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    Hi all,
    Still trying to adjust to 'real' life. ;):*

    DH has been valiantly dealing with estate agents, trying to get some sense out of them. I'm keeping out of it as I lose my temper too easily. Our vendors haven't entirely given up, but they are 'discouraged' as they can't find anything.
    Our buyers still seem to be on track.
    We had a look at properties online yesterday, but there is almost nothing in the area we like.
    We are pretty fed up as you can imagine.

    DH at cricket again. Normally I like having the house to myself, but right now it gives me too much time to think.

    I weighed myself this morning, but I knew it was a mistake as I inadvertantly ate a lot of salt yesterday and hadn't had a BM. :o
    I will weigh again tomorrow and hope my body has settled. I hope I haven't gained too much on the cruise.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    morning ladies~
    wow Im feeling it this morning... didn't get to sleep until after midnight and Alfie pounces on me at 5:15 am, so I am up and having my tea...
    I had such a blast last night, it was dear friends that some I havent seen in many years, lots of laughing and fun...
    today I have the regular routine in the am ,but going to my friends she got one of the wedding pictures on canvas for me for my birthday,,, and she gets to meet Alfie.. also have to stop at the bank and get a bank check for closing tomorrow. and write one for the bride and groom for tomorrow..
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    I read message boards and blogs a lot while I'm at work, as I'm bored. Tomorrow I have someone from head office coming to teach me sales, so this might not be my normal for much longer.

    I read a comment today from someone on one of the boards that when your goals are set to lose 2lbs per week it is too aggressive for people under 200 because it is less than 1% of your body weight.

    What does everyone think of this, is it true or is it an individual thing?

    Tracey in Edmonton

    When I started with MFP, I set my goal at 0.5 kg (or approx. 1 lb). As it happened, I lost 2 lbs/week ... wasn't planned, but the weight just dropped off. In 16 weeks, I dropped 15 kg, and was comfortably within my normal weight range again.

    Then I took a 1-month diet break, and when I resumed, I deliberately went a little less aggressively. I increased my calorie intake by 100 cal/day, and over the next 16 weeks, I dropped 10 kg.

    But I wouldn't deliberately set my goal to lose 2 lbs/week. I know how few calories I'd have to eat to accomplish that, and it wouldn't be pretty.

    Machka in Oz

    Thank you, I am finding the 1200 calories a day very hard to meet. Maybe I'll up mine a little bit.

    When I started, MFP gave me 1250 calories, which was OK. About 3 weeks later, after I'd dropped some weight, it dropped me to 1200 calories, which I didn't like. Those extra 50 calories allowed me one last snack in the evening. So I upped it manually to 1250 calories.

    BUT ...

    I exercise every day. When I log my exercise, I usually choose the light/slow options for my exercise, and then when I'm actively losing weight, I eat about half my exercise calories back.

    So, if I walk for an hour, and thus burn 200 calories, I would have an extra 100 calories to eat! :)

    1250 calories + 100 exercise calories = 1350 calories for the day.

    It's a win-win thing. I enjoy exercise and if it gives me more calories for the day ... great!

    Machka in Oz
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    Morning! 😊
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    Good morning. Off to water aerobics then to Dallas for DGS’s Birthday. Going to be a hot day si I hope we can get in their pool later. Have a great day.
    SueBDew in TX
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    <3 NYKAREN
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    Having my coffee with Cafe Bella protein then off to early dental appointment, just routine clean and check. Then home to clean house. How DOES it get so dusty so quickly?


    Janetr OKC
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    Michele and Katla I too am a fan of Corelle. We like them because they are so light. Easy to load and unload the dishwasher.

    Had a lovely time eating at one of the nicest outdoor patios in town with one of my friends yesterday. We both bypassed the bread basket. NSV. I am able to find items on menus that fit my diet. I had a curried chicken salad on a bed of lettuce.

    Today we are off to look at carpet for the basement. I did stop in a store yesterday to get an idea what is out there and the price range of what it will cost. Unfortunately I did not find anything that would work.

    :heart: Margaret
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    When we moved from NB to Alberta in 1997 my husband came in September and the girls and I left NB Christmas night. The girls and I moved in with my parents to help with money, it caused a huge battle as his parents were upset I wouldn't stay with them. So to try to please everyone we stayed at my parents during the week due to school and at his parents on the weekends. It was the longest and hardest thing I've ever done. My grandfather passed in October as well. I would not ever want to do it again.
    As a Mother we've had our daughter, her husband and baby move in with us after they were flooded out of their rental. It lasted from July to November. That was about 3 months too long for me.

    Corelle dishes - I have had those all my married life until about 3 years ago, I saw a pretty set of stoneware I really liked. I got rid of all of my Corelle, but I was telling my daughter the other day I want my Corelle back. Maybe that will be my Christmas list this year.

    Ok off to try to sell some business, have a great day everyone.
    Tracey in Edmonton
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    I have my mom’s corelle plates, basic white plus some I’ve picked up over the years.unfortunately none of the tea/coffee cups from her corelle set made it:( the 70’s ones were so cute).
    Also have 4 of my mother’s cornflower blue Corning Ware baking dishes, and a bunch of amber colored 80’s pots and pans Corningware ( the good Stuff without the non stick bottoms) fromJohn’s Mother. I often pick up vintage pieces of the Corning bake ware or pots and pans at used places when I see some me. The best things in my kitchen, imo.
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    Janet: Thanks for the tip on RV Parky. DH is using it right this minute on his ipad and says it is a good app, and is raving about how much he likes it. I have added it to my phone as well. :flowerforyou:

    Allie: I am thrilled to see your happy posts. Your life seems to be on a very good path. :star:

    Margaret: I am so pleased that you are able to order things in restaurants that fit your diet. Since DH has been on his new FODMAP diet, we've only found two restaurants we trust where he can order. One is a Chinese place that offers just what he needs & the other is Subway. We prefer to have lunch out as an occasional treat rather than dinner out. There is just too much food on the dinner menu most places. We love to go out for breakfast, but haven't done it since his doctor put him on the FODmap diet. There is no reason why we can't. DH can have eggs, bacon & hashed brown potatoes, but not toast. That shouldn't be a deal breaker. :noway:

    Pip: I hope you find goal setting here productive. It has certainly done wonders for me. :heart:

    Meg: I can vouch for Wellbutrin. I've been taking the generic version for a long time and have found it very helpful. :star:

    Time to get on with the day. It is cool enough that we might be able to get some things done that were unpleasant in yesterday's heat.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    I love my Corning Ware baking dishes. So easy to clean and microwave proof. I have never had any Corelle dishes. Gave a bunch of my Corning Ware to DnL and I think they use it for dog dishes. :s I also gave them an electric pressure cooker similar to the Instant Pot and I do not think they ever use it.

    Carol in GA
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    Gonna take a nap,and wait on Home Depot
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    Hi, I am tying to get back on track. I was doing great in January, then lost my MoJo. Back to my starting weight. I am looking for motivational support. I live in Indiana and work as a Parapro for Special Ed. I am off for the summer, so I am not getting my steps or stairs that I get on a normal day. I struggle with motivation to workout. I have a YMCA membership which is just not getting used. I own a treadmil, mini trampoline, hand weights and kettlebells. I just need a push to use them.