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  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,510 Member Member Posts: 5,510 Member
    Michele - I think local management doesn’t want the higher ups to know you are doing more than cleaning for financial reasons. It’s the only reason that makes sense that you couldn’t be seen in cash when they were there.

    Allie - I hope your son gets the help that he needs. Hugs to you, I would be a mess too.

    Barbara- can you use the self cleaning feature when he has had warning?
    I too find the neatly folded clothes intimidating. I hang all but underwear, pJ’s and workout clothes.

    Katla - best wishes for a successful surgery for your sweet dog tomorrow.

    Julie - I read an article a while ago that bras actually make us sag more than if we were to go without. I am waiting patiently for brakes to become the norm and acceptable.

    Email - I don’t use email except for confirmation of shipping and such. I don’t think I’ve received a personal email in at least 10 years. I use FB and FB messenger for most interactions with my friends and family. I only have people I know on there and like connecting with them and seeing their lives. Sometimes I will unfollow or take a break from someone for a while if they are annoying me though. I don’t allow any political garbage on my FB and mostly share happy, positive quotes and pictures.

    Heather - I literally laughed out loud at your statement “I think my phone will be ok, not sure about DH”. I hope you have forgiven him by now.

    Today we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our manor being open. The official date was Sept 7th, but our administrator was away at that time. I was asked to go get slab cakes from Costco so we could have enough for residents and staff. Turns out that Costco and all of the local grocery stores have quit making slab cakes during Covid because people aren’t allowed to have those big gatherings so I ended up buying 6 1/4 slab cakes. The residents were so happy!

    Tracey in Edmonton
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,789 Member Member Posts: 12,789 Member
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,971 Member Member Posts: 14,971 Member
    :) I just posted the new thread for October

    I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you and any new women who want to join us.

    Here is the link:
  • drkatiebugdrkatiebug Member Posts: 1,715 Member Member Posts: 1,715 Member
    bwcetc wrote: »
    drkatiebug wrote: »

    Well, today was jeans day on my dress your shape class and I learned that I should not wear skinny jeans. Tell that to the 4 pairs in my closet and the pair on my butt right now. I am willing to shop for one perfect pair as they describe, but I’m not ready to sell or donate the ones I have. They are my favorites, and I don’t think they look bad on me.

    I'm going to guess that they are suggesting more of a straight leg or a slightly flared bottom ... for balance?

    You got it!
  • csofledcsofled Member Posts: 2,969 Member Member Posts: 2,969 Member
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,789 Member Member Posts: 12,789 Member
    Stat for the day-
    Walk w/family to store n bk, Apple Watch- 2hrs 29min 39sec,, 94elev, 2.9ap, 78ahr, 99mhr, 6.84mi= 691c
    Strava app- 829c
  • lcharpentier2lcharpentier2 Member Posts: 216 Member Member Posts: 216 Member
    Oh man i fell off the wagon and fell way behind in here It's a new month a new day and a new hour. So going to work one day at a time. Seen a gain at tops last night and didn't like that.

    See you lighter
    Linda in Northern Ontario.
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,452 Member Member Posts: 12,452 Member
    @DrKatiebug : When I sorted my T-shirt’s etc that way I gained two drawers of space. And it makes choosing clothes so easy.
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