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    @teresaw1020 So did you get in a workout today? Stay within your point boundary? We are losing weight in April. I bet Pinterest has a DIY for clorox wipes. I know flowers are pretty at this time of the year because it's spring time and renewal, rebirth, and all those fun things but we have 216000 cases. Growing every day like flowers. I think about it's not so much if a person dies but what will the hospital bill be once they recover. Plus your dh and your mom. Does your mom like to walk around outside? I've been sitting way too much too. Once this all clears up a good mission project would be teaching the seniors email and all. I mean they dont have to get on TikTok but a what's app group would be an instant way to keep in touch with people and help relieve the loneliness. Plus if people helped set up groups of 4 on a Snapchat account or Messenger then they could sit and visit with people right in their own homes. I had always wished my dad had something like this. Not that he would have done it because he was stubborn but had he died first and my mom was still sitting there, she definitely would have.

    @trooworld What a great way to start off April. You have taken EVERY DECISION MATTERS straight to your heart. Good for you. So I'm guessing your neighborhood doesn't have leash laws. I just learned today in a book that now they are calling spinning classes Flywheel. I'm still back on stationary bike. lol

    @mswatson0777 How was your low carb day? Biggest Loser: I think it's a more toned down version of the show or maybe I've changed and that's how I view it. They tried to include balance I think more in this season. I like to watch it for the motivation and you can see how we give ourselves excuses. Well, maybe just me. lol Quarrantine: lots of good things have come out of this and families spending more time together. People going out more to walk.

    @retiredandlovingit Did you get any walking in today? I love parades and wish I was there to see it. What a great idea. My hubby was telling my son he ought to go do his grocery shopping in Newton or Grinnell where there are less people. lol He's been watching your numbers grow too. Boo on the 3 meals a day. Good for you for making the masks.

    @joannadavison Woohoo on having a great day with food and exercise. Remember the little black dress you talked about when you first joined us. Keep that in mind. I'm glad your country looked ahead to see what was needed and are working on the ventilators. Right now I think our companies are still selling to the highest bidder even if that means overseas. :s Profits over people still seems to be the mantra in some places. Oh that's good your city has slowed. Comforting to the people there. I think there are a few states in the US that is not on lockdown. Well this has ruined my little trip to your neck of the woods this year. My dd still thinks we have a chance. No. It's been there for thousands of years and I can wait one more.

    @renaegry I wonder what it is about the beginning of a new month that gets me more motivated. Probably a new beginning. Hooray on your completing your exercise today. Have you been sticking to the 1400-1500 cals? I had been good this week and then went over today. The spaghetti was just too good. I would have been better to have a salad with it. But I was in a hurry and if I'm in a hurry the family is getting spaghetti. I've hit that DONE button too many times too. They should change the wording of it.

    Yellow Day- Went over 183/164 Exercise 35 min walking

    April goals: Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Decluttering: o:) Exercise 200 calories o:)
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    @TeresaW1020 Spring is on the way for sure. I can't wait to start planting some herbs

    @mswatson0777 It will feel so good once your paper is done, summer will be here soon. Has the transition to online class gone okay. My kids have been having trouble, because some of the professors are resistant to using technology of any kind so this has thrown them. My DD math professor is upset about having to give online tests, so he keeps pushing it back, it's becoming a problem.

    @Retiredandlovingit Drinking more water is a great idea, try adding some lemon to it, it might help. We live in the middle of a "hot spot", it's been bad around us, so we are staying in. I haven't gone out for groceries, or anything else. I'm planning on staying quarantined for the next two to three weeks.

    @joannadavison We've all been house bound for the last two weeks, we haven't left at all.

    @Shexio - I always brought apples to work to snack on, but since I've been home my go to snack has been cheese, yeah I need to change that.

    @renaegry It's great that you're so physically active. I have a job that I sit all day for, I try to squeeze in a couple walks throughout the day, but it's hard.

    Work is going great. Apparently people are more productive working from home, because my company is hitting all time highs in their revenue stream. I'm still concerned about them because the economy isn't going to recover overnight. My family is doing good with the quarantine. Also I've been watching the Tiger King on Netflix, boy did this come out at the right time, best distraction TV ever.

