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  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 7,182 Member Member Posts: 7,182 Member
    im up and having my tea... working 7:30-1 today and then home for rest of weekend and do a bit of tidying up..
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  • kymaraikymarai Member, Premium Posts: 2,656 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,656 Member
    Good day ladies!
    Yesterday was an off day....I was in bed at 9 after falling asleep in chair at 8. I was short steps by 1400, short water by 24oz, did have 2 hours of activity, but not consistent to count as exercise. The upside is I was under calories. Which surprised me when I finally logged it all. Today is a new day!

    Changes in pricing being implemented at work. I am sure we will get some grief, but some prices haven't changed in over 3 years in spite of increases in costs. I tend to keep the front of the shop clean. But the back-omg! The two mechanics were cleaning yesterday! It looks so much better already. When I worked back there I had a routine. I emptied trash and oil buckets every day (if I skipped a day I couldn't lift them) I swept at least once a day even under the benches. Gas cans got filled every day. When I went up front mainly, I would sweep when I went back to smoke. Dont smoke now, so dont go back often. The one mechanic has been with us for 40 yrs. He is the worst when it comes to cleaning. I understand that donovan gets frustrated being the only one cleaning but i reckon i need to buckle down on the cleaning back there. If i am cleaning the guys bathroom-YUCK! Donovan will say i will do it, just tell me. SMH! Why must i tell you to clean the bathroom once a week! We aren't children. Anyhow, my necessary paperwork is all caught up at work, floors mopped. Today finish cleaning equipment on showroom. Off at 2. Then home, to clean more.

    Machka- I dont eat when stressed either. Must be relaxed.

    I love all the pictures, please keep sharing.

    My aunt has a trach now. The nurses say she is resting comfortably and her color is better. My brother was unable to see her yesterday as she was resting. He will go back on Sunday.

    Aubrey settling in well at home. :)

    Kim in California- we had insulation blown into our brick walls and more in attic several years ago. Would highly recommend when you can.

    Healing thoughts!
    Welcoming thoughts!
    Inspiring thoughts!
    Warming thoughts!

    Kylia in cold again Ohio
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,231 Member Member Posts: 9,231 Member
    Hi Shelle - I had breast cancer, oestrogen related, and I put on loads of weight with the treatment. They still put me on the blockers though. Talk about hot flushes! With the help of this wonderful group I lost 60 lbs in 18 months and have kept 59 of them off for 5 years. :D
    It is a lifestyle change though, not a 'diet'. <3

    I did well this morning, managing everything except the weights and push ups. This afternoon I had to get a bit of shopping, but felt very dizzy. DH said he had exactly the same thing at the same stage of recovery, so I'm not worrying about it.
    I'm going to make a Thai fish curry for dinner, using the lovely little eggplants I found at the Middle Eastern shop. I also called in at the new Chinese shop and bought frozen Dim Sum for occasional lunches.

    Quiet afternoon ahead. DH is watching rugby in his study. Unfortunately we are missing the England game tomorrow because we are babysitting the grandchildren, but I will record it for him. I will finish off the newspaper and cook the curry. A lot of lying down, I hope.

    The aerial that was put up when we moved in is now knocking against the wall. We have had high winds in the last couple of days so it's probably worked loose a bit. Very annoying! Especially in the bedroom. DH rang the company and they are coming on Monday, but they may charge us as it says in the small print that the fixing is not guaranteed for winds of over 60 mph.!!!

    Now to have my snack of cold, roasted butternut squash with chilli sauce. :D<3

    Barbara - all our family LOVE Marmite! :laugh:

    Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,303 Member Member Posts: 4,303 Member
    Lanette no it is our other son. Unfortunately the house we bought for other son is even further away for our other son's job. I am not sure having those two live together is for the best either.

    We have talked since the argument. I know part of my blow up was caused by the bad weather. It is like when you have a near miss in an accident you have all the bent up adrenaline. We do have more bad weather ahead this week and my hope is he stays down at work that day.Others at his work that have long drives do stay at the hotel when the weather is bad, so this is an option for him if he is wise enough to take it.

    Beside the worry of him getting badly hurt there is the worry of damaging his car. We have had so many accidents up here in the past couple of weeks that if something happens to his car it will take a couple of weeks to get it fixed.

    I saw a fender bender as I went to work at noon yesterday due to black ice.

    I hadn't been to this school for awhile. A couple of the teachers said the saw me on T.V. It is fun to share it and makes these last couple of bad weather more bearable.

