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    barbicat- i haven't read a book in so long, i don't have the time, maybe when i retire, i can do the audio book thing :0)

    I made a pact with myself 22 years ago to read every day. One reason was to stave off future dementia. My mother suffered from dementia for at least three years before she passed away. One of the first things that she did was stop reading. In my mind, that was reason enough right there. For reasons that have nothing to do with dieting, I had to have a brain MRI a few years ago and it showed no signs of anything! Not even the dreaded pre dementia stuff. It eased my mind so much.

    I still read a little something every day. I have a book going on my iPad all the time and have a hard copy of the Beck Diet that I read almost every day as a strengthener for my brain on weight loss and maintenance.

    Oh, I also count the articles I read on MFP and internet as reading!

    i used to be a bookworm... life has taken over. i just don't have time.
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    Don't know if this will work, but Barbie this one's for you:

    :) Thanks, that looked like so much fun.

    Some people are into it, and some would be like I would be -- counting and concentrating! Lol

    Where are they dancing? It is beautiful!

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
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    Hi Gals,

    Janetr, Allie and Heather – great pictures!

    Janetr – I loved that the wedding “colors” were such vibrant colors and many colors! not just a monochrome

    I watched the line dancing and just smile, as not only can I not imagine remembering all the steps and the order, I can not imagine doing it all in the same timing as everyone else, now yes I know that they are doing it in time to the music, but you see I don’t hear beat in that music or for that matter in almost any music, so it is all to some weirdness in my head. I’ve been told that not hearing rhythm/beat is a form of tone deafness. I was recently told that I hear the beat on the 1 and 3 not on 2 and 4 like most folks; but honestly I just don’t do anything in time with music and don’t appreciate music as much as most people as a lot of it is just noise to me.

    Sleeping alone, or in an house with just me in it is so my “normal” that I find it hard to sleep when someone is visiting, that takes a night or two before the noises they make just become part of the background.


    Kim from N. California
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    I read message boards and blogs a lot while I'm at work, as I'm bored. Tomorrow I have someone from head office coming to teach me sales, so this might not be my normal for much longer.

    I read a comment today from someone on one of the boards that when your goals are set to lose 2lbs per week it is too aggressive for people under 200 because it is less than 1% of your body weight.

    What does everyone think of this, is it true or is it an individual thing?

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    I read a comment today from someone on one of the boards that when your goals are set to lose 2lbs per week it is too aggressive for people under 200 because it is less than 1% of your body weight.

    What does everyone think of this, is it true or is it an individual thing?

    Tracey in Edmonton

    I don't know about under 200 pounds, if it is close to 200 pounds, but it sounds right to me. I am about 135 (and a shorty), and I think 1-2 pounds a month would be reasonable for someone my weight. I keep reminding myself that the goal is not just to lose it but to keep it off, and in some ways, for that goal, the slower the better.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
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    :) About line dancing. If you can hear the beat, then you can probably learn easy line dances. It's not nearly as much to remember as it seems. At first you learn some basic steps. Then you find out that the basic steps are linked together to create a dance of 32 counts--four sets of eight. After the 32 counts, the dance turns a quarter or half to a new direction and do the same pattern again and again.

    :)Kim, If you can't hear the beat, then line dancing is probably something that would be enormously difficult for you to learn. The patterns would be easy but you would't be able to keep time with the music and everyone else.

    :)Heather, I usually wear red to teach my line dance class but I don't look nearly as spectacular as the showgirls in the photo with your DH.

    :) About reading. When I was working, i read in the bathroom and for a few minutes at bedtime. Now that I'm retired, I added listening to audio books to accompany my long walks with the dogs. I usually have an e book on my phone to read if I have to wait in a waiting room. I never just sit down to read.

    :)Felicia, that was a tough answer to the what do you want for Fathers day question. You are a trouper to have been able to do it.

    :) It is hot here again so I cut the dog walk short so I could work in the yard first thing in the morning and then headed for Costco at 9:30 when it got too hot. Now we're all staying in the house and enjoying the air conditioning.

    :'(<3 Oh, no. How awful for you to not have your air conditioning.

    <3 Barbie
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    marion, you've been through a ton! keep checking in and as you know every baby step counts!

    Kim in N. California
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    yeah Barbie, I can do the steps - tap my toe, heal- turn on my right or left, do the grapevine, but putting it together and following any music --- that's just comedy! My only successful dancing is a conga line if I am in the middle somewhere!

    smiles Kim
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    today has been ok, but now onto the closing, getting nervous and hope all goes well.. going to bed early..
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    :)Marion, we're glad you're here. I hope you keep coming back and share about how you've succeeded in getting moving.
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    Good evening ladies. Cleaned house this morning then hosted bridge. My new glasses are here so went yo pick them up. Still trying to get use to them.
    Think I will try line dancing on Our cruise. I’ve done it before so think I can do it again.
    Rita- love the new ice garden on Route 66.
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    Good evening ladies!