    In the last two weeks I've gone for two walks a day, except for one day when it was raining, that never would have stopped me when I worked at the office though.

    Cleaning out a drawer in the dining room I found a bag of candy bars, I asked by DH why this was there, and he said " because if I put it in the pantry, you'd throw it away". Is it bad when people start hiding food. He's right though, I throw all that stuff away.

    Today is DD 19th Birthday, this wasn't how we intended to spend it, but we're all together and so far we're all healthy so it's all good.
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    Good morning everyone! Yesterday started off to be a good day: I got up on time, actually did some Bollywood-style dance workouts that I found on YouTube (these were fun and here are the links in case you are interested: and ). But then in the afternoon, work got stressful. Very, very stressful. I had an anxiety attack (not a panic attack) and pretty much shut down for the day. I had to take anxiety medication and a hot bath and now I'm thinking I need to take a few days off next week to destress and recuperate. :(

    @mswatson0777 Yes! Exactly. Mine isn't friendly when he's off leash either lol so it's a losing situation either way! Thanks re: my April goals. You know, I've liked keeping up on housework and dishes and playing with my dog. That's what I've liked about quarantine! :)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That's wonderful, what the teachers are doing! <3 I do hope someone does ship the US a bunch. I hate when people don't pick up after their pets. It makes all of us pet owners look bad! :(

    @joannadavison Great job, Joanna! Yes, WW is going well for me. The pita pizzas are my favorite! <3 The pitas are a little more sturdy than wraps. Give it a try! We here in CA, as you know from your sister, are in a stay-at-home order.

    @renaegry I do not but I should get one. My back is feeling better, I took some ibuprofen and that helped.

    @theslightedgeforever Oh no, they do have leash laws. People just choose to DISREGARD them and I'm not going to call the cops on them (the cops are too busy doing other things in this neighborhood anyway). Flywheel...hahaha I just started calling my bike a spin bike recently. I am with you on stationary bike. ;) You are doing great!

    @nighthazel01 We've been watching Tiger King as well. About halfway through it. It's fascinating! Happy birthday to your DD.

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @renaegry I love embracing the new month to get serious on our goals! Do you have any big goals for the month ahead?

    @joannadavison I think we've still got a lot of this quarantine left so you've got plenty of time to turn this around!

    @RetiredandLovingIt Why hot water specifically? And I love that you're able to make masks. I have no sewing supplies, talent, or patience so I'm cheering on those that do!

    @theslightedgeforever I used to use it as motivation too since it was a good show to watch while on the treadmill. Low carb has been going really well this week, but with quarantine as long as I don't bring carbs into the house I really have nothing to throw me off

    @nighthazel01 I was lucky since my doc program was already 100% online, so I haven't had much of a transition compared to others. And we LOVED Tiger King for a distraction, it was truly CRAZY! Happy birthday to your DD! What are you doing to celebrate?

    @trooworld Bollywood style dance sounds like fun! Since I'm in the house and no one can see me I might give it a try! I'm so sorry about your anxiety attack, this is a very anxious time in all of our lives. I'm glad you were able to use some positive coping mechanisms.

    Happy Thursday all! I've got a busy day at work including a meeting with the university president so I'll definitely be keeping busy. Yesterday I think I tried to do too much and kinda broke down by the end of the day. I think I'm trying to find a balance between relaxation time and keeping my mind and body busy all while staying at home. My husband and I did celebrate our one week-i-versary last night with a bottle of champagne which was pretty fun! It was his idea even which I loved.

    Today my goal is to get more writing done on this paper (it's only 20 pages so it's a reasonable length, I've just got to start chipping away at it). I did my methods section yesterday so my goal today is to start cleaning up my lit review. I like the idea of getting it done and off my plate so I have a longer break to recoup before summer classes start.

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    Morning all, Okay trying to get consistent again. I got on the treadmill today for 30 min, but did not yesterday. Baby girl didn't have a good night, so neither did grandma..LOL. I didn't track and didn't eat horribly bad, but I am sure I was over. I did only eat PB one time...I think that's a record for me in the last year. :)

    I have been away too long to answer all the post, sorry. I will try to keep up on this. I believe in this time we need to keep communicating with each other and give the virtual hugs and smiles.

