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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • Liamsm0mLiamsm0m Member Posts: 102 Member Member Posts: 102 Member
    ammoes wrote: »
    Being cold all the time!! It will be nice in summer :)
    Reducing a bra-size! As a person who had a breast reduction, that was unexpected.
    Reduce my snoring, even if I only lost 10kg.
    More energy!
    Sleep better.

    As someone that had a breast reduction myself, I completely relate. After it was done my doctor told me very sweetly that if I wanted to go down even lower (I did but he took me as far down as he legally could) I would just have to lose about 10lbs. I wasn’t even that overweight yet... a little fluff. But it’s true. My breasts is where I lose it first and I don’t mind at all 😂
  • 12Sarah201512Sarah2015 Member Posts: 1,127 Member Member Posts: 1,127 Member
    smantha32 wrote: »
    The last pound is elusive, can't get it off!

    I'm having some trouble with the last 5. ugh.

    You'll get there. Took me three months to lose four kg, but the results are amazing!
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