Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    Wow great job ladies!! Keep these posts coming - they're great inspiration!
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    Love this thread! Haven't lifted in a while though. Finally got back to it after strengthening my hips and getting some inflammation down from my hips and neck. Then moved my weights to have a bit more room and injured my rotator cuff. But I still love to see everyone's progress!
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    Wow ladies, looking incredible! I stopped (home) lifting in spring as I picked up wakeboarding again, but with autumn creeping in I am going back to weights... must remember to post an update. For me it's all about becoming stronger, no need to lose weight :)
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    @doughd2 do you only do crossfit or do you do weights in the weight room too? I've never looked into crossfit so I may be asking a dumb question with that. Do you focus heavy on upper body?
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    I stick to crossfit and I started out "skinny fat." The one on the right was a few years ago before I started and the one on the left was a few months ago.

    These two are just favorites that show the size I've gained. Yay muscles. :)


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    Well... deep breath... Imma need a big hug after posting these :/

    Sending you a big hug! You look amazing, impressive progress!
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