    Yesterday computer issues almost sent me over the edge. I called IT at work and they didn't see anything wrong with my communications..but I reset the modem and it worked okay for the remainder of the time. I however just ordered an new router and modem...I can't handle the tech issues. I want things to work when I click...Luckily my SIl works for our main Internet company and can advise me on the right equipment that might work. LOL

    Okay gals, I loved skimming over the personals but have to jump in the shower. I feel that we need to keep our routines of health and self care at this time. You will feel better if you look better...bed head makes me want to stay in bed...LOL

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    Hi all...dreary day today, think it is supposed to rain today. Yes, I did get my walk in yesterday (treadmill).

    Tried going to online grocery shopping & then we just go pick it up. Got it all done last night & clicked for a pickup Wed! So this am checked again, cancelled it all, put it all back in, tried same store different location & it was Mon. So figured out how to switch back with my list, and set the time for Wed. I am not desperate for most of it, but there are 2 things dh wants, so he may make a quick dash in & out during senior hour. I don't really want him to, but he doesn't want to wait for it. He is still fighting with his sinuses, I am beginning to think that's not what it it, but since we don't want to see another Dr right now, he is still trying to do whatever he can.

    Dd called this am, poor gd is not having the best time...not only was her birthday a bust, but now her hamster died.
    But I guess when told, she cried for about 10 minutes & then decided on a name for her new one. Guess it helped that dd has been saying all along that they only live about 2 yrs. But now I guess her brother is asking how many hours or days his has left. (they were supposed to be littermates)

    @theslightedgeforever Yeah, Grinnell or Newton might be better, like you said hopefully less people. Spaghetti is a good fast meal. One thing I still don't like about the Biggest Loser, is that they still have outrageous losses. I just don't believe they are doing it a healthy way. But it is a tv show still...

    @mswatson0777 I was watching something that some nurses put on where they were basically slapping on the back to loosen mucous & said you should be drinking hot liquids with it to help with mucous also.

    @cbabie Yay for treadmill, too bad about your sleep again. Good job with the pb.

    @nighthazel01 I don't think we are in a hot spot right now. The state is "stay at home", but will not do a lockdown. She keeps saying we are Iowans & should do the right thing. Of course, our stay at home looks pretty similar to Minnesota's lock down, for what is closed. I am staying in as much as possible. Only been on some walks in our neighborhood.

    @joannadavison Thanks for the ideas for my dd & school. Mostly she has to work with the district & the way they want it done, so she will figure it out.

    @trooworld The Bollywood looks fun. Of course, I am old & uncoordinated, so ?

    @renaegry Good job getting your steps in!! I'll bet it does seem strange to you since you were always on the go to your kids activities.

    I haven't been watching any more tv than usual. Still watching Hallmark reruns, lol. & then I can do my jigsaw puzzles on my I-pad, since I really don't need to watch. Dd told me to download House Party app & we can talk to each other through it & also play games. We were doing Pictionary the other day, so when she was drawing, I guessed "tandem bicycle", her dh cracked up.

    Stay safe everyone!
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    Hi @Shexio well happy birthday to your DD. 19 is a big deal here (Canada) because that is the drinking age. Although I can’t remember my own 19th birthday, but most of my milestone birthdays were anticlimactic. …I’m sorry you’re having to stay in. We are allowed to go out for groceries, and/or for a walk etc. But the city is starting to fine people if they don’t follow the guidelines.

    @theslightedgeforever yes it would be good if seniors were more comfortable with technology. Some definitely are. The libraries here (normally!) have classes I think where they teach simple things like email….yes I think I have been/am in denial about this lol. Yesterday they just said we should be prepared to be in lock down for 12 weeks. I just couldn’t take it tbh. I had a terrible day. I still kind of don’t believe that will be necessary but I am staying in as
    much as possible and following the guidelines as much as possible.

    @RetiredandLovingIt that is a neat idea with the cars….yeath the online shopping. It is impossible here they are all booked up. Tomorrow I will have to bite the bullet and go.

