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  • bwcetcbwcetc Member Posts: 2,064 Member Member Posts: 2,064 Member
    Margaret ... I must have missed it ... your son is coming home? This is great news. Your ability to stay even through life events is inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing.
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,488 Member Member Posts: 14,488 Member
    :)<3Heather, For most of my life I hated holidays because I felt like there was a party that everyone was going to except me. It has been only recently that I figured out that I don't really like those parties and am happy with my own company. Now I like my regular routine and don't care for the fact that holidays interrupt it. Hope your feel better soon.

    <3 Barbie
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,402 Member Member Posts: 6,402 Member
    Good morning again.. sun is out and the birds are singing.. love love.. I brought the dining set out on the patio and am sitting out with Alfie having my tea.. went and fed DFIL he ate. And will go down at lunch and feed him then too..and stick around awhile and take him out to the parade they have the singing trooper down the st from there might roll him down there to check it out..
    2 or 3 times last week when I was going into the nursing home a great blue heron flew overhead low.. knowing that was mom checking up on me.. and my dad is a cardinal and is out on the tree outside my patio every day...
  • sparkle43sparkle43 Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    Good morning ladies. How is everyone today. I am having a good day. Lot to be thankful for. My exercise is coming along considering Physiotherapist wants me to do two and 5 times rep and three times a day. For my Rotar Cuff Tear in shoulder. I too cannot eat all that is inquired for the calories in my fitness pal. If I ate all they say. I would be one of those air balloons ready to take off for the sky. My Dr said as long as I eat the fruits, veggies, milk, egg which I use the egg whites. Bran flakes no sugar, yogurt, cottage cheese low fat. Tuna, salmon, fish. Sardines choices . Leave off red meat, pork. No fried things unless using a very little virgin oil or coconut oil. Is fine. Eat lettus. beet leaves as a salad. Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower. Fresh. She is happy. Right now. I had my bones checked. Wont go into it. Whisper.(Brittle bones) Next moth I am getting the pill prescription for it. Hopefully for prevention. Hmmm. They weighed me.
    That was three weeks ago. I am still at a stand still with same weight. She was happy with my weight what it was but would like me still to go lower about 10 pounds. So I will go on doing what I mentioned. I do use a stepper that counts my calories and steps. When I walk in apt or in kitchen doing things. It has been really rainy weather.

    There is a lady who is looking for her relatives in the Netherlands . My hubby is Dutch and comes from where she comes from Netherlands. He has the book of names in his book. For his Names. My Grandson did it also looking too. He would get a lot of people email him . Saying are you my relative. For weeks it got pretty tiring .Answering the emails.

    edited May 2019
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,511 Member Member Posts: 1,511 Member
    Lisa ~ Your hard work paid off…the area around the porch looks great.

    KJ ~ So glad you were able to repair the mower. How old is Trenton?

    Heather ~ I feel the same way you do on the weekends when my daily tv programs are not on. The days seem so long because my usual routine is interrupted. Yes, I'm a tv addict.

    Janet ~ So glad you are safe and sorry for those who were caught in harm’s way. Your granddaughter is lovely.

    Taxes: We always have an accountant do them. Since my husband quit doing the antique shows, I wish he would try doing them himself this coming year.

    Yesterday, my grandson did a back flip off the side of a friend's pool and cracked his crown open. Had to have 6 staples put in. So glad the damage could be repaired and hope he learned his lesson. Things could have been so much worse.

    Our company left today, so we will proceed back to our usual routines.

    Carol in GA
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,377 Member Member Posts: 8,377 Member
    KJ - I don't know how you do it with Trentin. I hope you are very well paid for it. <3 Please spend tomorrow doing exactly what you want to do. No duties.
    I went for my run. 8k (5 miles). It was blowing and spitting rain, but we ploughed on regardless. That's only the second time I've run that far. Lots of people out on the prom and one or two huddled beside the groynes trying to bbq!! There were queues for the new attraction , The Upside Down House. :D The lifeguards were huddled on the beach and the only person I saw in the choppy sea was a lifeguard practising his swimming with a tow float.
    Before that we went and looked at the art. Bought two cards and wanted to buy the print of the prom, but she didn't have any more of that one framed. So we left it. Framing the thing is too much effort. Buying the finished item was the major part of what attracted me.

