What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • JessAndreia
    JessAndreia Posts: 538 Member
    Dumbbell bench press
    Kinesis chest press
    Dumbbell shoulder press
    Goblet squats
    Leg Press
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,704 Member
    I cycled about 66km today. Not used my racebike an awful lot because I currently prefer walking. Thus this was something. I didn't feel too tired cycling despite about 28C and massive humidity (I was at the coast, but didn't help today). but once home I realized that one or the other body part is rather tender. Ouchie. No idea what caused it.
  • unforgettable2010
    unforgettable2010 Posts: 104 Member

    I did a lot today.
  • veggiepat
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    Started with Gina B. Up to the Beat Fitness with a 5 minute workout and working my way up to 30 minutes. Woo Hoo!https://youtube.com/watch?v=gqu-_DMnwfk&list=PL-aryIcpQlSeD6bwdVsQxbBhGQdlieE90&index=12
  • Heidijens123
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    Yesterday I rode my bike to the pool and did an ab workout in the pool. Today is rest day but I might see if my kids want to take a family bike ride around our small town just to get out.
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,238 Member
    First workout in a week, though I barely got out of "warmup" mode on my HRM. Did 30 on the LateralX and 30 on the Assault Bike. First workout since I hurt my lower back last weekend. Will swim some today as well. Seems like it didn't hurt it any worse. Been going to the Chiropractor. My lower back usually is fairly responsive to adjustments. The disc injury last year (thoracic spine) was much more serious. This is from an old injury years ago.
  • msunat97
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    BodyBeast Bulk Back today
  • alexmose
    alexmose Posts: 793 Member
    rest day from resistance training but i ran 2 miles and did not die! got 19k steps in!
  • amorfati601070
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  • alexmose
    alexmose Posts: 793 Member
    Will teach some bodypump tonight!
  • RepswithRyan
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    3x20 Plank leg raises
    3x20 Plank side crunches
    3x20 Bodysaw
    3x20 Plank rotations
    3x20 Side plank rotations
    3x20 Side plank knee taps
    4x20 Tricep dips
    4x20 Leg raises
    2x30s Tuck hold
    2x30s Boat pose hold
    2x30s Tuck sit hold
  • briscogun
    briscogun Posts: 1,096 Member
    3.25 miles, push-ups and chin-ups!
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,238 Member
    50 minutes, a bit harder than yesterday's test run for my back. Nothing too hard, kept HR between 65% and 70% of max. 30 on the LateralX and 20 on the Assault Bike. Around 620 calories or so. Still too hot to row and I'm not sure if it wasn't that I would yet. Want to make sure the back is feeling much stronger before I attempt that.

    Bought a planking board with a game built into it. Frustrated with how often my back has been hurt. Going to work a lot more on my abs. I'm believing I'm out of balance with my core not matching my back muscles. My shoulders used to get injured a lot when I did too much rowing or too much benching. I'm a firm believer in balancing the body out. Although rowing does work the core, I hadn't been rowing much lately, so I'm guessing that's why I pulled something last week, one day after my monthly hard row timed test.
  • drmwc
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    I had a long weekend away, scuba diving in Scotland.

    Wednesday I thought I had corona virus symptoms, so I went for a test. I didn't do much exercise - I ended up working to midnight to get ready for the long weekend away.

    Thursday The test came back negative, and the symptoms vanished, so I drove to Scotland, leaving mine at around 2.30 p.m. and getting there for 9 p.m. I didn't get much exercise in due to driving, but managed 11,000 steps.

    Friday Diving! I got a 45 minute seal dive in. I got some walks in, finishing on over 20,000 steps.

    Saturday Diving! A 60 minute reef dive - it was very nice, and stunning visibility. Only 17,000 steps.

    Sunday Diving! Another 60 minute reef dive. I went for a bit of a hike afterwards, getting 28,000 steps.

    Monday Diving! Another 60 minute reef dive. I drove home afterwards, getting back to mine at about 10.30 p.m. I only managed 10,000 steps, mainly due to the inconvenience of a 8 hour drive.

    I will climb tonight.

  • charsuzy
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    I did standing at my desk at work by creating a "stand up desk" that cost me nothing. I found a link to figure out calories burned from "standing" here https://captaincalculator.com/health/calorie/calories-burned-standing-calculator/
  • alexmose
    alexmose Posts: 793 Member
    Full body MAPS anabolic. I should have waited a bit longer between my morning session and teaching BP last night, as I had to lower the load of my DLs.
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,238 Member
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    Did around 55 minutes -- 30 minutes of interval work (one minute easy, one moderate, one all out, repeat) and then 25 minutes of Steady State as a CD. Around 800 calories for the 55 minutes, so I was pushing pretty good finally today.

    Still no rower -- 30 of intervals on the LateralX, which I'm pleased to be able to get to 90% of max HR on if I set it at the highest resistance -- and 25 C/D on the AD Pro (Assault Bike). Went pretty easy on that, around 70% of max HR, which was very slow because the HR stayed elevated a bit from the interval work. Higher than the average Watts would normally dictate.

    If there's a time where I can't row, this is a good one. We're having a record August for heat after a record July. Our highs have been 106/107 all week and the lows are only down to 83 or 82. I don't like to row outside until it's around 75 or so at 5 AM, then I'll start early. By Winter, I'm rowing outside in the sun at lunch to keep me warm at 45/50 degrees.
  • colieblossom
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    Hi I walked 65 minutes and then some.
    1 hour home fitness.
  • ExistingFish
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    I did week 6 day two of Jeff Nippards Fundamentals of Hypertrophy program, it's upper day. 70 minutes of strength training.
  • veggiepat
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    Wasn't feeling too well today, but was able to do a 20 minute Soul Sessions with Gina B. at Up To The Beat Fitness! Yay!https://youtube.com/watch?v=6Fy1PEvHyfI&t=1033s