    @mswatson0777 I don’t think you’re the only one enjoying it. I mean I’m not, but I have read that other people are enjoying it. It is certainly time to do things differently, get caught up on things, or learn something new. I’m just not motivated enough to do any of those things lol.

    @trooworld that is great! I’m so glad you’re having some success, it sounds like WW is working out well. Yeah that is a pain with the dog. ….I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time anxiety wise. Work is stressful but I think everything is harder right now too. I feel like every 2 or 3 days I just go off a cliff emotionally. That was yesterday, or maybe the last 2 days actually.

    @TeresaW1020 I hope you had a nice drive. One thing that is a shame is that this is happening now just when the weather is getting better. Also the nicer it gets here the harder it is for people to stay in and I get worried about the virus spreading.

    Well I tried to go for a run today and my Achilles was/is sore but I just put up with it. It seemed ok after. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

    I had a busy day with work so on the one hand I’m glad it just helped passed the time. On the other hand I feel kind of anxious and edgy. I did do a bit of strength training with the weights I had.

    I’m tired of trying to figure out what to eat or everything seems the same so I’m breaking down and getting takeout Chinese food today. Not good for the waistline but I just can;t bring myself to eat or do anything else.

    The weather is getting nicer- it was nice to get out for a jog. I managed to avoid people, but they are cracking down here and starting to issue fines to people if they are in large groups.

    @cbabie is she still teething? You are so right, we need self-care now.

    Take care all.
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    @nighthazel01 That's great you are still getting in your walks. I eat alot of cheese on my program. That's a shame about some professors not wanting to make it easier via technology. We might be like this longer than we think. I just read an article about an Asian country who after having 0 new cases for 3 weeks suddenly started up again and it's growing. We might just be doing this in waves. So teachers might have to be flexible. Our kids lose in the end if teachers don't step up and do what needs to be done. Happy Bday to your dd.

    @trooworld Thanks for the workout link. I'll give it a try. I'm so glad that WW is working for you. How has this week been? I gained 0.5 lb so it seems like I'm flattening my own curve there now. That's how I'm starting to look at my weight graphs. :D Sorry about work stress. I keep hearing all about this show Tiger King. I wonder if people would still have discovered it if we weren't all locked in our houses.

    @mswatson0777 What have you been doing for workouts? I have sewing genes, meh on the talent, but absolutely no patience for it. I'm too much of a perfectionist. My machine is up in the attic somewhere. My gifts lie elsewhere. lol Yes, this quarantine has made me be creative in my pantry and freezer. Don't you love typing the word "husband"

    @cbabie Good for you for the 30 min on the treadmill. Remember you could jump on it for 5-10 minutes in between when she is occupied doing something or someone else is there to watch her. Or even just march in place for 3 minutes. It all adds up. Put on some music and get her to dance. Great job on the PB. Why do you think PB is so hard for you? What does it represent?

    @retiredandlovingit Yaaay on the treadmill. I was just looking at an article about virtual hikes to do. So I'm going to try and find the links for that. I love hiking so I'm just going to have to pretend really hard that I'm there. Exact thing happened to me about the grocery shopping. So now I have a delivery coming on Saturday sometime and again on Wednesday. Now I know to order a week ahead since everyone wants online delivery. We had to do a quick trip for milk and bread. We will use up all the eggs tomorrow. So no eggs for him on Saturday morning. lol
    ooh your poor gd. ooh on her brother just watching waiting on his. Did you watch the finale of Biggest Loser yet? It was interesting to me compared to other finales. I think part of the big losses are they are so fat when they start. So bigger people tend to lose more normally. Also they are in the gym working out 6-8 hours a day burning calories. Compare that to my Yaaaay I did 30 min. Plus it's still a TV show..... Oh I thought the hot drink was to help kill viruses since they can't live in warmer temps. lol Some of my friends use HouseParty. I've been doing group things with Snapchat and Messenger. I love pictionary. I might try that with my friends. I used to love watching that show Win Lose or Draw.

