The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • wilkie17081
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    I’m new. Please feel free to friend me

    I’m 38 and looking to become healthy, so it can spill over to my littles
  • AliNouveau
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    AliNouveau wrote: »
    Happy new years eve everyone.
    Who's setting goals for 2020?
    I'm looking forward to being healed and getting back into all my fun activities. If I happen to lose a little weight then more power to me. Have a fun safe time

    I'm not going to call it a resolution because I know how terrible I am about keeping those, so I don't even bother, but I'm secretly hoping I can lose 25 lbs by the end of June. That's roughly a lb a week, and considering I'm still 100 lbs over weight (even though I've lost 100 lbs.....) 1 lb/week isn't too aggressive, I'd think.

    Sounds like a good goal. Resolutions are rarely kept it seems....but goals can easily be made and met
  • MrThin13
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    Happy New Year Eve all.
    I'm happy that GOD has given me and my love ones another great health year and I hope He gives us another one.
    And if not so be it I'm glad I was on here to enjoy what I had.

    May He bless all of you and your love ones a Happy New 2020 Year 💙🖤😊
  • mtaratoot
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    AliNouveau wrote: »
    Happy new years eve everyone.
    Who's setting goals for 2020?
    I'm looking forward to being healed and getting back into all my fun activities. If I happen to lose a little weight then more power to me. Have a fun safe time

    My goal is to keep my weight in my maintenance range, increase my fitness, and increase my strength. My first step is to move my weight trend back down. Sam as last year, I slowly gained the fourth quarter, but I seem to have at least slowed it down since mid November before the fall/winter holidays. It's a pattern I saw the last two years, so I'm not too concerned... yet.

    My wish is for a bunch of river permits in the lottery and the ability to use them.

    I wish you success in ALL your endeavors and hope you suffer no more injuries so you can skate to your heart's content.
  • alteredsteve175
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    Happy New Year to all you crazy people! Staying in tonight and entertaining an eight year old. I'm sure to get schooled at some board games. Perhaps an adult beverage or two. Have fun and be safe!
  • awinner_au
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    Happy new year folks, time zones being what they are, watched the fireworks and already been out for my first ride of the year.
  • AliNouveau
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    It's almost 2020 here and we're home from our party. The people with kids left, I was designated driver so was a bit bored so we came home. Now I get to ring in the new year in my comfie clothes and get hubs to rub the knot out of my achy shoulder.
  • Versicolour
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    Happy New Year! I can't remember where all I've said that. I brought in the New Year the same way I bring in every New Year: comforting my dogs as they pant with fear because of the fireworks being set off in the neighbourhood. Good times :neutral:
  • Raven_Vera
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    Happy new year guys and girls, I wish you all the strength and good health for you and your family´s!
    It´s a new year! lets go and stick to our plans and goals for this year!
    (looking for friends and support, so feel free to add me :) )
  • mtaratoot
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    Happy New Year from the west coast of the USA. Go Ducks!
  • jodiodi1
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    Hello everyone. Think I found my group. I just started a few days ago and trying to find where I fit in. Looking to get back on track after some knee issues. I’ve been going to Physical therapy for about 4 months and finally, this week felt brave enough to get back to the gym and it felt good! Hoping to get back into shape. I don’t have time for a bum knee to slow me down!
  • N0easyway0ut
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    the december splurge is over! time to get serious again (i think) - add me!
  • mcemino2
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    Happy New Year everybody, a day late! First day back to work after being off a month for surgery. feeling good, well rested and up 12 pounds(: Ready to get back into the swing of it. Hope to be a little more active again. Spent way too much time while I was off playing Game of Thrones Winter is Coming and ignoring everything else. At least it kept me busy! Have a great day and a great year!
  • _Pau_2014_
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    36 here.. trying to get back into the game. Feel free to add me if you’re looking for an accountability buddy
  • BrendanScrote
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    Starting again for the 999th time

    I'm a male in my 50's from the middle of nowhere (Rural Bedfordshire in the UK) and will endeavour to support folk, go on an occasional rant about something trivia, and try to bring a smile to your faces.

    I got more than a 100 to loose so I need all the support I can get.

    Feel free to add me
  • NChikerguy
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    Good morning everyone. Well had the alarm set for 6:15 to go to gym but canceled that. No worries ! Always bounce back