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What worked for you today?



  • cosafe1 wrote: »
    I'm currently waking up to get moving before I start work at 7:30 PM. It's a temporary job and I missed exercise this morning. It rained and my ankles were sore from standing up at my desk for the past several shifts so I did some stretches for a few minutes and am eyeing my Gazelle Slider which I may do at "lunch" later tonight :)

    Can you get a mat to help cushion your stand? They really do make a difference when you do a lot of standing in one place for hours.

  • mhassan160
    mhassan160 Posts: 312 Member
    I’m just following my body, whenever is hungry I eat, but within my calories for sure!
  • Routine. Moving meant that all my routines were disrupted, and I'm just now getting some of them reestablished so that I take all my meds on time.
  • yelliezx
    yelliezx Posts: 632 Member
    I just got off some *kitten* meds which I had to take at 9am every day and I had to eat something with them. Last week I got off them after 6 months and yesterday I restarted Intermittent Fasting. IF definitely works for me :D
  • Being prepared and doing things in good order. It always pays off but today it let us do something Boyfriend finds stressful without him melting down.
  • colieblossom
    colieblossom Posts: 84 Member
    Hi I got an early walk in. Then I walked home from a work opt. SO I got alot of steps in. I call people, and walk and talk
  • mothermoose116
    mothermoose116 Posts: 19 Member
    Sand_TIger wrote: »
    Today, what worked for me was taking a measured amount of spelt flour and making leavened flatbread with it, with pieces scored so I had automatic 100 calorie sections. Then I had some with green soup and it was amazing. It worked well for portion control. Another thing that worked was listening to a really inspiring podcast about weight loss theory as it rekindled my interest and gave me a boost of motivation.

    What was the podcast? I am looking for some inspiration!

  • Sand_TIger
    Sand_TIger Posts: 795 Member

    What was the podcast? I am looking for some inspiration!


    In this case it was an episode of "The Art of Manliness" called "how to lose weight and keep it off forever." AOM has a fair amount of really interesting evidence based health topics, that are applicable for both genders. Good show! This does not go to a commercial link.