    @its_cleo Glad to hear you are getting in your exercise still. What other things could you do at home to relieve some stress? I like doing Rodney Yee yoga. Just his voice makes me more mellow. 19 was a big year for me too because that's the year I met dh and I could also get into the dance clubs. Still couldn't buy drinks til 21. But then who says I had to buy my own. ;)

    Wow I just saw I completely forgot to track. I always track. That is so weird. I'll do it now. Exercise 36 min strength training and walking

    April goals-Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:) Exercise 200 cals o:)
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    @trooworld I'm sorry, hopefully today is a better day.

    @mswatson0777 It sounds like you have a lot going on. What are you studying in school?

    @Cbabie Computer issues are so frustrating. MY DD has been trying to register for fall/winter classes and her schools registration this year has been a mess. She has had to call and send multiple emails for something that usually goes really smoothly. Is your daughter still teething?

    @Retiredandlovingit I love the idea of the House Party app, what a great way to interact with people while still isolating

    @its_cleo I wish they'd fine people here gathering in large groups.

    I figured out yesterday that my two walks a day add up to 2.6 miles. I took the day off yesterday, but since the office is in my living room I still worked half a day.

    We celebrating by DD 19th birthday at home. My Mom dropped ribs, cake, ice cream, wine (for me), cheese, and a gift off on our porch. I had bought her a few gifts before all this went down, so we celebrated together.

    My DH is keeping busy redoing our laundry room, he's changing the cabinets around.

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    @nighthazel01, that is so nice that you will be able to have a nice birthday celebration for your daughter. You keep up those walks and you will for sure see some great benefits! :)

    @its_cleo, yes, our drive was beautiful, and I agree that it’s getting harder for people to stay inside. They just shut down all our public parks and green spaces last week because people weren’t keeping enough distance. I agree that it's hard to figure out what to cook every day and sometimes you just have to order something yummy. ;)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, ohh no the pain of losing a pet is hard but at least she was prepared and didn’t take too long to move on. :) That is fun that you are playing games with your DD! I used to play Pictionary years ago with a group of friends and no one wanted me on their team. I can’t draw a stick person well enough for you to figure out what it is. :D

    @cbabie, yayyy for staying consistent! I hope the new modem and router will work for you. I am the same with technology. I want it to work and work fast! ;)

    @mswatson0777, it’s hard to figure out balance when we are stuck at home all day. The last three weeks I wasn’t very good at it but I’m determined to find balance this month. How do you like saying, my husband? :)

    @trooworld, those Bollywood workouts look like so much fun! I’m so sorry that you had an anxiety attack. <3 My associate pastor told us all about Tiger King yesterday at lunch. He says the language is terrible in it but once he started watching he couldn’t stop. Now I'm wondering if I should have a look for myself. :D

    @theslightedgeforever, I did a workout on Wednesday but not yesterday since I worked most of the day. Yes, we are going to lose weight in April! My mom doesn’t like to walk outside and has allergies so right now I don’t want her out. I agree that teaching seniors how to do things with technology is a great idea. We got mom a new laptop when she moved here and she is pretty good but I still have to show her things from time to time. OMG!! I just got TikTok last week. I could sit and watch all day. :D

    @joannadavison, haha that is funny about the commercial size toilet paper! :D Our shelves are still somewhat bare around here, but we did score a couple of large packages of TP when this thing first hit so I’m not worried. Finding chicken seems to be my biggest issue.

    Good morning! I had my staff meeting yesterday and we used our Fellowship room and sat at our own tables, so we were apart. We had pizza for lunch and one of the girls put on gloves to separate the pieces. We did our best and after the meeting, I did some work in the office for a couple of hours. I won’t go back until next Thursday, which is fine because I can do a lot of stuff from home. My mom went to the doctor yesterday and has prescriptions that need to be picked up so I will run to Walmart in a bit so I can beat the Friday crowds. The number of cases is going up around here and I’m just praying it all ends soon. :/
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    @mswatson0777 It is! I don't follow what they do exactly, but I figure as long as I'm moving, that's what counts! Thanks re: the anxiety. It was so very stressful. How fun to celebrate your one week anniversary! <3 Good idea to get your paper done NOW so you can relax.

