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    I have shared before about Melanie Beattie's daily affirmation book I read entitled, "The Language of Letting Go." Today's blurb was not about making resolutions, but goal setting (there is a difference between the two). She shares how goals give us & our life direction & put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious, and subconscious level. Write it all down as an affirmation of you, your life and your ability to choose. THEN let it go.

    Does anyone want to share what some of their goals are this year?
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    Hugs Ruby!! We love you!!
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    Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a nice time <3 I was Queen Boring and went to bed early,,I just couldn't summon any excitement for NYE,makes me feel kinda sad and it's totally not even about the alcohol,I just reflect too much on the year,year's past,the year ahead etc,Normnlv,great job for coming here first! Thats the whole point of a support system like this,talk first not after,fab job <3 Ruby,dust yourself off,NYE is a hard night! My son in law left about 3 inches of beer in a mug when he left and when I picked it up to poor it out my lizard brain was saying"chug it,chug it"! Wtf is that?!? Outta nowhere so weird,grrrrr,my goals this year are log more accurate,cut more sugar,pay my credit cards mostly off,save money,have a better,happier more positive outlook,oh and try to find a part time second job in a different salon,should be doable! I would love to read what others are gonna do,alrighty wishes for a fab AF NYD!
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    I will post goals once I write them down. I have them in my head, but I may come up with a few more. I find writing them down and making a plan on how to exactly accomplish them helps a lot. Of course goal setting can change as the year progresses, but I find it is easiest to start looking at the past year and the current year to make a new set.I could never have accomplished what I did last year if I was drinking regularly like I was. Heck I wasn't even getting the basics done a lot of times. Last year I spent cleaning up the rubble of things not done and my appearance looks so much better. I can never go back there. I was made for more than that. So were we all.

    @Norminv YOU DID IT! You must be so proud of what you were able to do! We are proud of your accomplishment, too!

    Welcome @KristaFIRE!