    Karen - So sorry for your work atmosphere. I never worked full time, just taught odd hours, partly to allow time for my writing, but also because I just can't stand work politics, meetings etc. Ugh! At least you can just count down the days now. Not long to go! (((HUGS)))

    My three school girlfriends keep emailing about trips abroad etc. I plucked up the courage this morning to tell them that I haven't the slightest interest in expensive foreign jaunts with them. I have very little money and any I have I want to spend with DH. I prefer to see them on familiar turf. To me, seeing my friends for a chat and a catch up is a different thing to a city break, where I am concentrating on seeing the sights. I can be quite OCD about that and want to do it at my own pace. I really give it my all, doing a lot of research etc. Dragging one person around with me is quite enough. I can understand my friend who wants us all to go as she is single, but with a limited budget I need to concentrate my resources. At the moment we are enjoying Hove so much I have no desire to go anywhere and there are loads of places nearby that I haven't visited yet. So no holiday for us until the cruise. Every day is a holiday!
    Anyway, I felt much better after I'd written my email and my friend replied saying that she quite understood. She is feeling that she has so little time left to do stuff!!!!! I said I was perfectly happy for them to go without me. :)

    One expense I will have to embrace is a trip up to Nottingham to see my son. He is now living with his girlfriend who has two teenage children and three greyhounds between them, so I will have to stay in a hotel.
    I can manage one night. Plus the rail fare. Plus at least one meal out and drinks. :s But I must go.

    Much love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 4,963 Member Member Posts: 4,963 Member
    Allie - I love sitting by a bonfire and smelling like smoke after. I hope you feel better soon.

    Janet - that is terrible news, I hope the tornadoes are almost done.

    Barbara - I hope you are right and able to prove it. That is a huge bill that you would have to pay.

    Heather - surprisingly that all makes sense to me and I can empathize with you. We never did anything on long weekends growing up either, it was just an extra day for my dad to go work at someone else’s house instead of his job. We don’t do a lot either, it seems we sit at home more than anything and I let it get me down for years. Now I find I need to change my attitude to make the best of what I have and I’m much happier for it. Sometimes though, it just feels good to wallow in it, as long as it’s not a permanent state.

    Bananasandoranges - my weight is up too after the last week. I need to get back on track with you.

    Terri - I have Irish roots from my maternal grandmother’s side. I have a letter she saved from Ireland asking for more information. She did all of her research the old fashioned way, libraries and newspapers. Because of her I know so much about my maternal side.

    Lisa - what a difference! Good luck moving the rocks, we did that last year, what a workout. None of ours weighed 100’s though.

    Karen in VA - I’m sorry you are having those work struggles. It makes it so hard to enjoy and when it’s such a huge part of our life we need the joy. I hope the troublemakers have Karma come round to them.

    Kelly - I don’t normally have the kids this much, they come for supper Wednesday nights with their Mom. They are usually only here a couple hours then. I have them normally every other Saturday while both of their parents work. My daughter was concerned about money right now because there have been so many expenses for her with her sisters wedding, her and both kids are part of the bridal party. I suggested that she should take advantage of me not working right now and pick up extra shifts if she can get them. She has only picked up one so far, it just happened that it was this week, which is her Saturday to work and her husband was offered free tickets to a football game today, so I have Michaela so he can take Jonah to that. Next weekend I don’t have them at all because I’m at the bachelorette party. I love having them and by next Monday I will be missing them.

    I bet Trentin will have memories of being in your care for years. He is very blessed to have you, as is his Mother who I’m sure worries about her hours and what it does to him.

    Carol - that is scary, I hope your grandson learned his lesson and doesn’t try that again.

    Today I have Michaela for a bit and I want to work on staining the door some more. I am not happy with it yet. It is not a holiday here tomorrow, so I will be back to my semi normal routine. I’m sure some of my tv shows will be reruns.

    Tracey In Edmonton

  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,377 Member Member Posts: 8,377 Member
    Lifeguards on the beach. :D


    Poor things!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,131 Member Member Posts: 11,131 Member
    @bananasandoranges I made a jar of origami stars, and I transfer them to a small dish. I’ll post a photo when I get home.
  • cmsavellscmsavells Member Posts: 257 Member Member Posts: 257 Member
    Janet - Tornados scare me so much. I was 10 during the April 3, 1974 outbreak. I could see the neighborhood one and a half miles from my house flying through the air. I had several close calls in Columbus, OH and several more close calls in Louisville, KY. Just so scary!!

    Machka - your bike ride looks fantastic!! I love to bike when I can ride on bike paths. I don’t like to ride on the roads. Too many people don’t pay attention to bikers.