    @cbabie Great job, getting on the treadmill today! Sorry you were having computer issues. I hope the new router and modem help.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Great job on the treadmill! Aw, poor gd! :( I am uncoordinated as heck, I just moved my body and did the best I could! lol

    @its_cleo Yes it is, thanks! re: the anxiety thanks. It's a bit better today I think because I know it's Friday. I hope today is better for you, too. I broke down and ordered takeout last night, too: I had a vegan quinoa burger...not too unhealthy but not ideal. Still, was over my calories because I shared fries with my husband. I'm glad the weather is getting nice. It's getting nice here, too.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, it is working for me even in quarantine. This week has been pretty decent. I have ordered food delivery twice: two nights in a row. Weds night, it was a poke bowl and last night, I ordered a vegan quinoa burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun and shared fries with hubby. I could have made a lot worse choice and any other time I have. Yeah, I think people have discovered new shows since there is nothing else to watch lol.

    @nighthazel01 Thank you so much. Today is a better day, it's FRIDAY! Yay! That's nice you celebrated DD's birthday.

    @TeresaW1020 It was super fun. Thank you, it was not fun to have that anxiety attack. Yeah, if bad language bothers you, it may not be for you, but it is super fascinating to watch! Stay safe!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @cbabie It's so hard to find motivation when you're tired! But the good news is the weekend is around the corner.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm still getting used to calling him my husband, it's so weird! We were together over seven years before we got married so I keep defaulting to calling him my partner (which is also still true!). Great idea going to the grocery store early. I should have done that too, but I'm going to try to go super early tomorrow to beat the rush.

    @nighthazel01 I'm getting my doctorate in higher education administration (mostly for later career advancement since I already work in the field). And it sounds like your Mom made quite the feast, how fun!

    @theslightedgeforever Way to go on hitting all your goals yesterday! I do love typing husband, but I'm still not used to it. For workouts I've been streaming a lot of PopSugar Fitness videos on youtube. I've also been trying to get back into running, but I have to be in the right mood for it.

    @its_cleo My state is similar, you can now call into a hotline and report people hanging out in groups if you can believe it! And I'm glad you were able to support your local Chinese restaurant, even if it did mean higher calories.

    @RetiredandLovingIt Great job keeping your TV watching low. We've definitely had an uptick here with all the extra time around the house! And I'm sorry that your DD's household is having such a hard time right now. This has got to be really tough on kids!

    Happy Friday all! Not that it matters too much when all the days start to blend into each other...but at least I don't have to log into my work computer and can just focus on schoolwork (what an exciting life I lead lol). I've done a great job this week sticking to my goals so I'm feeling really proud.

    I've got another checklist of goals to work through today. I already got my workout and stretching in and made myself a big veggie omlette so, so far so good. I hope you all have fabulous Fridays!

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    @mswatson0777 That's great, congratulations on sticking with your goals! Have a great night!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    Hi All, I’m sorry I’ve been missing forever. I work in tech at a school district. In a low income area. So I have been working long hours trying to help coordinate getting internet access and devices for the Oregon state mandated distance learning. So frustrating. Mandated without tools to accomplish. I did start working from home on Wednesday but with all the conference meetings, you can’t even take a bathroom break. I think this time next week my part should be less intense so I will stop complaining.
    Dogs off leashes: wrong wrong wrong. I have 4 dogs and I hate that people think their dogs are under control when dogs are dogs and are never 100% perfect. I never let my dogs off leash except in their big fenced in yard. I’m lucky on one hand that I live very rural where I can go out and never see anyone. But on the flip side, rural people think leashes are not necessary.
    Water goals: one year ago on the first of April, I made a goal of drinking 80 oz of water, real plain water every day. I admit a day in mid April 2019, I only made 72 ounces, but I figured that was close enough. On Wednesday, I was so impressed with myself I made it a year. Now if I could do the calories that dedicated I’d be slender. C’est la vie. At least I’m never dehydrated. 🤣
    Hoarding: what is wrong with people. Selfishness has shown its ugly head at the same time selflessness has shown itself with others.
    Masks: I’m a professional quilter and have been doing sewing I don’t like. Sewing, not quilting. 😞 But I’ve made masks. A lot of them in a week. I gave a pile to my school district because not only do we have to provide distance learning, we have to serve grab and go lunches and breakfasts for all our students. The wonderful food service people deserve to be protected so the ones I made for the hospital went to them. And my daughter in law is on immuno-suppressants so I made masks for all her extended family. My BFF is disabled so I made her and her son one. Funny thing, I didnt save any for myself and DH. So tomorrow I plan to only work a little bit and I will be making more masks. 😜 But it is something beyond my job I can do to help. From home. I guess not to bad.
    My brain is fried after this past week so please know that I read all your posts and had wonderful quotes to add but I just can’t. And congrats to the elopers!!!💝💘💖💗💓💞
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    Pattern for the best mask pattern I’ve found so far.
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    @TeresaW1020 It's good that you're finding ways to work and still stay as safe as possible.

