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What’s a red flag for you?



  • nooshi713nooshi713 Posts: 3,499Member Member Posts: 3,499Member Member
    Cutemesoon wrote: »

    Narcissist right there
  • Reckoner68Reckoner68 Posts: 1,146Member Member Posts: 1,146Member Member
    When she doesn’t appreciate a good nap
  • LiftingSpiritsLiftingSpirits Posts: 1,980Member Member Posts: 1,980Member Member
    kam26001 wrote: »
    Overenthusiasm is a red flag for me.

    If that many things are "Ah-mazing" to you on an hourly basis, then you must have a really sinister grasp of reality and I'm willing to bet our hypothetical children will be plastered all over Facebook doing baby yoga or spilling kale smoothie everywhere as if that were an achievement.

    But....... what's your sign?
  • rickigagebyrickigageby Posts: 113Member Member Posts: 113Member Member
    Reckoner68 wrote: »
    When she doesn’t appreciate a good nap

    Serious question who doesn’t appreciate a good nap
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