    Karen darling pictures!

    Lanette I was able to get that photo to Facebook to share with my brother by clicking and dragging. Something new for me. He has always had dachshunds so I know he will enjoy it. Thank you.

    :heart: Margaret
    edited February 2019
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,718 Member Member Posts: 8,718 Member
    Lanette: I just checked our hummingbird feeders and both are liquid this morning. Evidently it ddin’t get cold enough to freeze them last night. There’s snow on the lawn, but not very much. :star: We had the hanging feeders here but this is a windy location and they spilled themselves all over the deck in the wind. That is why we switched to feeders that stick onto our windows. I have to reach above my head to refill the one by the kitchen window. I can easily reach the other from the deck. :flowerforyou:

    Machka: I’ve been taught that sleep is when the body heals itself. :heart: I am also happy to know your cyst doesn’t seem to be troublesome. I love the photos of you! :smiley:

    Barbie: You seem to have a lot more snow than we do. There is some on the lawn and some on the sidewalk, but not enough to bother with a ruler to measure it. I am am grateful to be warm and cozy inside. The furnace works well but our gas fireplace is not currently working. The repairman is supposed to be here today. Keeping my fingers crossed that he gets here. :star:

    Kim: WAG sounds like a great idea. I’m happy that you enjoy your Hairy Biker’s cookbook. I hope that your financial situation improves this spring and gets back to a comfortable zone for you. :smiley:

    Karen: I love the photos of your grandchildren. :heart:

    Lisa: I’m delighted to hear that your recovery is going well. That is very good news. :star:

    Shelle: You’ve found a great group of supportive women. Post often to geive and get support. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Perhaps the aerial was not adequately supported with guywires. I would ask them to be doubly sure so that this doesn’t happen again. :grumble:

    We have snow on the ground, but not very much. It seems like a good idea to stay inside anyway. A few years ago I decided to take my dog for a walk in the snow, slipped on unseen ice under the snow and broke my wrist. It was the second time I’d broken a wrist due to unseen ice. I’d just as soon skip the broken wrist this time around.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,806 Member Member Posts: 12,806 Member
    Darker ones last night- and this morning
  • teklawa1teklawa1 Member Posts: 272 Member Member Posts: 272 Member
    Machka9 wrote: »
    teklawa1 wrote: »
    My post went poof..... it was all about snow and heated car seats and shingles and thoughts on good and bad foods. Oh well, will just wish everyone a good night and post again soon.
    Betsy from NW Washington

    Were you using your phone, and did you:

    a) Attempt to put in a "smilie" or
    b) shift your phone's position at all, even just a little bit?

    If so, that's why it would have disappeared. MFP is touchy that way.

    M in Oz

    I did both, put a smile and then laid my phone down on the desk for a minute. Thanks for the info.
  • bwcetcbwcetc Member Posts: 2,183 Member Member Posts: 2,183 Member
    Shelle ... welcome!

    Snow photos ... love seeing it in other people's yards!

    Well, I let go of the medical billing angst and then did our taxes last night ... we took a huge hit with the new tax laws! After looking at our finances, my husband and I found a way to pay our bill ... oh, but it really hurts. Another day of needing to stay away from the stress pantry ...
  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,718 Member Member Posts: 8,718 Member
    Barbie: We have snow on the ground, but it is a small fraction of what you have. Your neighborhood is gorgeous! :heart:
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  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,303 Member Member Posts: 4,303 Member
    Pip Barbie looks like our yard. We expect more snow tomorrow and on Tuesday. This is becoming a more typical Minnesota winter.

    Love the look of snow. Do not like the ice that is underneath or black ice. I also don't like it when the snow banks get so large you can't see around them. We are not to that point yet, but we have more winter to go.

    :heart: Margaret
  • p40971p40971 Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member

    Starting today:

    2019 Word: Lovingme

    February Goals:
    1. Commit to whole month MFP tracking
    2. Drink 8+ glasses water daily
    3. Steps / activity 3-5x
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,516 Member Member Posts: 5,516 Member
    Just caught up after failing to yesterday. Way too much to comment on, but I have read everything.

    Kim from NC - thank you for the suggestion. Walking dogs would not work for me very well as I’m very nervous around dogs. I was knocked and held down by a neighbors dog when I was young. The dog knew me, saw me daily for probably 3 years before this incident. It took the male owner and my Grandfather to get me free. I would walk children. What a great idea though, thanks for thinking of me.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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