    @mswatson0777 Good for you for setting goals and sticking to them.

    @huskymarie Wow this must be a crazy busy time for you trying to set up service remotely, and you still have time to make masks. Thanks for the pattern. I'm not much of a sewer but I was going to try to make some, I don't want to go to the store to buy anything though, so we'll see.

    It was sunny and beautiful here yesterday. Not going lie, things are getting ugly in Southeast Michigan, right where I live. My family is quarantined, we're not going to the stores or meeting with anyone. It's been like this for two and half weeks, and I suspect we wont see the worst of it for another 2 to 3 weeks. I work long hours from home, but my company is hurting bad because of all this, layoffs might happen, right now they are furloughing some people and asking people to use their PTO.

    My eating habits are better then they were two weeks ago, but my Mom brought over a mountain of cheese, bread and wine and left it on my porch like a wonderful food elf she is. She also left lots of fruits and vegetables, but it's the bread, cheese and wine I gravitate to.

    Today is Saturday, so I'm going to try to stay off my work computer, and maybe clean all the windows in the house. We have a lot of windows in our sun room that I could clean.
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 3,908 Member
    Good morning everyone! Well, my hard work paid off this week! Despite work stress and an anxiety attack, eating take out twice this week and all that, I lost 3.2 lbs for a total loss of 7.9 lbs since re-joining WW on March 1st! :)

    @huskymarie That sounds very frustrating. I hope you get the tech you need soon. That's impressive that you have drank so much water for a year! That's great you can make the masks. My sewing machine is buried in the black hole (my spare room) and I can't get to it, so I can't make anything.

    @nighthazel01 That must be very stressful. I'm sorry. Your mom is wonderful!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
  • JoDavo66
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    edited April 2020
    @renaergy those goals are mine too althoughI'm hoping to end up on 40% carb 30% protein 30% fat, protein being main one. While I'm not as up early or as active all day I'm finding time to experiment with food.
    All: on the hunt for vegetarian/fish high protein means, especially slow cooker ones to practice now for when we're back at work.

    @theslightedgeforever did you already have plans to visit UK? My eldest & I are booked for USA but we can't get ESTA as they stopped before I went on-line to apply. We are leaving our booking for now as airlines will cancel 28days before flight if required. My sister is still hopeful but I think it'll be cancelled. We can't go next year- so no clue what'll happen.

    @nighthazel01 birthdays are certainly wierd at the moment. It was my niece's yesterday- we did drop present because my Aunt & Uncle are a bit restricted with their shopping & we dropped the stuff over too (he shouldn't be out at all at the moment as has non-COVID chest infection & they recommend he stayed in until it had cleared- but he's the only driver in the house- if she can't get all shopping- we get it & drop it over).
    Cheese - oooh not heloful to you. I lived on prosecco, ice-cream & chocolate for about a week. I just crashed. Now I'm back on healthy eating. We've found a local business that delivers fruit & veg trays. We got fruit one yesterday & will order both next week.

    @TeresaW1020 & @trooworld Bollywood workouts? Tell me more- My youngest might enjoy that.

    @mswatson0777 good that you can focus on your school work without too much from work too. So hard trying to balance both.

