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Why do people keep defending sugar?



  • fitnessjustin01
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    I don't know... because it's a socially accepted drug? 🤔
  • paperpudding
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    well I think I do too - but then I am not in US so maybe I dont count ;)
  • GreenValli
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    Why do people defend sugar? I think many of us like it and don't want to give it up entirely. That is me. Two teaspoonfuls in my coffee in the morning.
  • psychod787
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    psychod787 wrote: »
    I don't know... because it's a socially accepted drug? 🤔

    <---- is currently mainlining his apple right now..... ahhh...., sweet, pun intended, bliss!
    lemurcat2 wrote: »
    Maybe they never had half their family die from it

    Is this a serious comment?? :*

    People are not dying from sugar

    well, I guess a type 1 diabetic could go into diabetic coma and die if they ate massive amount and did not take their insulin. I knew somebody once who almost did that - was in ICU with BSL of 48 - but did recover.

    But, most people can eat sugar in sensible amounts. Even diabetics can eat it in small amounts.

    The issue is not sugar per se but over consumption leadng to obesity related diseases or, in case of diabetics, to diabetic complications.

    Context. Dosage.

    You conflated an instantaneous consequence with an average over time consequence, in order to call someone else dumb. People aren't talking about eating a lot of sugar once, they're talking about eating a lot of it over time, which would why diabetes is called a CHRONIC illness.

    Um, no. The debate in this thread seems definitely to be between those who think sugar (or added sugar) in any amount is terrible and those of us saying it's fine in moderate amounts in the context of a healthful overall diet.
    Lol no one eats sugar in "sensible" amounts in the US.

    No one? I think many of us here do.

    It usually comes in a small package, with loads of fat, that is easy to over eat on. I have seen the research, a high sugar diet can actually lower overall fasting blood sugars in HEALTHY adults. It is because they lose weight and insulin sensitivity goes up usually when people lower adiposity.

    @Pogostickers , I am with you ma'am, personally added sugars are just not worth the added calories or lack of satiety for me. I prefer my sugars to come from fruits and veggies. I noticed when I gave up added sugar, fruit became super sweet. Taste can change.

    I handle this a bit differently. I eat food. I don't eat "sugar" or "fat" or whatever. I don't get my sugar from sources because getting my sugar is not important, I don't even look at it, I just eat food and sometimes it has sugar and sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the sugar is of the added sort, sometimes it's not. I focus on 2 things: eating foods I enjoy, and overall meeting my nutrient needs within calories.

    What I do eat is more important to me than what I don't eat, and sometimes something that has added sugar is worth it and sometimes it isn't, just like any other food that has any other ingredient. I make my decisions on a food to food basis, I don't need to waste my effort on setting up rules for trivial things that don't affect my health or weight management. For example, yesterday I had ice cream planned but I was a bit hungrier than usual so I decided to eat a hearty snack instead because it felt more worth it. Sometimes ice cream is exactly what I need and it's worth it.

    I agree with your statement, but we have to look at added sugar intake in the context of overall diet. When Cuba went into a massive recession in the past, added sugar intake went up and fat intake went down. Overall caloric intake went down. They could not afford gas, so many people started walking everywhere. Many folks lost weight. So, added sugar in the context of a deficit or energy equilibrium has no effect on weight. When people on MFP, such as yourself, count calories and have added sugar with energy equilibrium, it has little effect. Unfortunately, most western/ affluent individuals do not track their intake. We have seen that added sugar does not have the same effect on satiety as food in its whole form. This is probably why we see a correlation between Sugary Beverage consumption and weight gain, no correlation between weight gain and fresh fruit consumption. There is actually a net slimming effect in replacing sugary beverages with fresh fruit for the same "sugar" intake.
  • BuddhaBunnyFTW
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    One day I just stopped eating refined sugar as much as I used too. In fact certain foods like candy and sweeter baked goods that I used to crave outright repulsed me. Even now I get queasy thinking about eating certain desserts. I find all of this taste preference stuff fascinating.

    However, I do sense like with most things people come to the table with emotions that while tied to the issue, cloud the discussion. Anyhoo, one thing that is interesting now is that I crave fruits and vegitables where I used to crave donuts, soda, and candy. Fruit for instance and nuts have such amazing depths of flavor that I was never able to find among the foods made with refined sugars. By eating less refined sugar, my eyes have been opened to a bounty of natural flavors that are super amazing! :)