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    well good morning dear friends~
    How is everyone this morning... back from feeding my DFIL .. and then took Alfie down to see the dogs and Tom.... I asked him when Elena is moving in? and he said sometime in the future..she doesnt feel comfortable coming up there because of me and me taking care of the dogs and being in the area.. well girl this is where I grew up put on your big girl panties and deal with it... you want to be with Tom then you have to deal with me being there for my dogs..... he is taking her down to Florida with him in October... and was scared to ask if I would stay with the dogs... of course not they are still my dogs too, and that way he can show her around and do more stuff without having to be back for them...
    I wish them every happiness and if she can live with his OCD ways and narcacistic ways good for her, it will get old pretty quick.... i put up with if for many years, it is just casual dating now.. just wait...
    today I am going to do some cleaning up around here and go grocery shopping... need to get some 1/2 way decent food in the house..
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    Rye - good luck with getting out of the jury pool early! I bet you are on the money about not getting motion sickness due to your lack of vision in one eye. Good luck on your project! I think your lack of biocular (binocular?) vision has caused you to be blessed in other ways. <3

    - that's a mighty little stoat! Neat photos! I have to remind myself to stop hogging the conversation sometimes. Not everyone finds obscure topics as fascinating as I do, lol. I need a tattoo on the palm of my hand that says "talk less listen more".

    - thank you for the "windyty" link. I put it on my PC last year, it must still be in development as some of the overlays weren't working for my region. And this summer every day was registering as HOT it seems (not the software's fault) and I got tired of being reminded, lol.

    Good for you taking time off from school. Great opportunity for you and your husband to enjoy the summer and not be burdened with lessons in addition to your work schedule. And hoping your jaw/tooth ache gets cleared up soon. Did you say you had a doc appointment coming up?

    Kylia - welcome home - I think your vacation cabin and location was just perfect, that's the type of vacation that would appeal to me. Hope your desk isn't too buried when you return to work.

    Kim - that urban garden sounds fascinating. Do they have any pests such as bunnies and deer they'll need to control and if so, how do they manage that? So glad to hear your embroidery business is roaring!

    Kate - sorry to hear about your neighbor and friend. You are such a dear to have been there for your friend. You are an inspiration to me.

    Barbie - I love your post today. This is such a great group - there is something and someone here for everyone. New folks, hang in there and keep reading and jump in or don't. You'll get to know us. The discussion on here runs from lots of diet information (I don't mean going on a diet, I mean eating for health), exercise, sexual and physical abuse, situations in our lives that impact how we feel. I wonder how many of us would have had struggles with weight if we'd have had a group like this when we were younger?

    Also, new folks, we try real hard to not discuss politics and religion. There are plenty of other places on the internet to vent about those topics.

    Where's our Wendy? Busy making queen bees?

    It's rainy and chilly this morning but I'm going to gear up for my walk and then my workout. Being consistent is the secret as many of you have stated. We don't have to fall in love with the movement and exercise, get it done and go on with our day. And we'll meet the rest of that day with more energy!

    We are in between rain squalls right now. And we opened a gate and shooed out the twin fawns from our back yard yesterday. They really needed to move on, having eaten just about everything there was to munch on as far as landscape plants and part of the garden! So hoping I see them happy in someone else's back yard. B)

    Have a good day ladies!

    Rainy & cool SW WA State
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    Yes, Katla, the stoat is a weasel. We've got several of that family here on the island. We've seen otters and minks and stoats and their even smaller cousin the least weasel. Female least weasels are only 4 inches long, though males can be twice that. Stoats change to their white fur jackets in the winter and call themselves ermines. :laugh: I strongly suspect that the ermine in da Vinci's portrait of a Lady with an Ermine is actually a ferret because it's HUGE.

    Fun fact about stoats: they sometimes kill more than they can eat, but if they do, they stash the excess and save it for later "to avoid obesity, as overweight stoats tend to be at a disadvantage when pursuing prey into their burrows". How's that for a role model, ladies?

    A friend of ours tells a story about least weasels. He was doing some research on voles, trapping them to study population dynamics and whatnot. A least weasel had been caught in one of the traps. When he opened it up, the weasel shot straight into his right sleeve, ran up his arm, across his back, down his left sleeve and out at the cuff before he could even blink. They're quick little critters!

    Lanette - I was wondering about Wendy, too. Her daughter was expecting, but it wasn't quite time yet, was it?