    @huskymarie I can relate a bit to what you're saying about work. Most of our students are on-line, at least via phones, but a good proportion are low income too. My school set up food bank & kept free school meals going on a rota system because some families were desperate. There's now a voucher scheme for food for families who can claim free school meals. The last week we were in work full time was just manic trying to make sure all the on-line platforms were accessible. We still have some who can't access and some staff are tadked with overcoming that. Hopefully you can have some rest from that.

    My exercise, at the mo, is just walking. Trying to get into routine- not quite there yet. It's not very exciting walking round the village. We could walk towards the city as lovely walk along river bank but we're concerned it'll be too popular. Hubbie off now (although he had to work Thurs, Fri & Sat) for 2 weeks so hopefully we can get better routine & explore. Bumped into a work colleague this morning (we work in totally different depts) we had no clue we lived near each other! Nice to have a chat at 6' apart!!

    I've got CREW church youth group on Zoom tonight. 1st time I've hosted with the technology- so hope that works!
  • mswatson0777
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    @trooworld Congrats on the loss, that's fantastic!!!

    @joannadavison I've found even the most popular paths are pretty chill in the mornings before work, so that might be something to add if you're a morning person? I love taking my dogs on an early morning walk and watching the sun rise before the rest of the people are out.

    @nighthazel01 Sorry to hear that some people are getting laid off at your job, that's always so stressful. I hope you find time to do something fun this weekend and not just house projects!

    Thanks @huskymarie! And thank you for all the masks you're making for those who need them.

    Happy weekend all! I woke up at 6:30 this morning and got the dogs out for a long walk before heading to the store. I really need to switch around my shopping times since so many people are doing early mornings now. I used a scarf as a makeshift mask. It probably didn't do much, but at least I tried.

    I think I'm going to take today as a lazy day. Stretching, yoga, Disney+, adult coloring books. Maybe some laundry and another dog walk.

    Tomorrow I'll actually do a workout, cook for the week, and work on my paper, but I think my brain just needs a day to relax. I got my lit review and methods section done yesterday and outlined my data section, so I've just got to wrap that up and then do my analysis and conclusion. Piece of cake, right? Okay, not so much, but I'll keep chipping away at it.
  • its_cleo
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    @mswatson0777 I really admire you carrying on with your grad work during this shutdown. I find it really hard to concentrate on my job. Fortunately my work is not too stressful. I agreed to take on a short assignment related to some emergency management stuff, so hopefully that will get approved. It’s still just work at home work, so I’m not in risk or anything.

    I try to go out shopping early too, but it’s hard, I still find some stores have a lot of people.

    @joannadavison I suppose you are on lockdown too? I hope you and the fam are doing ok.

    @trooworld congrats! You should be so proud of everything you’ve done. Especially right now when life is so challenging.

    @nighthazel01 I’m so sorry for what’s going on there. I’m on another site and someone is from Michigan and it seems bad….there are 1000 Canadian nurses in Detroit, did you know that 😊 We help when we can.

    @huskymarie sounds like a lot of work trying to manage the Internet access….but it is good work to try to make sure everyone has access to education > I hope you can get some rest and a break and do some self care though because that is important too.

    @TeresaW1020 yeah all our parks and stuff are shut down. Police are supposed to be patrolling this weekend. Never thought I would see it. It all seems very surreal every day.

    @theslightedgeforever I like hiking too, somehow I missed that you enjoyed it. I tried Rodney Yee a long time ago I cant remember it. But I am going to try to mix it some gentle yoga or something into my workouts.

    Well I am working primarily on trying to keep my head straight. I spoke to my therapist on the phone yesterday. I don’t normally see here- I am mostly normal at this point (mostly! LOL) but this pandemic has set me back quite a bit. (I have complex PTSD)…So it helped to touch base with her and we will touch base again in 2 weeks. She suggested I try an online session with my trainer. I wasn’t going to, but she thinks it might help me emotionally even if it’s not the same as in the gym. So I booked some time with him next week.

    I talked to my father again today and that was a nice chat, we are not super close but checking in periodically through this pandemic.

    My Achilles is a little better. Tomorrow I might get up early and try a jog. I think the stairs are out this week. I’ve done a few exercise videos online.

    Food is ok. Today I made a chickpea soup for lunch and it was pretty good. I love creamy soups.

    Take care all.