turkey thigh mince and have two each for dinner and one each for lunch the next day. Last night we had them with roasted cauliflower and tzatziki. Plus I had to have chilli sauce, didn't I? :D

    Going to ease myself into my memoir today. Just a few sentences. :o

    Today is AF. Having Hairy Bikers chicken. <3 With cavallo nero.

    My arm is improving. Doing v light weights now. I have to split my rowing session, but can do it ok.

    Rori and Sue - Great to see you! !!!!!! Looking gooooood!

    Dana - If our house was the reason for moving it would be easier. Unfortunately we love our house, it is perfect for us, giving us both enough space to have a bit of space. Only the hall needs decorating. It's a clinical, faded white. Actually the exercise room still has its original 80s decor, but I rarely notice it. The curtains and trim are a sight to behold! We were only moving to be near the grandchildren plus to have more access to activities and facilities. More fun. But I expect it would be just the same as when I lived in London. I spent most of my time in the house. :o:o The thing I missed most when I left London was the art galleries and museums, but I rarely went out in the evening. Brighton is fabulous in the summer, strolling along the sea front, but we can hire a little holiday apartment for a few days at any time. Just have to coordinate it with my son's family.
    In a couple of years time we may well give the market another try and content ourselves with a much smaller property. A modern, well-soundproofed apartment with joint leasehold would suit me, but I'm not sure about DH. Brighton/Hove is one of the most expensive areas of the country outside London. Normal 4 bedroom houses go for near enough a million dollars. We couldn't quite afford what we wanted without really stretching ourselves and doing a lot of renovations.

    We are enjoying our lives at the moment and I'm certainly not bored! Got our cruise to look forward to.

    Does anyone read Elizabeth Strout? I've just discovered her and I'm binge reading. On my 4th book now. <3:D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Good morning!

    Up early and trying to decide to go to Bible study at 9am or not. Regular church service starts at 10:30am. Since my back surgery it takes me a while to get moving.

    Leigh Very nice picture of you! Handsome man you have too!
    I know how it is wanting to be near grandkids. My youngest DD#2 lives in Florida, about 700 miles with 2 of my Grandkids. DD#1 in Wyoming, about 1000 miles and DS in California, about 1800 miles or more. So with 10 Grandkids I'll stay put in Arkansas! I'm flying to Denver this Thursday by myself to visit. I'll rent a car and travel 80 north to Cheyenne. I'll stay with DD#1 for 4 nights. My DD will stay home to hold down the fort and take care of Dolly.

    Friday and Saturday I wasn't feeling too well, so I didn't watch the calories very good. Even though I was just over slightly and I didn't exercise I feel like I gained. I don't want to get on the scale.
    I just hate myself when I feel like this!!! Ugh!!

    Got to go... have a beautiful day!
    Dana in Arkansas, the Natural State
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Goblet squats-6X5X 35
    Russian kettle bell swing-32X10X 35

    40lbs loss by May 27 Challenge
    30 push-ups

    May Move Your *kitten* Challenge
    I Will be walking all day today!

    Move More Sit Less
    Last day of challenge. This really gave me a jump start to getting up and moving!
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    Happy Sunday. Just catching up with all the posts!

    Rori and sue so terrific you met up, I love it.

    Leigh your fitness level made the trip even better, that reminds me of one of the reasons I started mfp, so I could keep up with DH and DD and not avoid physical activities.

    Lisa. I love a project and if the price is right, why not? , fingers crossed that it goes the way you all want.

    So I caught some kind of virus that was going around school, starting with scratchy throat but then hit my stomach, lousy night for me so I am taking it very slow today. No walk with bff and so no thanks to a concert this afternoon. I've got to stop going and going and going!!

    I have hit my goal weight but it's not a big deal cause I think it's really a flexible number. moving and logging, (not emotional overeating) is something I have to do the rest of my life. Maintaining the life style means awareness and strategy for keeps.


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    :)Rori and Sue, You both look great, fit, healthy, and happy. How wonderful that you got to meet and spend time together.

    :)Katla, my line dance friend who has a horse makes use of the horse chiropractor often and thinks it has been great for her horse.

    :)Bella, welcome. You have a great plan. Keep coming back here for support and encouragement.

    :)Lisa, I hope this project works out the way that is best for you.

    :)NYKaren, the big difference for me at maintenance is that now my clothes fit and don't have to be replaced as I lose weight. I eat and exercise the same way, I keep track of eating and exercise, and I weigh myself regularly.

    :)Leigh, it sounds like you found the right way to enjoy vacation food and activities and still stay true to your goals. Great picture.

    :)Heather, Bravo on getting back to writing your memoir.

    :) I didn't log my food yesterday but I didn't go off track eating food I wouldn't normally eat or overdo on portion size. I made sure to get over 10,000 steps by getting up early to walk the dogs before we left and walking during the ferry rides instead of sitting and looking out the window at the scenery.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    Pip ~ Happy Birthday!

    Rori & Sue ~ Great picture of the both of you. Two beautiful ladies.

    Leigh ~ Another great pic of you and your hubby. Pretty blouse.

    Lisa ~ Good luck on your bidding. Hope you get the property.

    DJ ~ Beans looks like my son's dog's brother! LOL :)

    Went to grandson's baseball game Saturday and they won. Today, another game is scheduled but it has rained so much I think it will get cancelled. The grand kids have four more days of school next week and my DnL will have 3 days of post planning. Then they are off until the end of July. I have to go to the 5 yr old's ice cream party on Monday and she will graduate from kindergarten. I will have driven up to where they live 5 times in the last 8 days. Need to move closer as this gets tiresome.

    Carol in GA
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    I am so far behind, that I am skimming through; I hope I don't miss anything important!

    Joyce: Your Charlie sounds like a lovely man!

    Lisa: Hope you get the house!

    Dr Katiebug: Sorry about the ticket!

    Meg: Hope you are feeling better!

    Lanette: Love what you said about getting married again! I am extremely happy, but cannot begin to imagine starting over with another man, learning, adapting and all that goes with it. Your Pierce Brosnan solution sounds perfect!

    Allie: Glad you weren't hurt in the fall!

    Machka: Hope the surgery results will be good!

    Mary from Minnesota: What great progress!

    Dana: Sorry to hear about your MIL.

    Penny: Love the costumes!

    Janet: Hope the tornadoes did not touch your area!

    Heather: The idea of a holiday apartment sounds like a good one!

    Welcome to everyone who is new!

    - Leigh in France