October 2017 Running Challenge



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    @Elise4270 6+ for a marathon is still getting it done... I was with my mom 2 weeks ago when she finished her first in 6:24:32, a marathon finisher is a marathon finisher, it doesn't matter the time, it's still a rare breed who will for for it.... you'll be back there before you know it.

    It just really put it all in perspective for me. Just how much endurance and training it takes to accomplish a marathon, or even the half. All I ever want is that sub 2 half, and a 25min 5k. :smiley:

    you'll do it. you've got the drive.

    Ya ya ya. I'm awesome I know. Was just sending props out :wink:
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    So I’m Race Director for my own mini-race this weekend. -

    Just received a customs charge for a packet from the USA. It must be my AIM at Melanoma race pack (which I didn’t think I’d be getting!). So, Mr. Postie - I leave for my running weekend on Friday, PLEASE get me my race pack before then!!!!!

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    Yay! I am catching up on the thread finally.

    @hanlonsk I have low blood pressure and get something similar once in a while. But ... my peanut allergy started out that way, too, so if you are eating anything before your workouts, you may want to consider that suspect. For me, it got progressively worse and it is because of the anaphylactic reaction causing the drop in bp among other things. Now, I need an epi-pen as I react within seconds. It started out as a delayed 30-min or so reaction so took a while to figure out.
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    @eponine I am very slow. I am often around 15 mins/mile. I enjoy running, so I try not to let the speed get to me. I am trying to build my aerobic base, but it is taking forever. I am on Strava and Garmin if you ever want to see my paces.
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    Great race report @garygse and selfie finish. Congratulations again!
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    Just signed up for a 5k fun run on 11/5. I'm a little worried. It hasn't been advertised much and it's the inaugural race. You can see registered people & there is only one other woman registered for the 5k. There's three bike distances (it's a cycling race with run thrown in) and the only person registered for all three distances is the organizer. I have this weird, irrational fear of getting left alone and then lost on a course. HAH

    And I'm looking at Turkey Trots trying to figure out what which one I want to do. I've narrowed it to four that is near both me and my brother, sister in law, and nephew so we can all do it together since I'll be eating with the in-laws.
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    @ariceroni how awesome! Congratulations! Fab photos too.
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    @JessicaMcB good luck at Whistler! It snowed on the mountains here in Vancouver last night, so I expect it will be cool at the start.

    Hubby and I do the MEC races all the time. Most are awesome. There was only one I didn’t love because it was a bit too busy for the trail. You don’t get t-shirts and bling, but they are always chip-timed and have bananas, bars, coffee, and nuun at the finish.
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    10/1 – 6 miles
    10/2 – rest day
    10/3 – 8 miles
    10/4 - 5 miles
    10/5 - 10 miles
    10/6 - 5 miles
    10/7 - rest day
    10/8 - rest day
    10/9 - 6 miles
    10/10 - 7 miles
    10/11 – rest day

    47 of 100 miles

    I woke up I the middle of the night with a horrible headache that is still talking to me, so I decided to take a rest day today. It’s also garbage day, I hate running with all the can out, yuck smelly ha ha

    @shanaber the fires have been awful, stay safe.
    @JessicaMcB how do you get the time for all that running with little ones? I often wonder that when I see your posts, I know you run early but how early? Great picture sequence ha ha
    @kristinegift for the sake of your can opener I hope things get better faster than expected.
    @jheppley your team sounds awesome. Good luck this weekend! I tried to coach Skip at soccer when she was little but years ago I heard a great speech about letting others coach your kids and it was a great excuse to send her to another team ha ha. I think I was harder on her than anyone else so it was for her benefit.
    @katharmonic glad it’s easing up a bit.
    @eponine1984 your 1 mile story gave me a chuckle.
    @juliet3455 why type of farm?
    @7lenny7 I hope your calf is better
    @JessicaMcB you are so ready!
    @girlinahat ha ha!!! So true
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    10/1: 13.3
    10/2: Rest
    10/3: 4.2
    10/4: 4.4
    10/5: 6
    10/6: 1.8
    10/7: 2.7
    10/8: 11
    10/9: rest
    10/10: 6
    10/11: 4

