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    Sharon- he grins y laughs so thinks it hurts less than his. Guess I’m bugs bunny or the coyote

    Carol- Really you can’t bring your own bags now? The plastic bags their using is making me feel less safe (we should use paper or washable cloth ones only in my opinion) . Here they have plastic bags only y I forgot my cloth ones in my 1 trip out but saw others with them still. Hubby won’t take the cloth ones wish he would tho.

    Amber Tx

    Taking a cleaning break
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    Michele - Best wishes for Vince and you. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Carol - yes, it will be interesting to see if I get any push-back bringing in my own basket. I've been shopping at these stores for years and know most of the cashiers by name so doubt anyone will call me on it.

    Rebecca - interesting how the commissary limits the number of customers by doling out the carts. Seems like a good way to do it, actually. I agree - if you are bagging the items into your own bags, no one should complain! Understand about the tippers and not wanting to touch other people's bags, some of the Walmart cashiers have mentioned some pretty dirty ones come through - and that's just what they can see.

    The Safeway this morning had "one-way" aisles yet everyone could congregate closely in the produce, deli and meat sections if they so desired. They shut down 2 of 4 self-checkouts because they were closer than 6' apart, yet folks with hand carts were ganging up to go thru them and so as not to impede other shoppers where the queues were long.

    I give them credit for trying but it appears to be kind of pointless. :o

    Got in a quick walk with neighbor D - :) No extra's joined. As long as we keep the times "spontaneous" we should be OK and if someone wants to join now and then we won't let it bother us.

    SW WA State
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    Ours got rid of baggers. The baggers are now stockers. The cashier scans it goes to the bagging area the customer bags y goes. The cashier will bag for oldest only unless they have their own bags. This is what I saw at 1 store (I’ve only left home 1X in over a month),but hubby says that’s what he’s seeing at other stores too. But things change so fast now who knows. They put up sneeze guards who knows what the rules are now.

    Amber Tx

    Still no clue what to make for tomorrow my dog brains not coming up with nothin useful
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    stats for the day:

    gave my legs a break

    Bike ride home 2 dome, different route- 11.43min, 123mhr, 13.2amph, 2.57mi= 45c
    Apple Watch- 75c
    Bike ride puy 2 sumn sta, different route- 15.57min, 13.5amph, 146mhr, 3.59mi= 137c
    apple watch- 143c
    walk sta to wrk w/heavy bkpack- 7.50min, 120mhr, 13.30min mi, .58mi= 21c
    apple watch- 50c
    Walk wrk 2 sta w/bkpack- 7.16min, 4.1ap, .49mi= 61c
    Apple Watch- 52c
    bike ride dome 2 home, windy- 18.36mi, 8.3amph, 146mhr, 2.57mi= 168c
    Apple Watch- 147c

    total cal 497
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  • agbmom556
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    1948Peachy wrote: »
    MACHKA ~ Your photos of the scenery where you live are so pretty. What a blessing to live in such a lovely place.

    Carol in GA

    I am very thankful we are here during all of this!

    Machka in Oz
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    @Katla49 I think very few if any are going to have school before next fall. I hope we have school next fall. i'm not even sure. In France the official message at present is that school is suspended until May 5. A collegue had a meeting with one school director and there is no way they are going back to school on May 5. In China i think none have gone back to school and the virus is said to be more contained there.

    School is continuing here in Australia. It's online for those who can have their kids at home, and in person for essential workers.

    Right now it's Easter holidays and the kids don't go back till toward the end of April, so that's OK anyway, but when the next term starts, it'll go back to online/essential.

    M in Oz
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    JRs been crying for everything I tossed from the garage...garbage mans not coming until Monday.Going to be a long few days. Waiting for him to fall asleep!
    Amber Tx
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    Keep in mind ladies the fees Machka posted are in Australian dollars. The exchange rate is listed as $1 US dollar=.63 Australian dollar👍


    But our cost of living is higher ...


    But we don't need to worry about it if we comply. :)

    M in Oz
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    Michele-Wishing the best for you and Vince! <3

    Stay well friends,
    Carey-Northern Alberta