    Bananas-glad you went to the party. Don’t beat yourself up over the scale. Just start over! It happens to all of us!!
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,377 Member Member Posts: 8,377 Member
    Katla - Shops are open (they weren't when I was younger), but things are overcrowded. I wouldn't want to try to eat out unless I had booked well ahead. Public transport is always a mess (repairs to track etc is always on holidays, the leisure traveller gets a raw deal). Roads are jammed. We are a small island and this is also the half term holiday for a whole week, so children are everywhere. I hate doing things with lots of other people.
    However, today was a good day with my super run! My goat and sweetcorn curry was fantabulous. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • coastalgosgalcoastalgosgal Member Posts: 2,900 Member Member Posts: 2,900 Member
    On Friday we made our Navy son go shopping with us! Well the fact that we had to pay for a professional carpet cleaner to do the old house, which was $430, we were a bit short shopping money wise. We were at $35, soo😕! We had informed him earlier so it wasn't a surprise for him or anything. Number one priority when you have a roommate is communication!💖. I had made a list and that came to $105. Well with us three, laughing and carrying on, well when we got out of the commissary it came to $250! I had not figured in his grabs, plus I had decided on French Dips for Friday night, which was $30 alone! Deli sliced roast beef isn't cheap! Also didn't figure in toilet paper which for a large pack is $12! I have been using a water based baby wipe, for my LS and its helped tremendously! My quality of life has done a 180'!

    Well after my roast beef extravaganza yesterday, I expected my ring to be tight, and a couple of lbs up, but NO. My ring fit, and I am back down to 239. I have 30 lbs and to me it doesn't seem like much, but I have been trying to do this for awhile.
    My right knee has been bothering me, being achy. I think its this damp Washington weather.

    Missed my Navy son so much yesterday, I was kinda gloomy. My heart hurt. I get to hug my eldest son nightly, so I have to count my blessings.

    So I have a full fridge, not a lot of sweets, so this next week will be a good one! I bought a large container of Greek yogurt, and a so I put 3 large spoonfuls of that, with 1/4 cup of my bran cereal on top. I try to use the same amount of yogurt as like a store bought container.
    Lunch is going to be some roasted chicken, with mustard, some garlic and herb cream cheese, on an everything bagel. Yum! I only use a little bit of cream cheese.....💖

    Dinner tonight will be leftover roast beef, for the boys. I want to make chicken soup with the roast chicken, but I have to wait until I have more room in the fridge! I am thinking of just making a small bowl, and Asian it up with a bit of soy sauce and wasabi! Then just a handful of campanelle pasta, carrots and chicken. YUm!!

    Have a good Sunday ladies!
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 584 Member Member, Premium Posts: 584 Member
    cmsavells wrote: »
    Janet - Tornados scare me so much. I was 10 during the April 3, 1974 outbreak. I could see the neighborhood one and a half miles from my house flying through the air. I had several close calls in Columbus, OH and several more close calls in Louisville, KY. Just so scary!!

    Curious since I think you said somewhere you lived in Ohio, were you around the Xenia area for the 1974 tornado? I don't live far from there, but was away at college when it hit. We have had several tornadoes in my area so far this year, but more nuisance with some property damage--nothing like what others are living through.
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,402 Member Member Posts: 6,402 Member
    Woof I'm beat.. it goes from one extreme to the was pretty chilly with wind last night and today is humid and like 88 degrees,went down and fed my DFIL and took him outside for the parade.. he usually goes down for a nap and it was quite warm even though we were in the shade..I took him back in after the parade and he was out like a light...
    Have to go back down in about an hour or so to feed him dinner.and then ,I'm done... very tired. but it's ok
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,131 Member Member Posts: 11,131 Member
    @bananasandoranges (later)

    Achieved today so far:
    • ⭐️pre-logged my food
    • ⭐️Balanced macros/micros
    • ⭐️Did 10 minutes of physio
    • ⭐️Had several walks
    • ⭐️Glugged my water
    • ⭐️Kept to my pre-log with calories to spare, and closed diary
    • Post weight in Just Give Me 10 Days ⭐️
    • Post evening reminder for Sole Mates Walking group ⭐️
    • Post in Ultimate Accountability Challenge ⭐️
    • Complete daily step goal and post tota⭐️
    • Go to bed before 11 pm Oops! Just before midnight, but in bed ready to go to sleep.

      ☘️ Terri 🛌💤💤💤
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 584 Member Member, Premium Posts: 584 Member

    This is my little mini Kilner Star Jar, and the little bowl that I put the stars in as I achieved a goal.

    What a clever idea the star jar is-and pretty too!
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