    I also found it a struggle getting out to do my run today, but I gritted my teeth and got the job done. I have a 150 km target for September, which helped me get my ar§e in gear. I put in 5 km so at least I didn't lose any ground.

    Best of luck with your blood work Allie. :flowerforyou:

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    I’ve been hoping all is well for Wendy too, she sure seems To have used her retirement to ramp up everything! That is so awesome!

    Lanette, Lisa, Penny et al I think it was Karen who mentioned with true friends sometimes one DOES do all the talking. Other times they might do all the listening. That, to me is normal. So is realizing after a particularly stressful or exhilarating time that maybe lately it has been more about you, and caring to reconnect with the other person! Then you make/take time to get a touchstone on the other. I’m not sure the sinkhole is ever aware that others might feel that way. Your concern is a sign of a good person seeking healthy relationshipss, imo.

    How right Lanette is: keep (or start) moving. Even thise of us who thrive on the movement and exercise have off days (See Heather’s post earlier) but the trick, the key, the important thing is to just make certain to get it done.

    Hot and Muggy here. I love long days of summer but hate summer weather. Looking forward to the cool (hopefully around the corner) but not the early darkness. I’m always complicated / lol!

    Have a great rest of your weekend


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    Barbie ~ Can you share your husband's pork roast recipe? It sounds yummy! :)
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    Katla, MIchele did check in last night...
    exermom wrote: »
    Michele in NC
    Where it just started raining a bit

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  • pipcd34
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    can you imagine running a marathon (26.2mi) at a 4.38min mi pace????!!! finishing in 2 hours 1 min 39 sec!!! holy *kitten*! I would be crazy happy if I could do a 1/2 in 2 hours
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    1948Peachy wrote: »
    Barbie ~ Can you share your husband's pork roast recipe? It sounds yummy! :)

    *1 1/2 pound boneless pork tenderloin
    *I can (14-16 oz) jellied cranberry sauce
    *12 oz chili sauce
    *2 TBS brown sugar

    Put pork in the slow cooker, mix the other stuff and pour it over the pork. Cover and cook on high 4-5 hours then on low 3-4 hours. Serve over rice.

    We haven't eaten it yet, but it smells delicious.

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    Barbie ~ Thanks! I'll probably try it in the Instant Pot or just in the oven. I gave away my slow cooker.
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    Heather - :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Congratulations Grandma Margaret! I envy you your zinnias. I love zinnias but haven't been able to grow them this far north. I guess it's the price I pay for my fantabulous raspberries.

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    Rori - Try this link.


    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx <3

    Heather: Thank you :heart: I listened to this on the treadmill today. Truly inspiring. Now have the link bookmarked and eyeing more episodes to download.

    Had my last swim in the condo pool for this season. Tomorrow they start to drain, clean and cover it for the winter. Snif, snif.... I really enjoyed all the water time this year, and it really shows in my thighs, glutes and abs.

    Now, it's back to wearing the Fitbit, if I can get it to wake up and properly sync after being dormant for 4 months. :fearful:

    Margaret: I love zinnias, too. I didn't plant any this year, so thanks for your photos.

    It's the time of year when our baseball team games overlap with our football team games. Keeps DH entertained for hours and hours. Who am I kidding...I love it, too.

    Stay well, friends. We can do this -- just keep on building those good habits.

    Colorado Foothills
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    Good afternoon Ladies -

    Hubs and I have spent the day doing little projects around the house. He fired up the charcoal grill for lunch. I snuck a couple of chicken breasts on the grill along with our tuna steaks we were having for lunch. I froze 12 portions of char-grilled chicken breast for another day. If the weather is nice he has been grilling tuna steaks, broccolini and asparagus for lunch on Sundays. It is a delicious meal that we both enjoy. I can't eat tuna at a restaurant because they don't want to cook it any way except seared. I know that is the preferred way to cook tuna, but I can't stand the texture. I need it well done. Hubs will do that for me. I butterfly my piece of tuna and he cooks it 4X as long as his.

    Have a great evening!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Allie - I thought you got another dog; why doesn't Tom take his dogs to FL with him. You're just playing into his plan (again). I know you think those dogs living with Tom are your dogs, too. It's hard to give up a fur baby - but; when Elena moves in (and believe me, she will if Tom feels anything for her) - … well … just saying, those dogs might like going to FL, too. What did y'all do with them when you and Tom were married? Board them? Take them with you, too? I don't think you want to 'let go and move on'; but, that is just IMHO.

  • <3
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    Margaret ~ Beautiful photos! I too love zinnias.
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    no workout today per kirby