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Things people say when you lose weight



  • tonygermano2tonygermano2 Member, Premium Posts: 29 Member Member, Premium Posts: 29 Member
    Shoot, I lost 50 pounds already and haven't gotten a comment yet! Oh well, I guess that happens when you start at 435 pounds. Maybe just maybe, if I continue to persist, someday, someone will ask me if I'm sick :smiley:
    Yes, DO continue to persist!!! :) When you start at higher weights, it generally does take at least 50 lbs before it's noticeable to others. That was true for me, anyway. I've also found that when you get to a point that you change out your too baggy clothes for smaller ones, it will become a lot more noticeable to others.

    Yup, a few of us around here call it the "paper towel effect". Tearing a few sheets off a new roll seems to make little difference, but tearing a few sheets off a nearly empty roll seems like a huge difference.

    The "paper towel effect"! I like it!
    Also, Bob's Burgers is a great show!
  • mynameisnobody1990mynameisnobody1990 Member Posts: 71 Member Member Posts: 71 Member
    Hollis100 wrote: »
    If people ask you "are you losing weight on purpose" - it just show they want to be sensitive to your health. You could have a medical condition (i.e. cancer) that caused a dramatic weigh loss.

    I have a different opinion. I lost my beloved husband to cancer. Several years later, I lost weight simply because I was overweight, wanted to be healthy, and wanted to fit in my clothes (the usual reasons people lose weight).

    A neighbor who doesn't see me often asked your question, "Did you lose weight on purpose?" In other words, she wanted to know if I had cancer, too. I asked her if that's what she meant and she said yes.

    Her comment opened up my husband's death and traumatized me for days. That question may seem sensitive to some people, but I find it intrustive, nosy, and jarring.

    It's better to tell someone it's good to see you and leave their appearance alone if you aren't sure why they've changed.

    Some people need to think before they speak. This person epitomized this. Extremely insensitive and lacking tact. Hopefully this person will put her brain in gear before she puts her mouth in motion the next time. My condolences to you for your loss
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