    Total 53.4
    Goal 120 miles

    Upcoming races:
    11/25 Schaumburg HM
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    October 1 - 16 km
    October 2 - 16 km
    October 3 - 16 km
    October 4 - 16 km
    October 5 - 16 km
    October 6 - 16 km
    October 7 - rest day
    October 8 - 21 km
    October 9 - 16 km
    October 10 - 16 km
    October 11 - 16 km
    October 12 - rest day

    Total km - 165 km out of 350 km
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    I am getting excited and surprisingly nervous for the Bourbon Chase this weekend. I have never done a relay, especially not one like this. I know it will be fun, but I think I may have underestimated how challenging it is going to be. I am particularly worried about my hubby. His first leg is 8.6 miles and he has only done two 8 mile runs in training. Also still concerned about my second leg. I was looking for some additional details on the event since they are pretty scarce on the website and I stumbled across this blog from 2014. It just so happens that the author ran the same legs I will be running and it does absolutely nothing to comfort me.


    Also, we are not going to have a hotel room until we finish in Lexington (we are taking our tent), so her comment about that shower being the morale boost she needed also has me worried. At any rate, we leave for Louisville immediately after work tomorrow and we have a 7:45 AM start time on Friday. My legs are sore today from yesterday's double, so I will be taking it easy until then. In hind sight, that may not have been the best idea given the current status of my legs.

    Hopefully I will have some good photos to post now that I run with my phone!
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    Did anyone else start out like me - super slow, can barely hang on - and improve?
    @eponine1984 Before my first race (a small local one, but with both a 5km and 10km option), I was talking to another runner. He told me it was his 10th time doing that race and asked me for what my goal finish time was. I replied that it was my first race and that I would be happy with a time below 45min. At which point he told me that was a good goal, most beginners would just aim for sub-60 in their first 10k, but he thought it was much better to challenge oneself. I was too embarrassed to admit that I had been talking about my goal for the 5k race...
    I'm still not so fast that I would have a chance of winning an age group award or qualify for Boston, and I don't think that will ever change. But now my PR for 5km is 26:26min; which is much faster than I ever thought possible when I started running. And despite the fact that I hated running in school, I now enjoy it so much that I ran longer and longer distances - as a kid, I thought 800m was horrible torture; now I've run two marathons and will probably train for another one next spring.

    @ariceroni and @garygse Congratulations again to both of you, and thanks for the great race reports and awesome photos! (maybe apart from ariceroni's blister, but my own fault for clicking on the spoiler button ^^)

    @RunsOnEspresso At least if you are the only woman, you are certain to win both 1st female overall and your age group award :wink: It's still a month to the race, plenty of time for other people to join.

    @amymoreorless Lovely photos, looks like a perfect run!

    @girlinahat I love your marathon dream. Bouldering along the way and cake at the aid station? Let me know where I can sign up :smiley:

    @7lenny7 I'm sorry your calf muscle is hurt. I hope you'll recover before the race!! But if not, getting the chili & shirt and enjoying the atmosphere also sounds like a plan.
    I had to DNS the half I wanted to run last month, but I didn't even go there - there was no shirt but only an unspecified "souvenier price", and the drive there and back would have been around 2.5 hours, so it didn't seem worth the time and gasoline (plus my knee got horribly stiff from sitting, so I wasn't keen on all that time in the car). But I was seriously tempted to go - if it had been any closer, I probably would have gone.

    @greenolivetree I know exacly what you mean by looking back to last year's October and feeling disappoined by this year in comparison. Last year I ran my first marathon in October. This year I'm in the middle of building back distance and wondering if I'm already back in shape enough to sign up for a 20km race at the end of the month. There's ups and downs in running too, but we'll get better again, that's for sure! :smile: